Dante Adventure – Going Somewhere?

car-key-2648850_640“Where are we going? I want to know where we’re going right now. Nope, not getting in the truck until you tell me why you didn’t bring the ball.”

It hadn’t started out like just any other day. This morning, we’d been hurried along like there was a plan or something. So I’d thought that for once we were going to be early to the park. But things flow right.

You see, when your pal is rummaging for papers and forgetting the ball, you might just be paying a visit to the office. Yes. The doctor’s office. That guy. The one with the cold hands that likes to look inside your ears and make you stand on the table when you know you’re not supposed to be standing on the table.

So both Skipper and I have been making it as hard as we possibly can for Gracie to make us go. We don’t wanna go, and we’re really good at “stay.” We both agreed to drag our paws every which way we could, but now we’re at the truck. And we know that if we get in the truck, we are going to the doctor’s office.

Skipper chimed in, “Wait, I forgot to go potty first,” then started whining in a super convincing manner.

“Good job,” I woofed. “Stall some more while I get the keys and hide ’em.”

So while Gracie was trying to get a handle on Skipper, I went for the keys sitting on the seat. I was a little nervous about having to jump into the truck, but I managed. I was in and out double quick before Gracie even noticed and I had the keys ready to be secret stashed.

There really weren’t any good spots though. Too many other cars parked around here and no bushes or even grass. So I had to make a bold move. The mission: follow Gracie and Skipper over to the grassy spot where Gracie was about to call the potty-time bluff my little buddy had conjured up.

I wagged my tail and looked for a spot. Nothing really here though. Just a small patch of prickly grass that hadn’t been doing a good job of growing. No bushes, not even a tree, and the dirt was too hard to dig. This was quite the predicament. I’ve got the keys but nowhere to stash them.

Gracie eventually called the bluff and we were commanded to load up in the truck. There was no escape. Gracie had us by our collars and started making us do the thing we did not want to do. No matter how much we pranced our paws around the edge of the door, Gracie was quicker with her hands, sweeping all four of mine before I could latch onto anything.

I let Skipper get the front seat and hid in the back seat. It’s a nice little cubby hole, perfect for hiding keys. In fact, this may be the best place a dog could ever think of hiding anything! I nudged the keys into the edge of the seat and listened to them gently slide to somewhere down into the place of no return.

“Yes!” I barked. “I did it!”

“What?” Skipper barked back.

“The keys! I dropped them into the place where things never come back!”

“In the seat? Where I lost my ball and half a bone?”

“Yeah, and my squeaker too!”

We’d won. There was no way we were going anywhere today. I could already see Gracie frantically looking for the keys. But they were gone. Gone forever. No doctor’s office today.

Then Gracie did the thing she always does. Her bag. That sneaky, crafty bag. She opened it up and looted around for a moment before pulling the keys out of it! How could this be? Our plan was foiled by her super handy baggy that has all the things in it.


Jason Duron is a short story writer and author of several fiction stories. Curious and lovable as dogs can be, the Adventures of Rocky, Nixi and Dante give you a chance to see daily life from a “dog’s eye view” and share in their thoughts.  Please enjoy, and we hope that you’ll feel free to comment and give us insight into your dog’s very own adventures.