Dante Adventure – Tattle Tails

0715171244-001I watched my furry little friend sitting so impatiently in the corner. It’s all fun and games until someone gets into trouble, and Skipper was the one to get it. And boy, he’s got it bad. We’d both been warned not to do the thing we did, and you figure that after the whole spaghetti noodle incident, someone would have learned a lesson.

But it was just too much fun to resist.

“Why didn’t you get into trouble too,” Skipper moaned.

“I guess because I wasn’t the one who got caught,” I woofed back.

“That’s just because you were loosing the game…” Skipper mocked me.

Gracie’s voice echoed from the other room, reminding Skipper to behave himself while he was in time-out. For a peoples, she sure has good ears sometimes. But she still won’t listen when we give her the correct directions to the park…we always end up at the doc’s office or someplace different.

Skipper turned back to his corner, sulking to himself and feeling down. I doubt he felt bad about what we did, he just didn’t like getting caught. That’s probably why I feel pretty good. I didn’t get caught, but that’s because my paws weren’t in the cookie jar this time.

“I’m gonna tell Gracie that it was all your idea,” Skipper murmured to me, sort of as a warning.

“She’s not even gonna believe you,” I woofed back quickly, eager to settle him down before he got too frisky.

“Naw, you should be in the corner too,” Skipper barked.

Gracie walked briskly into the kitchen and eyed both of us. Then she pointed at Skipper and looked at her watch thingy before leaving as quickly and quietly as she’d entered the room. Apparently, she was still mad about things. Best not to make it any worse.

“Better just sit still until the time is up,” I warned. “You’re just getting yourself into more trouble.”

“Leave me alone then,” Skipper woofed. “Just go tell on yourself or something.”

No way was I gonna fess up that I’d helped Skipper do the things we did. No way. Just look at all the trouble he’s in…and time-out has gotta be the worst thing I could wish on a dog. All the playing and napping and eating and such that needs to be done, no dog has time for time-out.

To sort of raise the mood of things, I bounced around the room, quiet-like mind you, just for entertainment purposes. I was thinking maybe it’d make Skipper a little happier. But it didn’t. He just eyed me with his frowny-face, or maybe it was that face you make when you’re plotting something. Maybe he was going to tell on me.

“Seriously, you can’t tell on me,” I reasoned with Skipper, “then we’ll both be in hot water.”

Skipper was quiet though, keeping that face as he eyed me. I scuttled over to him convince him to forget the whole thing had ever happened…and that’s when he snapped at me. It wasn’t a really mean snap, but it was so sneaky and quiet that I jumped back in surprise.

That little move backed me right into the table. Seriously, it was barely a nudge. It couldn’t have even shaken the salt in the shaker it was so minuscule. But the bowl sitting up somewhere above begged to differ. With a loud smashing sound that was near deafening, the bowl fell to the floor, spilling out Gracie’s dinner.

Skipper howled out to Gracie, “OH! Look what he did! So much trouble!”

Less than a fraction of a moment later, Gracie was in the kitchen, staring hard down at me. Then the bowl was studied. Then me again. The finger pointed at me and then to the corner. Slumping in my corner, I looked at Skipper and he looked at me. And that’s the last time was saw each other…for the next five minutes.


Jason Duron is a short story writer and author of several fiction stories. Curious and lovable as dogs can be, the Adventures of Rocky, Nixi and Dante give you a chance to see daily life from a “dog’s eye view” and share in their thoughts.  Please enjoy, and we hope that you’ll feel free to comment and give us insight into your dog’s very own adventures.