Dante Adventure – Treasure Hunt

treasure-map-153425_640The park was full of people. Not really any other dogs. But we had Gracie with us so we fit right in amongst the crowd. Normally, there would be way more pups than people, but there was some sort of party going on or something.

We were told to be on our best behavior, but that’s not always possible. In fact, that’s not very likely. This is especially true with all the goodies around. I already had spotted some people munching on huge morsels of meat and snacking on sweet smelling goodies.

Gracie tugged Skipper along. The fuzzy rascal was already begging others for food. I knew he was still stuffed. We just ate right before we came out here. But my guess is his belly is a bottomless pit of some sort. I once saw him eat a whole bowl of food, drink all the water, and then steal the chip bag from Gracie and get what he could before getting caught.

He had no such luck today. Right away, Gracie knew what mischief he was up to and had put a stop to it. Skipper woofed and tugged back on the leash, squeezing the length out of my collar before he gave up and followed along.

We passed next to another couple who were interested in us. They waved hello to us and smiled and were otherwise the friendliest people out here. But they didn’t want to share the cake they were eating, so there’s always room for improvement.

It wasn’t long after that Gracie led us away from the people and back out onto the green green grass of the park. Fewer people wandered here close to the pond, probably because the ducks kept on begging for food too.

Three ducks waddled up to us and quacked us for something to eat. Skipper barked the same to them. After some discussion it was revealed that none of us had any food to give and we all moved on along, the ducks quacking annoyingly and Skipper ruffing his thoughts about how strange ducks are.

With less people where we were, Gracie let us loose to wander as long as we promised to stay close. We couldn’t promise anything, but she let us go anyway. We traveled along the edge of the pond and searched for anything to do or perhaps eat. And that’s when we found something.

Skipper spotted it first and wouldn’t even let me in for a sniff. He pushed me out of the way with his big extra fluffy body and wouldn’t scoot. It took some work, and after some slick dance moves, I managed to hop around the barricade and see what had been found.

After we’d spent some time investigating whatever it was, we came to the conclusion that it was definitely a thing that looked like it was edible. But just when Skipper was about to take a bite out of one of the funny looking balls that sat in the bundle of sticks, Gracie stepped in and wanted it all to herself.

“Hey!” we both cried out. “We found it, it’s ours to eat!”

But Gracie pushed us away from the snacks and insisted that it wasn’t ours. I guess the old “finders keepers” didn’t work when you’re at the park.

That’s when the ducks showed back up. All three of them and a few others. And they didn’t seem happy to see us around. They must be jealous that we found the food before they could. One duck quacked at us angrily and started waddling faster, fluffing out her wings and carrying on about us finding her treasure.

From there, we had no choice but to give up the claim and follow Gracie away from the treasure cove. We’d definitely found some goodies here, but maybe there’s something even more delicious to be had amongst the festivities Gracie was headed back toward…


Jason Duron is a short story writer and author of several fiction stories. Curious and lovable as dogs can be, the Adventures of Rocky, Nixi and Dante give you a chance to see daily life from a “dog’s eye view” and share in their thoughts.  Please enjoy, and we hope that you’ll feel free to comment and give us insight into your dog’s very own adventures.