Dog Journal – Entry 124: The Store

dog-2091443_640My pal likes to go places. I guess it’s cool, but usually I’d much rather just stay home and play in the yard. But there are a few exceptions that just tickle me silly and make me happy. One of these places just so happens to be the toy store.

You do have to run the risk of hopping in the car and ending up going for a trip to the doc. So don’t be surprised if your pal tries to sneak one past you like this. One time I was just asked if I was “ready to go,” and I thought we were going to the toy store. Not so. I ended up with a bath and a fur cut.

But when you do go to the toy store, it is a lucky day indeed. All the things are at the toy store. You have treats of all sorts and food and yummy stuff to start with. And that will be one of the first things you smell when you walk in the doors too. I do recommend stopping by for a treat if you can get one. No need to go hunting around for cool stuff to play with if your belly is empty.

Another peculiar smell are all the other fuzzy pals hanging around you can bark with about stuff. Not all of them are even pups. I’ve woofed to a birds in cages, squirrels racing in wheels, and even kittens. There are some really interesting silent slithery serpents that are really neat looking, but they don’t do much but sit there. I did see a turtle once, but he stayed inside his house and wouldn’t come out to bark.

Probably the best thing is all the toys to play with and try out. You see, it’s a little different when you can play with them to see which one you like the best. So don’t just grab the first one you see and think that’s the only one out there.  Go ahead and try some of them out before you decide which one you like the best.

The only hard part is convincing your pal to get the toy you want. This can be sort of open for negotiations since you will have to make sure your friend grabs the one you pick.