Dog Journal – Entry 125: Nosy Dog

dog-2418164_640You know, I’m pretty nosy. I really like to know what everyone else is up to. I don’t know why this is, but it is. Whether it’s finding out what my pal just brought home from the grocery store or wondering why someone is putting their shoes on, I must be there. I must find out why. I must be nosy.

So what does it take to be qualified as nosy? Well, you have to be alert first of all. If you’re not always there when something is happening, then you’re really not doing your job very well. I mean, what kind of a dog doesn’t hop up and investigate every little thing? So I really make sure I get every little detail I can.

You also have to be really thorough. Don’t just show up and spy out the area before going on your merry way. Get right up in everyone’s business so they know you’re there.

Little things matter, so be sure to sniff all the things, right down to the shoe laces. Shoe laces tell you a lot about where your friend’s have been…especially if they’ve been snacking on things without you.

If you really want to go the distance, you have to be ready to go at all times…even during your afternoon naps. At the slightest sound like the jingle of keys, you need to be ready to hop up and check things out. Even if nothing spectacular is going on, be a part of it. Besides, it’d be boring if you weren’t a part of absolutely everything your friends are doing.

As a warning to any pup pushing their nosy talents, this is going to annoy others. People and cats alike are not always going to approve of your skills. But if you’re diligent and persistent, you’ll soon find that nothing escapes your detection.

So how nosy would you pups out there really qualify yourselves? Any one think they can take the cake? Any pup out there think they’re nosier than me…I’m interested, please I need to know!