Dog Journal – Entry 128: Barred

the-son-of-a-bitch-191793_640If there’s one thing a pup just flat out gets upset about, it’s being behind the door. Doors, blockades, and other barriers can be a real annoyance to have in your path. You can’t get out to play and then there’s all the thoughts of how much fun everyone is having playing somewhere beyond.

So I’ve thought of a few barricades my pal keeps around the house, and how I’ve learned to get around them.

The hallway gate blocking off areas like the kitchen isn’t as bad as some might think. You can usually see through it and it’s not too high and intimidating. So most pups can just jump over them, but I prefer to open mine. Yeah, I open it with a running start too…and then crash! I’m through.

Then there’s the backyard fence. Some might consider it a nuisance, and the escape route is just simply to dig. You gotta have the paws for it though and do not get caught. And if you get beyond the fence, do not get caught either…especially by the dog catcher.  This is probably why the fence is the one barrier that I do approve of because it keeps strangers like the dog catcher from getting into my yard. And there’s really nothing beyond that I’d really like to get to unless my pal is with me on some sort of adventure.

Furniture blockades are a technique I’ve heard some peoples using to stop a pup from getting into places where mischief is waiting. Take the laundry room for example: I really like sorting out my friend’s clothes and spreading them out on the floor so they can be examined carefully. But apparently this is not acceptable, so there’s a chair with a box on it in front of that little room. This quickly taught me how to climb, so get your skills up on traveling up.

This eventually led to establishing of a superior blockade. The dreaded door is the one thing that I have yet to master opening. Once it’s closed, whatever is beyond is only reachable by howls and yelps and barks. I’ve watched my pal open the door to the laundry stuffs, but I just can get the hang of how to work that ball hanging off the side. If anyone has any hints or suggestions on how to get in there, leave me a how-to and I’ll see if I can get it done. That laundry really needs to be sorted out straight sometime soon.