Dog Journal – Entry 129: The Art of Sneaking

dog-eyes-2371759_640One trick every dog needs to know is how to sneak. It’s extremely important for various reasons, including getting out of trouble, grabbing a snack, and even hunting. Oh yes, hunting. You see, there are many things I like to hunt, like sandwiches and even birds hanging out in the yard.

Here are a few thoughts of mine on sneaking, and do remember, it is a fine form of art and must be practiced to perfection.

Focus on whatever it is you’re trying to catch. Zone in and forget everything else. Even if there’s a chair in the way, it doesn’t matter. You see, when you’re sneaking, all the other things around you will not be there when you do finally go for the chase.

Sometimes you can use things like sofa’s and chairs to hide your movement though, like take for instance your pal is snacking in his favorite spot on the sofa and the bag of chips is hanging off the edge. Well sneak right in front of him…sneak behind the sofa. Then the bag of chips will be yours.

Now if whatever it is you’re sneaking up on happens to see you, like take for instance the cat spots you, just keep sneaking. Act like they can’t even see you. This will cause them to be utterly confused and frozen in wonder.

Then when they do finally bolt, you must obviously chase. And don’t worry about getting spotted because when you’re in sneak-mode, you are not actually able to be detected. Sure they might see you, but that doesn’t really count. At least that’s what I tell myself.

If you like to do a lot of sneaking and you want to get a jump on the action, why not start by picking a favorite place to start from, which I call my hide’n spot.  Just make sure you can get a good view of at least two rooms, my preference is both kitchen and sofa room. You can’t go wrong here since this is where all the important stuff seems to take place in at least one of them.

Also…never sneak past a sandwich that’s all alone. Always sneak to a sandwich so it won’t be alone.

So do tell, how good are your sneaking skills? Got any advanced moves I can try out around the house? Maybe test out my skills on my pal next time he’s eating a pizza?