Dog Journal – Entry 131: Patience

dog-1680874_640Most dogs I know happen to be very impatient. I should know, I’m one of them. I don’t know what it is, but I just can’t wait for something without getting that feeling of urgency. I need things to be right now! But if I had the patience for it, I’d stop and try to figure out why I’m so impatient. But let’s try.

Things I don’t have the patience for: Being still, bathing, eating slow, going to bed early, and things of this nature. Just letting you know right now, so you don’t have to wait for me to explain everything to you. I know, I know, we should be working on how to be patient, but just in case, I thought I’d take a moment to let you know ahead of time.

Sitting still has to be the hardest thing I can think of right now. Have you ever tried to sit still when things are happening? Say you have a treat balanced on the tip of your nose and your pal keeps on cooly telling you to sit still. It’s so hard. I just want to snap up that treat and eat it as fast as I can.

What about the door? It’s hard to wait for a door to open all the way before I try getting through it. And when there is an open door, sometimes I go back and forth through it as many times as possible while I wait for my buddy to get through it the first time. Where’s his sense of urgency? Seriously.

Sometimes it hurts to be impatient though. I’ve had my paws stepped on, tail caught in the door, ears tugged back by trying to get through the hole in the fence at high speeds. I don’t like getting hurt, but it’s like accidents always happen when I’m in a hurry. Maybe I should try and slow down just a little bit. But I don’t know if I could fit that into my busy schedule. I might end up late for lunch or something worse.

But here’s my plan: No, I don’t have time to come up with a plan. Just gonna have to wing it or something. What do dog’s do when they “wing it?” Never thought about that, but if you figure it out, let me know. I have things to do!

I don’t really understand it, but I just always feel like I gotta get things done. It’s in my bones I guess. But I’d like to learn how to be patient, I just don’t have time fo