Dog Journal – Entry 132: Teasy Meany

doggy-2648200_640I enjoy teasing my friend sometimes. I don’t know why, but it’s just fun. Maybe it’s just the mischievous nature of being a dog, and all things considered, it’s so easy sometimes. In fact, I think they make it easy, like they’re just asking for it.

One of my favorites is when I like to take all the sofa pillows and reorganize things right in front of my friend. This can only be done effectively if and when they’re relaxing on the sofa and refusing to play with you.

Slapping your pal with your tail is another fun one. You see, people do not have tails, and some pups don’t either. So slapping them with your tail is sort of like rubbing it in their face. Actually, it often is rubbing it in their face. And oh, the looks you get sometimes.

I’ve done the old disappearing trick sometimes too. Like when we go outside together and my pal is busy, so I hide. And I don’t even tell them where I am. Then you see your pal looking for you all frantic and such, but you still keep hiding. Oh it’s such a good tease.

It’s fun to tease, but I can’t stand to be teased back. No pup likes being teased, especially if it includes food stuffs and things. Ever been asked if you want a treat? And then they don’t even have a treat? Really? What about balancing food stuffs on your face and not letting you eat it? How rude!

I really don’t like it when gets all the way to the door with the leash and the water and all the things you need for a nice long walkies…and then they turn right around and sit on the sofa instead. So frustrating.

What about when they give you a chew bone…but then they take it away? What sort of game is that? It’s terrible. But then they do it again! This is why I can’t stand to be teased. Then there’s always the infamous ready to rub your belly, but not really.

It’s easy for a pup to dish out all the teasing because that’s just what dogs do. But being teased is not cool. And the only solution is for peoples to stop teasing their pups, and accept all the teasing we can dish out. It’s one of the many gifts dogs can give so easily. And we’ll love you for it.