Dog Journal – Entry 133: Center of Attention

dog-2160253_640I love attention, especially when it’s from my bestest ole buddies. But I don’t always get it, especially when they’re just too busy for me. I know how to get that attention though. Oh yes, and it works every time.

I fancy it, the art of being in the way. It’s what I do. I’m a dog. Everything intrigues me and if everyone is just too busy to play with me, I’ve got nothing better to do but come up with ways to get in the way.

And here’s how I do it.

Finding a popular traffic spot in the home is usually pretty easy. All you have to do is pay attention to where everyone is going. The trick is not to be where they’re going…but to find a narrow spot where they’re traveling and stand there. Yup, I just stand there right in the way so they can’t even get around me without giving me some attention.

There are times when you can just beat your pal to their destination. This works great for times sofa-sitting times where you can just splat down in their favorite spot. But then you have to refuse to give it up, so I just turn into liquid dog. You can’t pick up liquid dog without some serious attention. You can also wait for them to sit down and then pin them where they are so they can’t get up without climbing over you or something.

Additionally, I like to stand around like I’m waiting for my pal to play with me. You really have to get that right posture so your pal doesn’t really have a good excuse to get mad at you. And if…I mean when your pal starts getting frustrated with you, just bring them something to throw. It’ll make them think they’re getting you out of the way…but really, they’re playing with you and they don’t even realize it.

So what do you do to get attention when no one wants to dish it out? I think I’ve got a pretty good technique, but there’s always room for improvement.