Dog Journal – Entry 145: New Roommate

dog-1987858_640Have you ever had your pal arrive home with more than just groceries? Yeah, I’ve had visitors over if that’s what you’re thinking about, but this is much more, shall we woof… permanent? The nice thing about somebody just visiting is that they pass out treats and belly rubs and like to play a lot… but then there’s the new roomate.

The first thing I noticed that my new roomy was doing was she was always trying to eat my food. All the time. Two bowls of food… the one I want is the one she scoots right into my space and starts nomming on all my foods.

And just to add to the space-stealing predicament, you always find them in your favorite napping spots too. It’s like wherever you want to be, there they are. The last spot I have is up on the bed, and she’s still trying to get up here with me. So while I’m trying to nap, all I hear is a bouncing puppy that yips until I get up and move somewhere else… and then she follows.

And it’s not like she just wants all your attention… she wants ALL of the attention. If I start getting a belly rub from my pal, then she wants one too. And waiting is just out of the question, which brings us right back to occupying all the space I’m presently taking up.

Then, she won’t leave you alone when you’re trying to do something important. So all my time and space is occupied by a puppy. I even found her nuzzling her way into my bath too! And it’s not like I wanted it in the first place, but seriously? Wanting a bath just because I have to take a bath? I’d have given it to her, but then I’m sure she wouldn’t have wanted it and I’d have been stuck with double dunkings.

All this got really annoying really fast, but trying to scare my new roomate off didn’t even come close to working. Yup. You bark at ’em just a little bit and they’ll tell on you like you’re just a big meany, and then you get in trouble.

So what can you do in this type of situation? Well, you just gotta deal with it until your roommate grows up. And if you’re a really good boy… that might be the end of the nonsense. But it’s not very likely. Just be prepared to share everything… forever.