Dog Journal – Entry 146: Feeling Not So Good

dog-portrait-1717848_640Every now and then, I find something to eat that just doesn’t sit that well with my tummy. I know, I know, it was well worth it when the eating was good, but the aftermath always leaves me regretting. That’s mostly because it’s just so hard to eat after, so you miss out on all the yummy stuffs. So when I come to the crossroads, I gotta weigh everything. The good, the bad, and the ‘saalright.

What’s the good? Is it worth it? I don’t know, but it smells so good. Totally irresistible. Seriously, what kind of dog would you be if you could stop yourself from eating it? But is it really that good? If it is, you should probably eat it.

There are those moments when you do find an old treat you hid a while back, and it still smells pretty good, but you can’t even remember when you actually put it there. I always do the lick test…and if it doesn’t attack me, I go ahead and nom on it. Most times everything turns out pretty good, and I get a bonus treat that day.

What about a rare chance to eat something like this? During certain times of the year, your pal makes special foods that are so rare that just a taste of them lasts until the next. If you get one of these rare opportunities, I’d take it, even if it did have carrots in it.

But there’s often consequences that go along with such a tasty treat. The number one question I have to ask myself is: What happens if you won’t be able to eat later? Seriously, this has to be the worst part about a belly ache.

And then if you do get sick, your pal is always trying to make you eat some plain bland rice that is just so boring. Have you ever eaten just plain bland rice? You can’t even feel yourself eating it. Pretty much like eating water. In fact, it might be…my pal has been tricking me the whole time.

Aside from that, sometimes, if you keep being stick and your tummy refuses to stop it, then you get to take a trip to the doc’s office where you gotta deal with all the other whiny dogs and the cold floors. And there’s always that one cat there that just stares at you like everything is your fault.

But this one time, my tummy was giving me fits because I ate way to many treats all at once, and I did get the most awesome thing ever and my tummy did feel better too. Yes, it was the super secret yogurt stuffs. So good. This was one of those ‘saalright moments, where I got the good, dealt with the bad, and ended up on top of it all. The bad thing…I don’t get to have yogurt stuffs all the time. Maybe if I just pretend to be sick…

But then again, there’s always that chance that I end up going straight to the doc’s office again.