Dog Journal – Entry 147: The Party

new-years-day-1090770_640Sometimes my pal likes to invite lots of friends over to play and do the things and eat the food stuffs. This is all really cool, especially since you get to meet all your friends at the door and show off some of your latest toys. Maybe some of them even want to play with you!

Yeah! So much awesome… but they’re not always visiting just to hang out with you.

It’s tough to be ignored like that, but you’ve still got your chewy bone to chomp on… or so you think. You see, there’s more here than just a room full of sneakers playing people games and snacking and such.

Yuppers, now they’re in all your stuff! What! What’s a dog to do? Deep down, I get this crazy feeling that they’re not just here to do their own thing. What if they’re here to find out what you’ve been hiding…

Keeping them away from your food stashes is a must. Usually, I go right to showing them how cool my ball-in-ball is and smacking it around on the floor a few times. This is primarily a distraction, but I’ve gotten some of the visitors to play along a few times.

What if someone is hanging out too close to your pal? Nope, that’s your pal. Don’t let anyone near them. If you’re extra fluffy, use it all to make a blockade and just get in the way. If there’s one treasure you don’t want getting stolen, it’s your bestest friend.

I remember this one time when my good buddy had the friends over and they were pretty boring altogether, but I thought that they were sitting way to close together… even the cat agreed with me. So I got up on the sofa and wedged myself in between so we were all face to face. Then I totally burped after a whole bowl of food. No one wanted to sit near me for the rest of the night. Lesson to remember, use all the gifts you got.

When the house is finally all quiet again and all the visitors are gone, you can finally relax. So many times I’ve found myself thinking about all the close calls to having my secret stashes discovered, but so many times I’ve been able to relax with the assurance that my treasures are still safe. And all the quiet is nice at first, but then you start to sort of miss the excitement. Visitors can be so stressful sometimes.