Dog Journal – Entry 149: Cold Paws

bernese-mountain-dog-1960169_640Being able to play outside is always taken for granted until the cold chills everything down. Yeah, the nippy air does tend to calm everything down a little bit, especially all the stick-chasing and tag games I have planned out at the park.

It’s not too bad when it’s just cold out, but my pal always plays stubborn when it’s time to go out. Which makes things a little harder on me because I have to convince her that it’s potty time to the extreme in some cases. Then I just deal with the frustration of finding out I lied at some latter time.

But there are times when it is just flat out too cold to play.The wind is howling and the ground is frosty and everything is covered in the snowy stuffs. And that is the best thing ever… but with a downside.

First of all, do not leave your toys out in the yard when it happens. It will get buried and it’s super hard to find it. But if you like digging for treasure, you can sometimes find some really neat stuff underneath. Just watch your nose and make sure you don’t get stuck on any stickers lurking beneath.

Probably the coolest thing I ever found under the snow was a huge bundle of sticks. It was the most awesome stick ever, all wrapped up together like a package deal, but it turned out to be a bush that was buried deep. Besides my pal telling me to stop and getting mad at me for tugging it up out of there, I couldn’t play anymore because my paws were beginning not to be my paws. It was like walking on a floor I couldn’t feel.

It turned out that your paws feel like they’re gone when it gets too cold. I think maybe they go to sleep or something. But that’s basically when I found out that it was time to get back inside and snuggle up in the sofa nice and warm.

And here is the other thing… you play outside when it’s super cold like that, and you don’t get to be on the bed or sofa. You get to be wrapped up in the towel! Which is sort of cool too, especially when you get rolled up like puppitto! This my favorite time. It’s like I’m in a forever snuggle mode until I’m all warmed back up.

I do enjoy the nice cool weather, but there are moments when things get a little ruff outdoors. But it can still turn out pretty awesome when you’ve got an awesome pal like mine that really knows how to keep a pup’s heart warm.