Dog Journal – Entry 150: Window Seat

adorable-1850465_640I really don’t mind traveling, but it can really be boring. This is especially true if you don’t get the window seat first. That’s why I recommend calling dibs as soon as you see the suitcases out. But before you get to going to wherever it is you’re going, you gotta be on top of the things that go in the suitcase… but not in it. The suitcase I mean.

First of all, remind your buddy to pack your lunch. Seriously, you gotta stay on it real good or they’ll forget. I’m telling you, I went a whole trip without lunches. All I had was dinner and breakfast. But for some strange reason the lunch got left out. So just make sure you keep reminding your pal.

I found that the easiest way to get everyone else really mad at you is to get in the way. I remember the first time we did all this, I didn’t know what was happening. So I tried following my pal back and forth. Turns out, your pal will get really mad at you really fast and you get stuck by yourself in another room. If this happens to you, don’t panic, you’re still going with, but you’re already off to a boring start.

By the way, during the packing, don’t get in the suitcase. If no one sees you in there, you can get a load of laundry piled on top of you double quick. Which is pretty neat, but then you get to be in trouble again. Then you get tossed out and someone forgets to stash the emergency treats and all the important stuff.

Once it’s time to get in the car, make sure to get the window seat as soon as possible. And don’t let them just sit some box there. You gotta be persistent if you want that window seat. Or you could just settle for the back seat where you can’t see anything but the back of your pal’s head the whole time.

Regardless of how much your pal tells you they know exactly where they’re going, it’s best to give directions as often as possible. Hey, you’re a dog, and people don’t know better than to ignore every tree between here and there for goodies. Also, make sure you ask “are we there yet,” as often as possible. I don’t know why, but it’s strongly recommended by the best of dogs.