Dog Journal – Entry 151: Fun Games to Play With My Pal

dog-3066476_640Games are awesome, I plan mine out every day. When I wake up in the morning, the first thing I do is decide which game to play, which toys to use, do we need more toys to play the game, and are there enough players available.

Of course, games like fetch the stick and tag the tail are the norm. Pretty easy warm up games for any dog and his pal to play, but how does a dog really dig into the fun. Sure I’ve got a few that I can play by myself, and some I can play with a big group, but only a few are really special and cool. They’re the most fun. It’s just getting my pal to play with me is what’s so tricky.

This is perhaps my favorite game. I don’t know what to call it, but it doesn’t matter. Let me explain… well that might take too long. I will sum it up for you.

It’s like keep away, but a little extra added in to make harder to win. You see, I’ve got this one toy that’s just bizarre… a squeaky piggy. And it squeaks right nice in a funny way. But it’s not much fun on it’s own.

So to start the game, I put that piggy on my pal’s lap, and I squeak it twice. Then I leave it. And if my pal tries to get to it, I gotta snatch it away first and squeak it until he calms back down. You see, the squeaky piggy is special and every time my pal squeaks it, he starts winning. There can only be one squeaker of the piggy.

The the addition of other toys, like my tugga-rope come into play. Oh yeah, it’s best just to empty out the toy box and throw everything you got on the floor. You’re gonna need them to distract any others that want the piggy.

The bonus is that if I make the pig squeak without chewing on it, I can make my pal fall asleep. My favorite thing is to shake my ball-ina-ball all around and smack it on the piggy when my pal reaches for it.

Problem is if I stop, my pal tries to get it and make it squeak. I don’t like to lose, so that is unacceptable. This is why it’s so important to use your other toys and really toss them around to cause confusion. You really get a good pile of them going on and it gets way harder for your buddy to find the piggy.

And if I stay too close to the piggy, my pal will try to sweep my paws out from under me, so I gotta make sure I keep moving around, you know, all those slick moves I’ve been practicing while he’s at work.

The only thing is, if all that squeaking makes my pal relax and stop attacking my paws, then why does my buddy tell me to stop when I try and squeak him to sleep at night? Anybody know why?