Dog Journal – Entry 154: Farm Dog Life

dog-2812894_640I once knew an old dog that told me a thing. While I don’t remember what that thing was, the place we were at is still fresh in my mind. You see, I’m just your average city dog running about in the park and napping on a nice fluffy sofa with my pal. But this old dog lived like he was outside all the time. And not in a yard or something. Well, it was like a yard, but with lots and lots of space and a pond and other odd pets that I’d never seen before.

Sure I’d seen a duck at the pond. That’s why I know ducks belong in ponds. Or is it that ponds appear wherever ducks happen to be? Maybe that’s what that old dog was trying to explain to me, but I forgot which was correct.

But the neatest thing was the big barn. It was like a huge dog house, and that’s where the old dog lived with all of HIS pets. Yeah, that was what was really cool. You see, his family had given him some fluffy sheep critters to take care of so he would never be lonely. And whenever the sheep tried to make a break for it, he had to chase them and make them get back up with the rest of the group. I tried that with the ducks at the pond, but they just flew away. Luckily they don’t put wings on sheep.

They even had a really big dog that didn’t do dog things. Don’t really think it was a dog, now that I consider it. It kept going “moo-ve,” so I was thinking it was just some rude dog that was super boring. Though that explains why she didn’t want to fetch. Just kept eating hay. Sort of odd, but everyone has their favorite chew-toy.

No leashes, that was so cool too. You didn’t really go for walkies, it was more like an exploration trip every time. One time, we went into the woods behind the pond and I must have left a message on tons of trees before I realized there was no walking trail. I didn’t get lost, but my pal was totally lost. Took me forever to find him. We’ll bring a leash for him next time.

So what cool places have you ever visited? Ever met some funny animals that you’ll tell your puppies about someday? As for the old dog, he’s still old, but he was so happy, and he’d never even heard of a sofa.