Dog Journal – Entry 168: The Moocher

adorable-3344414_640Mooching off your pal when they’re snacking is a favorite pastime of mine. Really, what else is there to do but see what goodies you can glean, especially when you’ve got a messy friend. I like them when they’re messy though, it makes things easier.

So what do I normally do, I start by just slinking around and eyeballing. A few sniffs and a curious look later, and I know what’s cooking. Of course, my friend starts getting all suspicious and such, trying to hide what they’re munching on at the moment. But the bag as already cried out to me, calling and drawing, ready to be emptied out.

After I’ve been discovered and my friend is alert to my plans. I like panting really hard right up in their space. If there’s anything that makes someone spill their chips, it’s when you let them know you’re not going anywhere. It’s even more effective when it’s a hot day too. Usually, my pal pushes me down and the chips get spilled in the process. Oops, but it’s okay, I’m here to help clean up.

And if my pals are really getting good at ignoring me, I paw them to remind them of how much I’m starving. It’s hard to ignore my big paws smacking their leg followed by the most adorable face I can manage. I have met a few peoples that can sit still through this, but they are the exception that proves the rule.

Then if that doesn’t work, I roll up on their feet so they can see the belly. Bear witness of how empty it is! I’m practically fading away here. And i’ts good because they’re gonna trip if they try to get up and get away.

It’s only a matter of time before they do the angry stare. This is inevitable, and it’s often their last ditch effort to withhold the goods from you. And here’s where I like to really get them moving around (the more they move, the more gets spilled), I don’t stare back. Nope, when I see the stare begin, I look away casually and observe all the many other interesting things around the room. Usually, my friend goes back to munching, and then I stare again. This can go on for a while before it starts to pay off, so be patient.

So what sort of special moves do you use when you’re mooching snacks? Mine is more of a patient method, but some pups just like to pounce and grab. I like to get a little here and there, but some want it all right now. Which pup are you?