Dog Journal – Entry 171: Shorty

dog-2686244_640When I run and race around, I like my path smooth and clear so I can really get my little legs moving. I know other pups out there have long legs that can leap five sofas in a single bound, but we short pups are like little dragsters and a well organized racetrack is the desired setup.

But I’ve considered some of the more difficult terrains that I’ve encountered and realized that some of it has proven really tough stuff.

First of all, I do not like the stairs. This was a terrible idea from the start, and if it were up to me, everything would be down at my level. When I was a puppy, my pal used to carry me up and down them. But now if I want to go outside to play, I gotta wobble down them. Luckily, since my friend is the one demanding that we go back inside, he carries me up the stairs, so I got him on that one.

There’s also the obstacles at the playground. These aren’t so bad, but sometimes the others at the park want to use it to make the chase harder on me. The tunnel isn’t so bad, but Jess my rather tall friend likes to jump on top of the tunnel and then I can’t get to her.

Instead, what I really like are smooth rolling hills covered in soft grass. Yeah, that sounds like a mighty fun raceway for a grand game of chase. Hills are so much fun, but not the rocky ones with steps and climbing things. Or jumping through hoops… unless there’s treats involved. I jump through hoops for treats.

And then there’s up in the trees. Nope, the cat can have them. I can’t climb, and I don’t like high places. The only place I’m climbing up on is my friend’s lap so I can get my belly rubbed and paws tickled. Yup, that actually sounds really good right now.

Speaking of climbing things, it’s like my pal knows to hide the neat stuff up high so there’s no way for me to get to it. He knows I’ve got little legs and that all those things up there are just teasing me.

Getting a handle on rough terrain isn’t exactly my favorite bowl of water, but sometimes you have to do what a dog has got to do. So I get the four-paw traction and make it happen. Though it would be nice if everything were just a little closer to the ground, but what do you think?