Dog Journal – Entry 189: Lost Treasure

christmas-1909839_640There’s something about finding that thing that you’ve been missing for a while. It’s like you got a brand new toy, but it’s not even your birthday or anything. Perhaps it’s even better, because you can remember some of the fun games you’ve already played, and places you’ve been, and it even smells great too.

So get this, I’ve been missing my fluffy turtle that squeaks so cool, and I just happened to find it while I was racing around the room. Yes, I was running inside, but there’s only no running when my friend is home, so it’s cool.

But this turtle you see, just happened to have been disappeared for a while now. I don’t remember exactly when, but I think it was sometime around when my friend was cleaning and vacuuming everything in the home. So it’s been a while, and I’m not looking forward to it happening anytime soon either.

When I found out that my turtle was missing, I spent all day looking for it. I checked under the sofa, behind the bed, beneath the covers, on top of the table, and even in the room of the mean old vacuum. But there was nothing. Absolutely no trace to be found of my cool turtle toy. It was gone.

But I had other toys to play with and I had all but forgotten about the turtle until I was racing around the sofa room. That’s when I stumbled upon the turtle again. I wasn’t looking for it, but I found it anyway. The turtle had been hiding as a pillow the whole time. It was the perfect spot, just laying amongst the cushions as though it were one of them.

Now that I’ve got it, I can remember all the fun games of tug that we’d had. So many squeaks, and that one leg that lost all the fuzz because I ate it. Yeah, I found out that fuzz is not good foods. Now I just pull it out and throw it all over the floor instead. No upset tummy, but my pal doesn’t seem to like that game very much.

Even the smell is just the way I remember, all funky with a little bit of outdoors to mingle. Yes, this turtle has been many places, even dragged through the yard. But it’s been a good toy. And I’m glad I found it.

But now I’m sort of wondering what other things I’m missing. I can think of a few, but where they are is a mystery to me. Yes, I will find them. And I will play with them. And then I’ll probably loose them… just so I can do it all over again.