Dog Journal – Entry 190: Changing Coats

dog-1601041_640Have you ever seen a really cool flip off the sofa arm? Yeah, I can do that. I’d do it right now, but my pal is watching me. He’s watching me because he knows what I’m gonna do. And if I do, I’m gonna get the brush.

Oh yeah, it’s once again time for the brushing to be done. All my fur is so awesome and fluffy that I can’t get enough of it. And I’m gonna share it with everyone. But my friend has decided otherwise.

Since my biggest and fluffiest coat is finally coming in, I have decided to share my fluffiness with everyone. I’ve got it on the sofa, the carpet, my friend’s clothes, and I’m sure it’s tracked into the car by now too. It’s everywhere, and I’m still working on getting rid of a few annoying fuzz tufts that are tickling me.

Of course, it is also very itchy. So there’s that too. Yes, my scratching is so hard to resist, I have to resort to rolling around on everything. You see, if I scratch, then I’ll get the brushing. And the brushing tickles me so much, I go crazy. All my back feels like it wants to jump off of me and go running really fast somewhere.

And I know that if I keep the scratching up, and my friend isn’t happy with the brushing, I’m gonna get the bath. And this is the worst bath too, because it’s not even done inside. Too much fur! At least that’s what my friend tells me. So it’s outside, in the tub, with cold water. And scrubbing, oh lot’s of the scrubbing.

To avoid such a predicament, I’ve found that one of my best places to scratch for some relief without getting caught is under the bed. But I’m not supposed to be under there, and that’ll get me in double trouble if I get caught. No one can spot me under there though…but my friend has great hearing. My sneezes give me away, so I can’t just stay under there for ever. I gotta run through, do my scratching and rubbing, and then race back before anyone gets suspicious.

I’ve got the feeling my friend is catching on to my ruse. There’s a big blanket on the floor right in front of my entrance, and there’s now a box under there too. This is getting much much harder to get away with. But the tingling is driving me bonkers, and I must get rid of it.

So I found another really good spot to scratch without getting caught. Yes, it was right in front of me the whole time. I simply strolled up to my pal and sat down. Next thing you know, I was getting my back rubbed and my ears scratched. Yes, and all I had to do was move a little bit and that spot would be scratched too. It was all going according to plan.

And then some of my fuzz gave me away. Turned me right in withough a second thought. Next thing i knew, the brush was after me. Oh well, it’s only a matter of time before bath time. I think next time I’ll just keep the coat I’ve got on right now instead.