Dog Journal – Entry 192: Snow Day

imprint-268363_640I’ve seen a few things that are strange, but if there’s one thing that always makes me just wonder for a moment, it’s when the fluffy stuffs fall from the sky. Yeah, instead of rain, we get fluff. But it’s not the kind out of the sofa, it’s something totally different altogether.

When it snows, everything gets covered with a fluffy layer of material ready to be thrown around. Usually, early in the morning, I watch it from the window, checking out such a cool happening. We call it the snow stuffs.

I can’t wait to get outside, but it always takes my friend forever to get ready and dressed. She bundles up all big and fluffy and wears a funny hat and everything. Even her boots are fluffy. It all seems silly to me to have to put all that on when you want to go out. Why they just don’t grow a nice coat and keep it on all the time will always puzzle me.

Outside, I can bounce and hop everywhere, and it’s so much fun just making a mess without even getting close to being in trouble for it.

My friend cheers me on and makes snowballs to throw at things. I race and race, here and there, and make piles of snow go flying around. This is perhaps where the greatest races are raced…ever! And if we get to go to the park and all the other dogs are there, well then that’s just splendid.

Then there’s the bonus: I can eat it too. My friend makes the ball out of the snow stuffs and throws it, but I can never catch it. And it always disappears too, which really frustrated me until I figured out that I had been eating them in one gulp. Then I was well pleased with my efforts.  But when my belly is full or my tongue goes numb (whichever comes first), I bring my friend a stick which is much easier to find in the snow.

It’s actually really cold to play in though. But I guess there’s a price to such a fun time. Because it’s so rare and special for such an opportunity, I sometimes forget that it is very cold and wet until I’m back inside.

At the end of the day, you end up cold and wet, but my friend knows how make a pup comfy after a good day of play. I get to wrap up in a warm towel and just relax on the sofa while I think about all the fun stuff I’m gonna do tomorrow.