Dog Journal – Entry 193: Dog In Ball

puppy-427137_640Well, I was stuck inside for a while, which can get sort of boring when the time just drags on and the water is everywhere outside. Yeah, there’s a lot of water. We tried to go out, but it was just muddy and wet. No way to play out there.

So I ended up stuck inside, and I got to wondering about something simple that I’ve overlooked for so long. Maybe these things happen when there’s not much else to do.

I made this discovery when I was chewing on my ball. It was so simple, yet I was completely captivated by it. There were other things around the house that I’m sure could be just as interesting if not more, but this was the thing which I had always been compelled to play with.

Then I thought about it. I do a lot with this little ball. I chase it, chew it, bury it and dig it up later, and even sleep on it sometimes. Though a nap on top of the ball often leaves me with a tail cramp.

My friend even instinctively grabs it when it’s time for us to play together. We take it to the park a lot, and most of the other dogs out there have their own to play with and chase. It’s just the thing to have I guess.

When I lose it or it goes missing (my friend likes to hide it from me), I have to find it right then and there. No time time waste, I have to ransack the whole room to find it, even if I have to throw all the cushions on the floor and dig under the bed again. I did find it once in my water bowl, which was really strange. Still haven’t figured out how it got there.

There are other sizes and levels of bounce to each ball. Not every single one is the same, and some even smell better than others. Like I have a ball that’s in another ball that’s just fun to roll around the house, while others are super squishy and make really loud squeaks, but those don’t seem to hold up to the chewing.  In fact, I’ve got a friend that has a talent for chewing his ball to little bitty pieces, like seriously, they’re little tiny chunks by the time he’s done. It’s sort of odd, but that’s what he does when he’s bored.

I found myself understanding the ball more and more. Just a fuzzy thing that was round and rolled across the floor if you just give it a little nudge. Bouncy and chewy, fun to chase and overall a must for every dog out there.

So what would I do without my ball? Could I find something else that would meet all those perfectly rounded qualities? I don’t know. Perhaps the sofa cushions, or maybe a I’ll just chew the chair leg again. Well, maybe it’s a good thing that I’ve got plenty of these toys laying around. At least it keeps me out of trouble. Or does it…