Dog Journal – Entry 195: Roadtrip Snacks

puppy-1502565_640My friend got me ready for a trip this morning. I can tell because she gets out the suitcase and starts stuffing it full of things. I don’t know why some of those things are in there, but she seems to think they’re important. Luckily she remembers that I’m even more important, so I get my own special box.

Yeah, it’s a nice little box with my favorite toys in it along with a fluffy blanket to snuggle with. It’s cool and really comfy, and I get to have all my things in one little spot to keep me company for long trips. But I don’t get to look around to see the sights really, so the trip can be sort of boring sometimes. At least she always sits me where I can keep an eye on her, just to make sure everything is alright.

The only downside is that I don’t get to have any snacks with me. At least, I’m not supposed to have anything. So the question is: how do I smuggles some snacks on board without her realizing it?

Well for starters, I just got some new attire, a nice fluffy scarf to help keep me warm. But I can take it off sometimes. Which is what I did after I put some treats in my box. After a little covering up, no one should have been the wiser. But my friend found it when she put my scarf back on me. It was a minor setback, but it left me searching for a better hiding spot.

Next I tried to stuff them in the blanket that’s in the box. It’s pretty fluffy, and tucking in my treats and a few food pebbles wasn’t that difficult. You couldn’t tell a thing was suspicious unless you had a good nose on you.

The most important thing to remember is to put them in there before your friend starts loading things into the car. There’s no way you’re going to be able to sneak them in at the last moment, because I tried that once and my bone was immediately confiscated.

I also realized that if you’re found out, don’t try it again with the same treat. When you’re friend realizes that your treat is missing, they’re going to start looking for it, and it’s only a matter of time before they find out where you’ve hidden it. I just make sure to get a new one and leave the old one where it can be easily found.

And then when I’m all ready, I go ahead and lay down on top of it and don’t move a muscle until I’m safely in the car. If I get called, I just wag my tail and look as innocent as possible, just to throw off any suspicion.

When you’re in route, don’t chew your bone where you can be seen. I turn around and face the other way inside my box. Occasionally I’ll look around, just to make sure I’m not being watched. But this is the best way to keep your treat stash a secret.

Well, that’s how I get my snacks for the trip on board without getting caught, and there are other places that you can stash them too. This just happens to be the way it works best for me.