Dog Journal – Entry 196: The Beach

welsh-corgi-1581119_640My pals and I visited the ocean the other day to see all the things about the sea. It was unlike any of the ponds I had seen in the past, and the ducks that lingered about weren’t very duck-like.

It was unlike any other park I’ve ever played in before. No one got mad at me for digging everywhere. In fact, they encouraged me to dig in all the places. The dirt was so soft and squishy and I could make it fly everywhere! My friends made mounds and shapes while I digged up the supplies. It’s awesome being part of a great team.

The only downside was when the water came up and splashed everything down. Even when they tried to build it back up, it was just getting washed away (another reason I don’t like baths). The water made me feel cold and my fur felt sticky and frizzly and I knew that I smelled funny. Not as funny as the plants though.

Yeah! There were these big plants on the beach just lying around everywhere. They were super smelly though, but I wasn’t supposed to play with those ones. Everything else was permissible though. In fact, I found some shells in the sand and small rocks that didn’t float, which neither one tasted good and weren’t the least bit chewy.

Instead, we were supposed to play with the huge ball that they brought. After some huffing and puffing and panting, the big ball was rolling across the beach, bouncing and making funny bopping noises as we chased it around. I don’t know why we don’t keep a ball like that around the house, just think of all the awesome things I could bounce it on, like I bet it would even bop up to the ceiling and all over the room before it stopped doing it’s thing.

But then I found out there were strange critters that lived here. One even tried to grab me. I was just nosing down to greet with a friendly woof, and the rascal tried to snatch my ears with it’s pinchy claws. I don’t think it liked me checking out his little shell house, but I didn’t know he was home. Sure seems like a grumpy little hermit if you ask me.

Then there were the ducks that did not quack. They were not very friendly and liked to squeak at everything and dance around like it all belonged to them.

One even tried to snatch up the little hermit’s house, but I wouldn’t let it close enough. No matter how much I chased them around, they kept coming back for more.

Eventually, I was too tired to run anymore and had to give up my furious chase. However, the funny birds could not bother the hermit anymore. My efforts had given him enough time to move his house back into the ocean. But I wonder if he’ll remember me. I really wonder.