Dog Journal – Entry 197: Old Dog, Young Pup

dog-2234313_640My friend is such a grouch sometimes. I think I’m a super friendly doggy, but my friend is the complete opposite. Well, he’s not exactly mean. He’s just grumpy all the time. Even when it’s food time, he eats like the grumpy dog, super fast and ruffing at everything to leave him alone. I once saw him get upset with his tail for wagging too much.

By the way, he’s older, much older than me. So I’m up and racing around all the time, and I totally run circles around him. He just naps here and there, waking up just long enough to find a less comfortable place to nap. I once asked him why he likes the uncomfy places, and he told me that it’s so when he finds a comfy spot, it feels so much better.

Sometimes I try bringing him the ball, but he just let’s it roll away. Even though he’s awake and watching me, he still totally ignores my attempts to play a game with him.  At first I just thought he was just being lazy, but he told me he’s just tired. All the time he is tired. That sounds totally boring and I never want to be an old boring dog. I will be the happy old dog when I’m old.

Well, I was bored one day and our pal had gone off to play (she told us it’s all work and no fun), and decided to get my buddy to join in a game. But he refused and just rolled over and snuggled the sofa some more. The whining didn’t work, and neither did the gentle shoves or the digging. I was going to have to get a little rough.

When I tried wrestling with him, you know biting his ears and practicing my best tackling techniques, I found myself very surprised. It turned out that this was my old friend’s specialty. He was a wrestler all along and quickly had me pinned without a way out.

I had to learn this awesome skill, but he wasn’t exactly eager to tell me. I begged him to tell me, but he began to mosey on away in search of a new place to nap. So I tackled him again, and was rolled back over onto my belly and he pinned me with his paws. Then he began snoring with his weight still pinning me to the floor.

We stayed there until the keys jingled at the door when the old dog finally got off me to investigate things. Luckily for me, our friend had arrived home because I had to go potty in a serious way, and being pinned under an old pup wasn’t exactly a comfortable place to wait it out.

I’ve been practicing some new tackles on the sofa recently, but my old grumpy friend still won’t let me know his secrets. He tells me that he’ll show me when I’m older. But when I’m old…what if I turn into a grumpy dog too? Then who will I try out all those secret awesome moves on then?