Dog Journal – Entry 199: What’s This?

the-christmas-tree-1081321_640I have been watching my friends do their thing in the sofa room for a while now, and I’m pretty sure they’re doing it all wrong. I just don’t understand what they’re doing with the tree and why they’ve put it inside, particularly where my choice napping spot usually is. Now I will have to find another one, but in the meantime, I can’t stop watching this strange event.

Earlier this afternoon, my friend lugged in this very fine tree and I thought he’d finally been convinced to play the fetching game inside. But a whole tree? Seemed a little extreme but I wasn’t about to turn down a cool opportunity for a fun game.

But nope…it turned out the whole thing was some sort of decoration, like the lamp and the table that I can’t jump on anymore (I was told I can’t use it to hop up on the sofa anymore). They stood it up, which took some serious time and effort, probably more than it should have because both of them seemed to be upset that things were not going according to plan. And after that, they brought in the boxes.

Now I thought that was great, boxes full of jingly toys and such. But once again, I was not permitted to play with them. And I say a whole mess of shiny balls in there waiting to be thrown. No one threw anything though. Instead, they started pinning them up on the tree. After that, they started stringing things that would have been the perfect tugging toys for a game.

Just as things seemed to be wrapping up, and I had to go potty pretty bad now, they turned on the lights. Yes, there was much light to behold, perhaps too much. Never in my whole year of being a puppy had I ever seen such a thing. Perhaps though, a memory that seemed to be very distant now. I was in a box and out I hopped to meet my new friend. And the lights…they were like this? No, this is a new thing, it has to be.

Then, as if to distract me from the required business I needed to take care of outside, my friends brought in the boxes, a few of them right now, all shiny and smelling sweet. Still, I was not permitted to have these either, and that was sort of getting annoying. I have no idea what’s going on anymore, and here I am, needing to go potty and everyone else is just playing around this shiny tree. Won’t someone pay attention to me?