Dog Journal – Entry 200: Shave and a Furcut

dog-salon-4096457_640I really like being all furry and fuzzy. I’m warm in the winter and it keeps me cool in the summer. And of course, it makes me look really handsome, at least that’s what my pal tells me. Normally, such a wonderful coat as mine would have no downside to it, but somehow it does. Not only does my fine attire cause this problem, but it ends up being the very thing that ends up getting chopped up.

Yes…it definitely feels like it’s getting the chop when it comes time to get “groomed.” Pupsonally, I think my coat looks good all the time, but my friend  has her own ideas it seems. The result is a terrible idea if you ask me, but no one ever does.

Getting my fur cut is totally annoying. I spend most of the time just running away and finding a good place to hide in hopes that she’ll forget about the whole thing. This has the possibility of consuming at least an hour, and on a good day I can get the whole afternoon. But that’s when I’m on a roll.

The sound of the clippers is super scary and definitely spurs the race in me. The first time I ever saw them, I thought it was a cool toy we were going to play with or something to chew. Well, it was something that did chew. And it ate up a whole lot of my fine fluffy coat. I felt naked.

I tried negotiating my way out of this the first couple of times I ended up in this situation. But nothing I tried seemed to work. I even tried my perfect cuteness at the maximum level and still it didn’t work. If anything, it seemed to get me into more

My friend has been quick to corner me in the bathing room, so even evasion has little success rates. And that’s when the clipping begins. It started with the snipping off of the tangles in my fur and a whole lot of tugging. I can feel the snips, every click that makes some more of my luscious coat fall to the ground. But no amount of whining will compel her to stop until it’s done.

The brushing is probably the best part though. Definitely a relaxing time after such a rough episode. Right away, I can tell that I’m missing a whole lot of me. Tufts here and there on the floor tell me what I’m missing. But at least there’s no more tangles to tug and pinch.

One thing I’ve dreaded, and it’s not always come to pass, is the bath to be had afterwards. Luckily, this particular grooming session did not come with one. So I get to finally relax on my favorite rug and enjoy the fresh warm air flowing through the vent to tickle my fresh new fur-do.