Dog Journal – Entry 201: Fur Me?

dog-4335948_640I knew that something was out of the norm. My friend was trying to sleep in late, which is totally unacceptable. Pulling out all the pounces, I did manage to finally get him up and back on schedule. However, the regular routine was to be put on hold.

Things were a little different today, even the cat knew something was up and was presently awaiting my arrival from her hiding spot in the shiny tree. I was batted on the ear as I passed by on my way to the door.

By the time we got back inside (the snow was far too cold this early in the morn but I had to romp through it all at least once), everyone was already waiting for us in the sofa room. The breakfast was more of a snack thing, a biscuit and some sweet smelling drinks to be sipped and slurped. This seemed a little absurd at first, but I went with the new plan. Perhaps it involved some fun new game.

There was an odd game going on this morning. It was a different one, completely out of the norm. Everyone was gathered around, piled up on the sofa while the young ones were dancing around and making their happy sounds. I gave it a few woops and woofs, not really knowing what I was supposed to be doing, but it was fun.

The boxes that I was never ever supposed to touch (don’t even sniff at them) were now being passed around, everyone gathering something for themselves amidst the giggling and the young ones dancing around. But when I realized I didn’t have anything, I had to ask. I mean, there’s gotta be at least one thing for me.

After getting my friend’s attention, I explained the situation to her and asked about any goodies assigned to me. And as it turns out, there is one. A nice big one. It even had the paper stuffs wrapped all around it with a big bow on top. The bow was not for eating, but I was allowed to rip the paper. It sounded so wonderful, just like back in my puppy days.

And guess what I got! Yes, they hadn’t forgotten to get me a thing. My friend tossed the ripped paper and handed me the bone. I sniff, I taste, and then I take. So while the rest of my friends inspected their new goodies, I enjoyed mine. It was a very happy day indeed.