Dog Journal – Entry 202: It’s OURS

snout-4364127_640Everyone wants my treat. This is the worst part about getting a treat, especially if you have some very sneaky friends. On this particular day, getting a treat turned out to be easy, but keeping it was going to be hard.

Rather than enjoy a few delicious nibbles, I ended up spending most of my time trying to avoid the others. This isn’t as easy as it might seem. After a few rounds through the sofa room and once over the bed, I was able to make it to my pal, and she quickly came to my defense, running the others out of the kitchen so they’d leave me alone.

At this point, the others resorted to more subtle techniques. At first it started out as charming and otherwise just trying to puff me up, but then came the begging and the whining. Eventually they resorted to the trickery, like: Look over there! The one that almost got me to take my eyes off the treat was the one about the knocking on the door. They knew that would d

Unfortunately, my friend does not stay still for long as usual, and she was off into another room to do the things she does. This left me all alone and vulnerable to the incoming thievery. The others slinked into the room and circled around me, trying to woof my attention away from the treat in paw.

Then when the negotiations didn’t work out, the sneaky snaps and daring dashes began. It’s tough when your fellow friends suddenly start trying to snag your goodies, and the hardest part is realizing you’re outnumbered. Now that my protector had gone off to do her own thing, I was left with only one choice…run!

Finding a safe place isn’t as easy as you might think, especially when the others are hot on your tail. I tried a few good hiding places, but they only work if no one knows where you are to begin with. In fact, I almost got cornered when I discovered that the blankets had piled up on the exit side of the bed. It was a close one, but I managed to lose the others in the fluff.

Finally I was able to enjoy my treat in peace. It wasn’t easy finding this spot. But patience payed off. All I had to do was wait for our friend to find a snug spot on the sofa and relax. And it turns out that if you snuggle up real close, you get a neck rub while you enjoy your treat. Safest place around these parts…so long as she doesn’t try to take my treat too…