Dog Journal – Entry 203: Clue Dog

track-432104_640There was something amiss this morning, but I couldn’t quite put my paw on it. I woke up as usual, fetched a drink of water, and we went out to the yard for early morning inspection and business as such. But when we got back inside, I knew something was not supposed to be as it was, and someone had done a thing that should not have been done.

I noticed right away that my ball was missing. Normally it would be rolling around the sofa room floor, but it was nowhere to be found. I searched around, a few sniffs here and there, checked under the sofa and behind the cushions, but I found no trace of it. The only thing I did notice was that the rug had been moved to a new spot…a clue?

The rug offered little more than some tufts of fur that stuck to the fluffiness. But finding nothing was something to think about because I distinctly remember chewing a treat on this rug yesterday. And of course, there should be some leftovers. There was no trace of such thing, which means that someone had cleaned up recently.

Further investigation led to the room of the whomping and thumping boxes that cleaned things, or so it was claimed to do such. The piles of smelly clothes were investigated, but nothing turned up. When I checked the boxes, something peculiar popped out at me though. I noticed that there was a large ball of lint and fur tossed next to the box, fresh and still warm. Nosing around, I picked up the distinct scent of the cat. She’d obviously been here poking around as well.

After searching the bathroom and the sleeping room, including under the bed, and also the window’s ledge where the cat often naps, I found the culprit in the kitchen. My ball was being bounced back and forth between the cat’s paws while she did flips and other odd tricks.

Yes, it was all clear to me now, obviously the cat must have convinced my friend to wash the rug where my ball had been. And of course, the ball was taken as well so instead of rolling off to the side, it went into the wash and through the dryer. Then, when no one was looking, the culprit swapped the lint ball for my ball to make it appear as though nothing was missing. Her plan might have worked, but she made one fatal mistake…lint balls don’t bounce and aren’t often found in the washing room. Ha! I am the most clever dog ever!