Dog Journal – Entry 205: Beyond the Fence

dog-1340327_640There has always been a thing that has bewildered me. There’s a fence that blocks off the view in the backyard. Occasionally squirrels and birds will perch up on the top, chattering at me and playing tricks and such. Sometimes they’ll tell me about the things beyond the fence though, and that has intrigued me for the longest time.

But I’ve never seen what’s beyond the fence. I’ve tried peeking through the cracks, but I can’t really make out anything special. There are some funny smells that float through occasionally, some familiar while others really don’t set any picture in frame for me.

I was in a state of wonder, pondering on what sort of things might be behind this fence. Sometimes I’d imagine a huge grassy field full of birds and other critters just waiting to be chased. Other daydreams have led me to believe there’s probably a huge pile of smelly things just waiting to be looted for goodies and treasure.

Still there’s that one thought that tickles the fur on the back of my neck and that’s the idea that there might be some huge lion of a cat out there waiting to snack me up. I got this idea from the roaring sounds as something big would make it’s way along the fence and trudge off into the distance. I can’t see what it is, but it’s a little stinky and it never stops long enough to get a good glimpse of what it might be. Although one time, I did see the glimmering shine of light reflecting off some big fangs or something I think. I don’t know, but it’s really big and luckily I’m probably just too small to even consider a snack to it.

So one day, this mystery was revealed to me in a very sudden manner, and when I mean it was suddenly, I mean like it was very all of a sudden. In fact, it was so sudden that it surprised me. My friend was doing a thing with the fence and one of the boards fell off. I’d never seen such a chance in my whole time back here as this, and I bolted right for it to see what was beyond.

And there wasn’t really much of anything back there. Just some dirt and big grass and rocks. Pretty much the same stuff as what was in the yard, just not as nice and neat. There wasn’t any big monsters or treasure piles to loot through. Just a quiet spot that didn’t really live up to my expectations.

Needless to say, I stayed in the yard. Not as much to my own choice as it was to my pal’s. She scooped me up and put me elsewhere before returning the missing board to it’s place. But I will admit this, at least when I hear and smell things floating from beyond the fence, I’m not as baffled by them. Nothing near as mysterious about what is beyond those boards now, but if only I could figure out what is my friend hiding behind that one door in the hallway…