Dog Journal – Entry 206: Escape

dogs-2939691_640There are so many times when I could just run free and explore all the things that need exploring. But you see, there is a bit of a problem. I has the leash. I cannot go beyond the reach of my friend. Everywhere I go, she’s there, making sure I’m not going places I shouldn’t be going. And this is what makes those little windows of escape so much more daring.

So the other day, I was trying to figure out what my friend was telling me, but all the words just fell all over the floor. They were jumbled up and there was no putting them back together again. So I was left wondering what I was supposed to be doing.

This didn’t take long to figure out. Apparently, I wasn’t supposed to be trying to sneak through the door again. Everytime it gets opened, even just a sliver, I gotta make a break for it. Don’t really know why, just feel like it’s something I’m supposed to do.

The urge to squeeze through happens with every door though, even the bathroom one. Not that I want to enter into the lair where I’m most likely to get the bath, it’s just a fun thing to do. Cabinets are a special occasion, and my friend is usually pretty.

One time I even managed to get through the front door. There was a knocking and my friend must have been waiting for something because she was quick to rush over and turn the knob before she’d noticed that I was already there waiting…

And no sooner than when I saw the sliver of sunlight and smelled the air of the great outdoors, I wedged my little furry body through and burst out onto the scene. There was so much going on outside that my head spun around and began chasing my tail. It was all a whirl of sights, and the smell of a friend had spurred me into super excite mode.

However, this sudden burst of excitement did hinder my efforts to explore any further than the porch. So I never really did get to do anything else other than chase my tail and get caught only mere moments after starting. But at least the company was nice. I do enjoy it when friends come visit me, especially since they tend to leave the doors ajar…