Dog Journal – Entry 207: Allergies

french-bulldog-4443329_640I don’t know what happened today, I just woke up feeling a little off. It wasn’t like something was missing or as if I’d missed an early snack. It was more like my nose didn’t want to act right. Maybe the sniffer hadn’t woken up yet or something.

But nope, it turned out someone had put a wet sponge on my nose or something. It felt weird, like it was itchy and slobbery somehow, like when you try sniffing a puddle of water and it sneaks up on you with a splash.

There didn’t seem to be anything I could do about the sniffles. I could feel something tickling my nose, but every time I licked, I got nothing. But it sure felt like there was some fuzzy stuck to me, or I’d sniffed up a bug or something weird.

Something tickled me again and I sneezed. This got my friend’s attention, forcing him to get up from his extra long nap. And from there, everything else continued on as normal. We got the breakfast after some washing up and making a short trip outside to inspect the yard to make sure no one had made off with it while we were sleeping.

It wasn’t until I’d nommed up most of my breakfast that my nose suddenly decided to start leaking. It felt like I’d snorted in the bathtub and drank some of those soapy suds. I could feel drops of slobber leaking onto my whiskers, and it wasn’t exactly the most comfy tickle to be enjoyed.

After a few sneezes, things felt like they’d cleared up. I felt a little better, perhaps all that stuff tickling my nose had finally decided to leave me alone. But there was another fit of tickles and they attacked without mercy.

This drew my pal’s attention, leaving him very intrigued as to what all this was about. So when he grabbed my face and looked me right in the eyes, inspecting my nose and tickling my whiskers… and just when he opened his mouth to ask me how I was feeling, I told him. My sneeze was a big one, and way more satisfying than usual. Whatever it was that had been tickling me was finally gone.

I wagged my tail and thanked my friend. He didn’t have much to say though, possibly too busy washing his face and sneezing himself now. Well, he managed to fix my problem, so he should know how to remedy the situation. Now onto more entertaining thin… WAHCHOO!