Dog Journal – Entry 209: Sofa Search

dog-1165146_640Wow, the other day I was looting stuff, you know, checking out spots for any stashed goodies, and I found that there is so much cool stuff in the sofa. I guess that since it’s one of my pal’s best hangout spots, it sort of makes sense. Of course, I actually spend quite a bit of napping time there as well.

And just an important note, a good comfy sofa like this one here is the best one to get. It’s got all the fluff and is super comfy. Plus, the pillows all come off so you can make bouncy piles in the room and sometimes a cool cave to hide in when your pal isn’t home. That’s just a pupsonal opinion of mine, I just really like this one because it tends to be a good spot to find things that are lost.

I checked under the sofa, and that’s usually where all the goodies are hiding. But when I tried squeezing under, my paws got stuck. I could see something deep underneath, but couldn’t quite reach it. Even when I wiggled and pushed and wedged my nose, the sofa just wouldn’t budge. So I moved on to a more promising search spot.

Behind the sofa, between the wall, there I found a few things, like one of my old leashes and a whole mess of dust bunnies. I sneezed and sneezed until they all got scared away. Other than that, there really wasn’t much to discover. Not really a whole lot of moving room back there, and last time I got stuck, so it’s best just to leave it alone and call it good.

So when nothing was turning up around the sofa, I knew I had to dig in deep to get the goods. And if you know anything about sofas, the best stuff isn’t usually on top…unless I’m sitting on top. So I tossed the cushions off and had to dig into the secret spots to look for anything that might have been stashed there and forgotten. But the top pillows weren’t revealing anything, even after some ruff interrogations, and I ended up having to push the big pillows off and really get down to the bottom of things.

That’s where I found my missing ball. I had been looking for it all day yesterday and today. My friend and I had been playing the catching game, and suddenly it disappeared. Just vanished. I must have spent a whole afternoon looking for it, often encouraged by my friend who just sat on the sofa instead of helping me, and it was here the whole time.

I can’t believe it was here the whole time. You would think my friend would have realized that, I mean, a bouncy ball is pretty hard to miss in a big fluffy sofa. But how did it get wedged way down in the sofa? I thought I saw her throw it down the hallway. Hmmm. You don’t think? Maybe a little suspect? Nahhh. My friend would never trick me like that…would she?