Dog Journal – Entry 210: Dealing With Cats

dog-2606759_640I have found that I can sometimes get what I want, despite what other popular opinions have tried to convince me. You see, there is more to being a dog than just good looks a fine fur coat and the power of the puppy stare. Yes, there is a clever dog hiding underneath all those exterior characteristics, one that has indeed gotten to the uppermost shelves and discovered their hidden treasures.

Oh by the way, this really only works if you have a friend. So if you’ve got some friends, you gotta show yourself friendly, and that’s something I’m good at. However, there is some trick to this, because not everyone gets along so well with the cat. Sure they can be fun to chase around and

So my friend’s cat has been a real help around here. But, that help does not come without a price. You gotta be able to do some fast barking and smooth woofing in order to get such a sneaky rascal to help you out.

Negotiating takes some patience, so you’re gonna have to work on that if you’re the kind of pup that eats the whole bowl in three bites. I’ve found that cats do not take anything seriously at the first, at least this cat doesn’t. Everything is a joke or they just start poking fun at you or probably searching for a clever prank to play on you. So you gotta get through that first before you begin negotiating.

And remember, you’re gonna have to get something so you can make a trade.This has been the best way of convincing my friend’s cat that she practically has no other choice but to do me this solid favor. So I end up digging up the best fuzz or string I can find, due to the fact that cats cannot resist things of this nature.

I’ve been successful in getting a few odd things by doing this, like the paper towels and a bowl of spaghetti which was delicious. Just know that the cat does have a sneaky way and will frame you up for other things lost or tossed, so just because you’re good at negotiating with the cat, doesn’t mean you can negotiate your way out of getting busted when your friend gets home.