Dog Journal – Entry 211: Number One

english-bulldog-562723_640If there’s one thing that I do not like doing, it’s losing. I’m the winner, I like winning. But alas, I cannot always do the winning. So I’ve learned to get better at everything I do, and just to make sure I give it everything I got. When I do that, I know I’ve done my best, but even then I realize there’s always room to be better.

Winning the race is one of my favorite things to do, especially when I’ve got some mighty fast competition. Other pups are usually just as competitive as I am, which makes for some of the most grand races dogs have ever raced. We go in and out of the bushes, over the sofa, through the puddles, and even jump over the cow…the stuffed one in the hallway.  But there can only be one, and I like being that one.

Winning the treats is the tastiest of wins, and it isn’t as easy as one might think. Sure some pups might get the treats just handed over to them, but I gotta earn the ones I get. And those ones are the best. I usually have to pass a test before I can have the treat, but that’s alright because I’m an excellent test taker.

I gotta dance and roll over first, both at the same time because that’s what my friend likes the best.  Then I sit down right proper and tell my friend that I’ve been the good girl all the day long. I am very qualified, very good at this and it always gets me the best treats along with a good ear rub to congratulate.

Winning at staying up all night long has been my biggest challenge.  But I know you can’t always win but in this case my friend makes it so hard on me. Whenever I try staying up to ensure that everything is safe while my friend sleeps, I get told to go to bed. And then I’m very confused because the whole reason I was staying up is so my friend can sleep safely…and then she’s making me go to sleeps too.  It’s even harder when I have to do the sleep when I’m all wound up and ready to go dancing to and fro. But at the end, the comfy bed has been hard to beat, so nice and fluffy it has defeated me many times in my will to stay up and play as long as possible. It’s just one of those battles where the odds are stacked against me every time.

And of course, my favorite is always winning my friend’s smile. This is perhaps the best trophy I have in my collection, and no other puppers out there is gonna beat me at this one. I am the number one pupperino in house and home and no one beats me at this game.