Dog Journal – Entry 213: The Biggest Fan

dog-4534463_640I checked on my pal again, double checking that he was still where he was supposed to be. I’m a good puppers and keeping an eye on my friend is a really big deal to me.  You see, my friend tends to wander off from time to time, perhaps trying to find fun things to do or interesting things to tinker with.

I really get concerned that he might try to eat without my supervision. And he knows he’s not supposed to do such things without me. So I do try keeping an eye on him when he goes into the kitchen, just in case he’s preparing something delicious.

However, my unwavering attention does not stop at the tile’s edge. You see, I feel like I gotta follow him everywhere, and I mean everywhere. This can be easy and this can be hard. More often it’s just difficult or moderately stressful.

My biggest concern is that I always gotta keep up with him so he doesn’t get into trouble. This isn’t easy since he likes to leave the house without me all the time. Despite all the reasoning I could conjure up, he has continued to leave without me. No amount of negotiating seems to get me anywhere though, so I’ve almost given up on that. Almost.

But at least around the house, things are difficult but not impossible. Most of the time I just have to follow him around everywhere. Sometimes I just need to be close enough to peek in on him or listen out. But if I hear a door close, that’s when I know he’s up to something.  Most often, he tries to go into the bathroom without me, and I’ve sat at that door, scratching and crying just to make sure he knows that if he doesn’t open up, I’m going to be as annoying as possible.

If he gives me the treat and tries to leave, I won’t eat it until he’s watching me. I just want him to see how much I enjoy the gifts he gives me. If he’s just in another room, I take the treat to wherever he can see me and I enjoy it. And if he leaves the house, I leave my treat and just wait. I can be patient.

I am the very good puppers, and I’m only worried about my friend’s safety. That’s why I do the things I do. I can tell it upsets my friend sometimes, but it’s for his own good. Am I taking it too far though? Any other pups out there feel this dedicated or is it just me?