Dog Journal – Entry 214: Sneakster

pug-690566_1920My friend doesn’t really like my super special ability of being sneaky. Sometimes I like to hide in places where my friend won’t find me. And it’s not so I can stay sneaky…it’s so I can hop out and surprise. Yes, I like to do the surprise thing because it’s great.

I love to hide and peek, perhaps one of my favorite games to play. And the best thing is that I do not have to convince others to play with me. I just start playing and everyone else has no other choice but to partake in the fun.

One of the best places to be the sneaky is under the bed covers. An excellent place to hide, but only when my friend hasn’t made the bed all smooth. Luckily, she is very messy and always in a hurry when it’s breakfast time so it’s a spot I can usually count on when I need it.

But when I’m on the go and just looking for a place to pop out from, I just slip behind things like the sofa. From there I can peek over and check to see what everyone is doing. Are they trying to sneak up on me?

And you know what? I love to peek over walls. I really don’t know what it is about just sitting calmly and peeking out over a wall or a pillow or the sofa or anything really. It’s sort of calming, and I feel a little protected I guess, you know, just in case somebody decides to chase me or something.

It’s really fun to find cool spots to hide, and I’m always trying to make room for new spots I can discover. I’ve been trying to get into the cupboard in the kitchen, but so far it’s proven difficult and my friend keeps catching me before I can figure it all out.

In fact, that brings up a little annoyance

I do not ever… ever like being sneaked up on!

My friend will sneak up on me and tickle my neck when she catches me doing the things. Sometimes I’m just sleeping, but whenever I’m trying to do a thing, it’s sends a fright down my tail and I do not like it at all.

But I like to be the sneaky. That’s okay. Just no one else can do it. Hey, I didn’t make the rules. Okay, I did make that rule. But no one else is following it!