Nixi Adventure – A Little Further

door-1089638_640Brandon left the apartment with Shuffles under his arm, holding the wiggling rascal tight. It was time for a visit to the doc, and the young pup had already learned well what was soon in store for them. Despite all the wrestling, Brandon did manage to make it out the door with everything he needed, including the pup. But he forgot something…

The door was open just a crack, allowing the smells and sounds from beyond to wander into the apartment. Most of these things, Nixi was well aware of, like the lady across the way whose silly cat liked to bat her paws under the door whenever you walked by. Or even the time Nixi took a sniff to see what there was to smell and that little paw whapped her whiskers silly.

Nixi studied the door, waiting to see if Brandon would return to secure it, but it remained open. The door just floated there, cracked open and calling her to investigate further. She had to. It had given her no choice.

Her collar jingled as she trotted over to the door and carefully peeked out to see what was beyond. She sniffed deep, snorting out some funky smell that tickled her nose. But all was clear out there. There was no one to tell if she just perhaps opened the door a little more for a better look.

The door creaked open as a set of whiskers and then eyes and ears popped out to view the hallway. It was so big out there, but nothing much to see except for the doors. So if you wanted to really check anything out, you probably had to get really close to the door and give it a sniff. Just a sniff. Not for too long though so no one gets in trouble.

Paws pattered out into the tile hallway as the pup made here way toward the door across from her own. Just a quick sniff and then her curiosity would be satisfied. Nixi wedged her nose under the door and took a deep breathe. Yuppers, there was a cat in there for sure. And that’s when the paw reached out and smacked her as a friendly reminder.

Nixi backed away and watched as the little paw waved back and forth in sort of a friendly manner. It was more likely that the cat was just looking to play a game with someone, but Nixi didn’t have time for that. She needed to get back inside before she got caught.

But there were the other doors in the hallway. It wouldn’t hurt just to take a quick sniff, would it? Surely not. Nixi bounded to the next door and checked it out. Muffins were baking somewhere beyond the door. Delicious. Another door had the scent of fresh laundry waiting for some pup to hop in and scatter all around the room. Good old puppy days. But these doors were closed and Nixi doubted that a stranger would let her in just to eat muffins and drag fresh socks around the room for fun.

Then the elevator down the hall made a sound. Someone was coming. Nixi raced back to her apartment, looking back to see if she was going to be caught. Instead she caught the edge of the door and went tumbling. Oh no! She was going to be caught for sure.

A shadow appeared down the hallway, making it’s way towards the apartment, but Nixi didn’t have time to see who it was. She squeezed back through the crack in the door and rushed to find a spot to look as inconspicuous as possible.

Nixi was panting from her somewhat relaxed position on the sofa when Brandon entered the apartment. “I didn’t do anything!” Nixi cried trying to appear as innocent as possible.

It wasn’t really working. Brandon had seen where she’d been. He gave her the look to let her know and simply pointed at the sofa. She knew what he meant: Stay right there until I get back.

The the door closed and locked. Mischief was over for the day. At least that’s what he thought…


Jason Duron is a short story writer and author of several fiction stories. Curious and lovable as dogs can be, the Adventures of Rocky, Nixi and Dante give you a chance to see daily life from a “dog’s eye view” and share in their thoughts.  Please enjoy, and we hope that you’ll feel free to comment and give us insight into your dog’s very own adventures.