Nixi Adventure – Dragon’s Treasures

bearded-dragon-1489575_640The park was full of people, mainly young children. Shouts of excitement rose up into the air as people ran to and fro, some swinging and shouting while others played games of chase. With the weather as nice as it was and the cool breeze flowing through the green leaves of the trees, it was an almost irresistible place to be.

Which is why Brandon had taken his friends out for a walk. Along for the fun were Jewel and her pal, giving the group a crowd of their own. Which was really nice since there weren’t really any other pups hanging around the park.

But there were plenty of youngsters to play with, if only their friends would let them. But they were led on the pathway, perhaps walking with a set goal in mind. That’s the thing about peoples is that they always seem to want to get somewhere rather than just wandering around.

Nixi felt a little different. So many sights and smells to investigate, treasures to find, and new critters to meet, all of which were waiting somewhere in the park for the group to find. Needless to say, the anxiety of the pups was growing.

But luckily, they made it to their apparent destination where their pals plopped down on a nearby park bench and let the pups loose to investigate the offset of the grove where the fountain sprinkled water down some old mossy rocks into a small pond. It was nice and quiet here, and the dogs were left to play amongst themselves.

And first things first, investigations began. This tree, that bush, over here near the pond, an old bag from the nearby fastfood place, all of which were sniffed and inspected before the area was deemed a play-ready zone.

It didn’t make it that far though. You see, the group wasn’t alone. There was another there, watching. And where there was one, there were probably more. Things got very quiet as the pups surrounded the creature, amazed at it’s very presence.

The creature was strange, all thorny and covered in spikes, with little iddy bitty eyes that blinked every now and then. It munched on the bug it had just snatched off a nearby leaf as it watched the trio of dogs carefully, as if perhaps wondering if it could eat them next.

Nixi stared in wonder, trying to get a sniff to see what it was all about. Jewel just made faces and pondered on the potential squeakiness of the newfound creature. Shuffles was on par with the creature itself, wondering what it tasted like.

The munching stopped and then things took a strange turn. Apparently the creature was tired of just hanging around snacking on small snacks. It turned it’s eyes on the pups and began to chase them down.

None of the pups knew what to do. They’d barely had a chance to figure out what sort of creature it was to begin with, and now whatever it was had decided investigate the investigators.

Nixi ran. Jewel ran. Shuffles skipped along, bobbing and weaving, making his tracks hard to chase. But the creature stayed on their tails, hissing and waddling along with eerie speed. It followed them all the way back to the park bench where their pals were now in wide-eyed surprise and at a loss for words. So they all ran. As a team.

The creature stopped at the edge of the hedges that led out to the park, flicking out his strange tongue, pleased with herself that she’d scared off the intruders before they’d had a chance to discover her treasure.


Jason Duron is a short story writer and author of several fiction stories. Curious and lovable as dogs can be, the Adventures of Rocky, Nixi and Dante give you a chance to see daily life from a “dog’s eye view” and share in their thoughts.  Please enjoy, and we hope that you’ll feel free to comment and give us insight into your dog’s very own adventures.