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Nixi Adventure

Nixi Adventure

Nixi paced back and forth, peering into the kitchen with hunger in her eyes. Jewel paced the opposite direction, doing the exact same thing. The smell of food stuffs had become overwhelming in the kitchen, and despite the cooler weather, the windows had been cracked to alleviate some of it.

Brandon and Natalie were busy shuffling about, preparing food and cluttering up the kitchen with bowls and trays of what could only be described by their furry friends as “tasty smells.” There was something of a time limit on their production, but they were well within range, so laughter filled any and all spare moments they had.

The dogs were not so patient about things. The smells were making their bellies grumble with hunger and mouths drip the occasional drop of drool. Without any other distractions, all they could do was wait for the food to be ready. And very few distractions were capable of dragging them away from the sweet smells of the kitchen.

The bell rang. This confused the pups since the bell usually only rings when one of them is arriving. New guests? Perhaps, but what would they be doing here today? Nixi looked at Jewel, just to make sure everyone was already present. All accounted for at the moment…so…

Brandon brushed past the pacing pups and went directly to the front door. Nixi and Jewel followed, enticed by curiosity. And when the door opened, more peoples arrived. Older peoples, though they smelled familiar in a way.

Then Nixi saw the other dog. A tiny toy pooch that she’d almost confused for a stuffed squeaky plaything. It even squeaked, but it wasn’t a toy. Lots of little squeaks too. It was the small pup’s strongest attempts to bark, though they were far from anything in the least bit intimidating.

“Uhm, Hello?” Nixi woofed, giving the newcomers a wondering look.

The people smiled at her and waved their paws. They did not offer any massages or belly rubs though, at which point, the pups returned to their watchful spot where they could keep an eye and nose on any changes in the home’s eating policies.

The people chattered together, waving their paws about and giving hugs. But this event was restricted solely to the peoples and left the pups on their own.

Ignored. That’s how the pups felt. But even more so, they wanted the people to stop playing around and get ready to eat. This they encouraged by poking and pawing their two-legged friends. A few woofs and disapproving grunts later, and the people started moving again.

“Hurry!” Jewel encouraged Brandon and Natalie.

“Raff!” the toy puppy yipped. The high pitch squeak was misunderstood, but youngsters haven’t necessarily developed their speech skills yet.

Nixi and Jewel stared in wonder, trying to interpret as best they could. But it seemed more like puppy gibberish, so the two went back to ensuring everyone was getting ready. Since Brandon and Natalie were busy in the kitchen, the two decided to check on their newest guests.

The three guests had settled into the comfy sofa, the woman still holding on tight to her little friend. This was a sign that she meant to keep her baby safe and warm, since she too was unsure about the other fuzzy pups that wandered the area.

“Hiya,” Nixi woofed as she sniffed the man’s pant leg. “Who are you?”

Jewel copied her friend, going a little further by putting her paw on the man’s leg to make sure he was paying attention.

The man offered a scratch of the ears and a face massage. Jewel’s whiskers tingled with the sensation of the older man’s tough hands. Any dog could instantly tell that this was a friend that knew how to give a good pup a neck rub.

Of course, Nixi was instantly envious and wanted one too, moseying her way into Jewel’s space to occupy some of the handout massages that were currently available.

Nixi had been concerned about the people at first, after all, new guests can only be expected to be unexpected. But these people had turned out to be good company. At least the man was. The lady wasn’t as keen on offering a helping paw in any way.

“Come ‘on,” Jewel invited the lady and her pup. “We should play a game.”

The lady was nervous at first, but gradually leaned forward for her pup to say “hello” to the others. Jewel sniffed, Nixi sniffed. It was a short greeting, but one of approval. After all, more guests would obviously mean more food. At least that’s how it usually goes…


Jason Duron is a short story writer and author of several fiction stories. Curious and lovable as dogs can be, the Adventures of Rocky, Nixi and Dante give you a chance to see daily life from a “dog’s eye view” and share in their thoughts.  Please enjoy, and we hope that you’ll feel free to comment and give us insight into your dog’s very own adventures.

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