new-years-eve-1953253_640It was the last night of the year

and as many were celebrating with a cheer

There were furry critters making their good friend smile

playing and rustling amongst the fresh laundry pile


It’s not that it hadn’t been properly put away

The pups just wanted to show and tell the mess they’d made

dragging out some socks and scattering them in disorganized style

just to keep the guests entertained for a while


It had been a while since there were visitors here to play,

but the pups had everything planned for the day

First was the tag, then the chase, and find out what was on the food tray


Oh yes, the food was delicious anyone could tell

The pup’s mouths watered at the very smell

All the deliciousness up high on the counter top

The pups wishing the tray would go “plop”

right on the floor where their hungry bellies could snatch

A multitude of snacks… but there was a catch.


Who could have known the guests were so clever

one moved left and the other right

And it was as if the pups could never

quite get to what they wanted, but that was fun

we were going to see how fast the guests could run


Blocked from the snack trays was the name of the game

The pups were not to let the opposing team put them to shame

A valiant effort on the part of Shuffles and Nixi

had the group dancing around one another in a frenzy


Back and forth and one after the other

the pups worked the guests further and further

away from the snacks with uncanny precision

it was magnificent teamwork, an cooperative decision.


It was as though the pups were always thinking ahead

like a carpenter making stairs

often bobbing and weaving between the chairs

throwing off the pursuit but jumping right back in

just to keep the guests guessing what the next move would have been.


It was almost midnight in the bright sofa room

The pups had not given up their efforts

And that’s when they heard the first kaboom.


Through the window somewhere in the distant night sky,

There were fireworks going off

Gathering the attention of all, even the fly

who had managed to get past the gauntlet of guest

who’d been preoccupied and forgotten about the buzzing pest


Nevertheless, it was well in the cozy apartment out of the cold weather

The people and the pups gathered together

no one even minding the wet nose on the window pane leaving a smear

and all eyes toward the sky as they welcomed in the new year.



Jason Duron is a short story writer and author of several fiction stories. Curious and lovable as dogs can be, the Adventures of Rocky, Nixi and Dante give you a chance to see daily life from a “dog’s eye view” and share in their thoughts.  Please enjoy, and we hope that you’ll feel free to comment and give us insight into your dog’s very own adventures.