Nixi Adventure – The Day After

Nixi Adventure

Nixi Adventure

Nixi yawned, making her squeaky noise to finalize the satisfaction she felt after a good stretch. The night’s evening had tired her out with excitement, new smells, new people, and plenty of stuff to do. She’d even fallen asleep before half of her list was complete. And now the morning had come, the light shined in through the cracks in the blinds, and her home lacked the extravagant amount of company of the previous night.

Of course, Brandon was still tuckered out, sleeping soundly (well if you edit out the snoring), and enjoying strange dreams that only he could tell you about. Even after a wet-nose and a whisker tickle, he could not be stirred from the deep slumber. He was tuckered out too.

But Nixi had passed out way before her companion had, so she had the edge on the early bird morning hours. Unfortunately, this also left her alone it seemed. Breakfast wasn’t served, no one was sashaying around the kitchen, the radio filled the air with silence, and other than her feathery friends cooing through the office window, all was quiet.

Except for the pooch snoozing next to her friend in the comfy pillows of the couch. Apparently, Jewel and her pal had decided to sleep over last night, probably just as tuckered out as the Nixi was and had neglected to mosey on home to their own familiar bed. But the sofa was guaranteed to be just as comfy as any bed. Nixi had spent many a cozy nap in those pillows and had enjoyed every one of them.

Nixi investigated. Bits of pup-corn were tucked away here and there, which were consumed as the pup nudged her snout between the sofa cushions and her friends. They had a few treasures to offer, most of which were slightly stale, but that didn’t matter. Her food-bowl was empty of breakfast, so she’d have to make due.

All the nuzzling and munching also happened to awaken the other pooch. Jewel’s eyes batted open and her collar jingled as she shook the sleep from her mind. Almost immediately, she began helping her friend search the area for any other munchables, finding only a few that seemed to be large enough to actually require any chewing.

With the sofa cleared, the pups made their way on through the room, checking a few bits of paper towel and costume parts that hadn’t held onto their owners the night before. In all reality, the room was a slight mess, small bits of debris laying around as if they’d neglected to make their way to the trash can.

This strange difference was thoroughly evaluated by the pups. Every misplaced item was checked for food stuffs and discarded when nothing of value turned up. Most of it was just trash, bits of confetti, and a random shiny glove made up the items out of place. But one in particular had Nixi and Jewel slightly confused.

A mask sat up on the coffee table, staring right at the pooches. Now, they didn’t quite understand what a mask was, so this was actually the head of some manner of creature. Dark eye sockets shrouded by a bright flesh and a toothy grin stared the pups down.

This stare-down wasn’t a few moments, but minutes on end. The mask froze, the pups froze, and both sides stared without blinking. No blinking and no moving. Everything was frozen but the clock on the wall, which would have been a strange scene for a time traveler had one entered unexpectedly.

Things were very still and quiet for these moments until Jewel changed things up a little. She moved forward, intrigue filling her nose as she sniffed to examine the strange newcomer to the room. There were all manner of smells and scents, a few of which could be placed to some of the people she’d met last night.

The nose neared, the mask refused to move. Closer and closer, all the while Jewel’s eyes growing wider with anticipation while Nixi’s tail began to curl tighter. And then the nose touched, and the mask fell over, opening the jaw to release an electronic recording of maniacal laughter.

The dogs froze for only a heartbeat before unleashing a flurry of “yips” and “yelps” and “back offs.” This stirred their companions from slumber, throwing both onto the floor in sudden and unexpected panicked wonder of trying to figure out what was happening.

The mask stopped making noises, and with the arrival of their friends, the pups calmed down, greeting everyone with morning nuzzling and hugs.

“Good,” Nixi woofed. “Everyone’s awake finally. Now we can play some more.”


Jason Duron is a short story writer and author of several fiction stories. Curious and lovable as dogs can be, the Adventures of Rocky, Nixi and Dante give you a chance to see daily life from a “dog’s eye view” and share in their thoughts.  Please enjoy, and we hope that you’ll feel free to comment and give us insight into your dog’s very own adventures.

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