Nixi Adventure – Very Merry Odd Birthday

watermelon-630276_640Nixi was super excite about all the pals hanging around waiting for the moment. It was going to be such an awesome moment, one bound to be filled with a dog pile shortly after the moment had come. Yes, any moment now, all the pups were waiting for it.

But Brandon was holding back, watching the pups dance eagerly around in pure impatience. He wasn’t about to let the moment pass so suddenly without savouring. Well, he at least wanted a picture of it. Which was what he was waiting for actually.

A neighbor struggled to work the phone, staring at it intently and demanding that it do what she wanted it to do. Sometimes taking a simple picture turns out to be a little harder when you aren’t accustomed to the tools. After a few instructions and a click, the picture was taken to capture the moment before the moment.

Oh yes, the moment is coming soon to a group of pups near you. Brandon held the watermelon up high, ready to let the pups attack it. And once they got a taste, it was only a matter of moments before the moment was come and past.

On the count of three (the pups interpreted it as a watermelon tree), Brandon dropped the big juicy fruit down onto the ground, and with solid “plop” the watermelon burst open to reveal all the juicy substance within.

It wasn’t any normal treat today. Today was the fun day for the pups, a fancy event for a birthday celebration. It was Shuffles day, but he didn’t know it. None of the other pups knew it either, mostly because they were far to focused on fetching a few bites out of the watermelon.

And the mess was great. A great big mess all over the place, melon currently being spread everywhere while pups licked their faces lathered in sticky juices. It was really messy, but fun for the pups and their friends that watched the scene.

Of course, the peoples stood back, enjoying their own fruits in a far less messy manner. It was fun just to watch their fuzzy friends get sticky and all riled up so they’d hopefully feel dog tired by the time they got home. It’d be much easier to give them a bath in that case.

The mess continued, Nixi racing around with a big chunk of melon while Shuffles chased after. A few chunks fell off which were scooped up by the following fuzzball. Soon after, the others joined in the racing around, savouring the remaining portions and wrestling for chunks to chew.

Brandon negotiated some of the remains away from the scene, though an occasional paw was quick to grab, mostly just for sport. I guess it’s most desirable when someone else wants it too. After a few go-arounds, the remains of the watermelon were gathered up and removed from the playing field. However, the pups still had enough sticky on them to make a trip in the car a not so very fun experience.

And then there was the swimming pool. A small pool, big enough to wade around in but not deep enough to lose your ears. Brandon washed his hands off in the cool water, and began encouraging the others to check it out. The pups, not the people. Though some of the youngsters liked that idea.

Shuffles was one of the few that resisted the temptation. It was just to close to being a bath for him, and he was wiser in this. But he wasn’t faster. The fluffy pupper ran away, racing amongst the others with clumps of grass and dirt clinging to his stickiness. Since he wasn’t exactly qualified to be a slippery pup today, catching him was as easy as pie.

So after Brandon followed for a lap, the pup was caught and clinging to Brandon’s shirt. In fact, there was even a sticky peeling sound when the two were separated and Shuffles was given the celebratory bath that he deserved, but really didn’t want. With a splash and a scrub, Brandon told his furry friend, “Happy birthday, Shuffles.”


Jason Duron is a short story writer and author of several fiction stories. Curious and lovable as dogs can be, the Adventures of Rocky, Nixi, and Dante give you a chance to see daily life from a “dog’s eye view” and share in their thoughts.  Please enjoy, and we hope that you’ll feel free to comment and give us insight into your dog’s very own adventures.