Rocky Adventure – Festivities

barbecue-1340236_640Outside was crowded. That’s not normal. It takes a lot of people and pups to make outside crowded. So it was a peculiar day. And the whole pack was here. Which is really neat, but it gets way better.

You see, there’s food. Lots of it. Enough to fill the bellies of all present. And hopefully, that includes me. There’s food high up above and its a paws off sort of thing. None of us are allowed anywhere near it. Izzy tried to get close, and was herded away with the quickness. Buck was just to obvious, so even taking a look at it got him in trouble. I was their last hope.

The sweet savor of food stuffs fills the air, but getting close was going to be next to impossible. It constantly felt like someone was watching me. The old man was watching. Christie was watching. Debbie was watching. It felt like I was the center of attention.

I sat patiently amongst the other dogs, watching our friends and some of their visitors do whatever they were doing with the food stuffs. The sweat savor all that food was getting better by the sniff.

Buck slobbered on himself again. It was made worse by a huge sneeze. And now a few others had slobber on them too. Not me though. I hid. I had seen it coming and ducked for cover. Others were not so lucky. And paper towels don’t quite do the job.

This was the distraction I was looking for, so I made my move. While others were worried about cleaning the slobber, I was wiggling under the table, making sure that the cloth covering was undisturbed.

I was in and no one was the wiser. I don’t even think Izzy and Buck knew what had happened. And when all was quiet again, well at least it was back to the normal buzz and shuffle, I started to make my next move. Upward.

I used the overhanging cloth as cover as I slipped up on one of the seats. It was careful and quiet, precise movements that wouldn’t arouse any suspicion. As long as they didn’t take a tail count and figure out that I was missing, no one should be the wiser.

Finally, I could smell the food that lay before me. It was muffled through the cloth though. You see, I didn’t want anyone else to see what I was doing, so I made sure the cloth covered me at every moment. Unfortunately, this was going to make it a little difficult actually getting the food stuffs.

But I made my way further up anyway, navigating beneath the cover of the cloth as secretly as possible. It was just like wiggling through the comforter on the bed.

Suddenly I bumped into something solid. But it wasn’t solid enough. Whatever it was fell over and made a ruckus. I froze under the cover, confident that it would keep my location a secret. That’s when I got busted.

“But how’d you see me?” I woofed to Debbie. “I was totally hidden…there’s no way you could’ve seen me. You’re cheating.”

Then I looked back at the table cover that was all ruffled up and tossed about. I had been so worried about being sneaky that I’d slipped right past all the food plates and had knocked over all the juice, giving myself away. Foiled!


Jason Duron is a short story writer and author of several fiction stories. Curious and lovable as dogs can be, the Adventures of Rocky, Nixi and Dante give you a chance to see daily life from a “dog’s eye view” and share in their thoughts.  Please enjoy, and we hope that you’ll feel free to comment and give us insight into your dog’s very own adventures.