Rocky Adventure – Gathering Together

Rocky Adventure

Rocky Adventure

Homes floated past us as we moved on down the road. It’s always fun to be in this thing, though it sometimes makes my ears feel funny if we go too fast. We weren’t today though. We were just moseying along, food stuffs hanging out next to me to keep me company. 

I could tell it was one of those eating and feasting times again. I love these times, with the smell of sweet-sweet yum-yums all about the home and potentially making their way into my belly in large quantities.

The bag rustled again, my nose was guilty this time, and the old man told me to stop. I played innocent of course and pretended like nothing had happened. I’d just have to be patient. It was only a matter of time before we would eat this good stuff. Oh yeah.

We slowed and stopped, and my buddy began scooping things up, including me. There were more bags of goodies here, but he only brought one along with me. I offered to carry a few (in my belly of course), but that consideration was turned down.

Debbie’s house has the most awesome stuff and always smells like sweet foods. Izzy is lucky that way and he knows it. He was the first to greet us at the door, snorting and sniffing from beyond as he called out for someone to let us inside.

The door swung open after what seemed like an extraordinarily long wait, and we were allowed to enter after excessive greetings from Izzy and Debbie. The sweet smell of cooking food stuffs filled the air at once and I requested some treats.

It was not time for that yet, apparently. Instead, I was tackled by Buck, who had managed to remain unnaturally quiet while sneaking up on me. It was more like a body-slam than a tackle though. This was quickly followed up by an abundance of slobbery licks as that huge bologna tongue of his lashed across my face and soaked my ears and whiskers.

“Stop it!” I woofed, trying to wipe all the wetness away.

“I’m gonna do it again!” Buck barked and went for another tackle.

He missed. I raced away, navigating the couches and using the cushions to climb up to the highest point. “King!” I declared. “No one touches the king!”

Izzy pushed me off. I rolled down the soft cushions and landed beneath him. Now he was the king. Buck tried to mount the couch, but was having trouble dragging the latter half of himself up, though he was grunting “king” the whole time. It was funny.

“Okay, you can be king, but I get the food!” I yipped.

“Oh no you don’t,” Izzy cried as he bounded down and raced to catch up. Behind us somewhere, I heard Buck cry “king,” though I didn’t look back to see if he had actually climbed to the top. Instead, I made a quick line straight for the kitchen.

“Food?” I asked.

The group in the kitchen just stared at me. All of them. I knew some of our peoples, but there were some new faces too. “Uhm, hello?” I woofed, curious as to what everyone was doing. Shortly after that, Izzy toppled over me and rushed past, greeting everyone and demanding ear-rubs.

I went ahead and entered the room, filling it even further. I greeted Christie, Debbie, and of course my faithful companion, but the two others were not familiar. I sniffed their pants and paws. New. They were completely new.

Then someone touched me, sending me scurrying back to see who. The lady, her fur short but a big smile on her face offered a massage. I thought about it, but was mildly untrusting. Then another pair of paws had me, but I felt the familiar technique of ear rub. Christie calmed me down a little, perhaps long enough to talk me into letting the new lady get a paw in too. Soon enough, I was completely cool with these newcomers if they were offering some soothing comfort.

After a while, but what seemed like only mere moments, the petting stopped and our peoples went back to woofing and chittering in their strange barks. I wish I understood more of it, but I did gather from the few woofs that I know, we were eating good today. Lots of food planned, and that is definitely a plan that makes me happy.


Jason Duron is a short story writer and author of several fiction stories. Curious and lovable as dogs can be, the Adventures of Rocky, Nixi and Dante give you a chance to see daily life from a “dog’s eye view” and share in their thoughts.  Please enjoy, and we hope that you’ll feel free to comment and give us insight into your dog’s very own adventures.

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