Rocky Adventure – Misunderstood

jack-russel-3985228_640The old man led me down the walkway, not really allowing me to sniff on anything. This place was all new to me, but the old man seemed to know his way around fairly well. And that’s all good and well, but I have no idea whose home this is or what that odd smell is coming from beyond this fence even though I really really want to know.

And guess what! There were peoples here too. They let us in kindly, the older gentleman patting me on the head and telling me that I was indeed a good boy while the lady led the way into the home. However,  there weren’t any other dogs here, so it was sort of boring actually. Not even a cat to chat with. Just a lot of peoples and their small snackies they nibbled occasionally while discussing people things.

Then I  met the young ones. This was a strange but nice difference. They’re way more down to earth than their older counterparts, and they like to drop food a lot too (if you’ve ever met one  they are favored for their messy eating habits).

So rather than just sit around and wait for the old man to finish playing with his friends, I decided to play with the children. Oh yes, they like to throw the ball and other things like running and jumping and rolling around. All the fun stuff that people should know how to do.

I followed the young ones around the house, mostly they just chased one another and occasionally tugged my ear. Always the left ear. Then after a pat on the head, they’d take off running again.

There wasn’t anything around for them to throw, just the chase was all. But it was enough to keep me entertained. We ran from room to room, not in any particular order, and most o the doors were closed so the pattern was limited to the sofa room, another room with a big table, a bathroom where it was too dark to see, and the kitchen.

There were leftovers in the kitchen, I could smell the delicious foods. But most of all, I could smell the heat of a freshly baked pie. It was in there somewhere, so my eyes scanned while my nose sniffed for clues.

The oven was open still, revealing the pie sitting on a tray so it cool off before it gets eaten up. I tried eating hot pie one time, but it hurts the tongue to even lick it. We’d just have to be patient and wait for the others to come fetch it and drop a few pieces, which was a guarantee amongst the many visitors, particularly these young ones.

But f it was too hot to eat, it was surely to hot to hold. Since I’d stopped following, my playmates had suddenly gained interest in such things. One of the young ones began waddling straight for the pie, that pure look of innocent curiosity on her face. Indeed the smell was super hard to resist, which is why an old dog like me knows a few things.

“Stop that!” I barked. “Stop that, I say!”

But these small ones barely spoke peoples, and sure didn’t have any clue what I was telling them. I’m just gonna have to pull her away from the kitchen. So I raced up to the waddler and buffeted myself against her legs, putting a block in the path further into the room. After a few stumbling steps, she managed to push me aside and continue onward.

Nope. Not while I’m around. So I did what I did to stop everything. I laid down in the path, tripping the waddling steps of the youngster, and she fell. Right on top of me. That’s why I pack on the extra fluff, for special situations like this.

“Wooooa!” I yelped for help, “I is the squished!”

The big peoples scooped the dazed youngster up off me and I was left rolled flat on the floor. Though the young ones uttered not a peep, the elders muttered what a mut I was for doing such things, but I knew that I’d stopped the mischief before things got too hot. At least for today. The children were carried out of the kitchen far away from me, but I could still see the entranced curiosity on their faces, their little mittens still reaching, searching for a piece of that fresh hot pie. But not today. Not while Rocky is ’round.


Jason Duron is a short story writer and author of several fiction stories. Curious and lovable as dogs can be, the Adventures of Rocky, Nixi, and Dante give you a chance to see daily life from a “dog’s eye view” and share in their thoughts.  Please enjoy, and we hope that you’ll feel free to comment and give us insight into your dog’s very own adventures.