Rocky Adventure – When Do We Eat?

Rocky Adventure

Rocky Adventure

There was food somewhere, but it was high up above and unseen. It did not evade my sense of smell though. I picked out some sweet fruits, an apple and a banana, some beans, meaties that I could not distinguish due to the variety. These smells all sort of blended together and made my mouth water.

Debbie’s house was fun, but it always had the hunger satisfaction to offer as well. Hungry? Well then we’ll just visit Debbie. It sounds easy enough, though the old man won’t let me visit on my own.

The new people had me puzzled still. They seemed friendly enough, but I’ve never smelled them before today. And quite frankly, they smelled just like kittens. Don’t get me wrong, I love my little friend Nibbles and Mr. Good Cat is awesomely wise for a cat, but if you don’t have a dog to lead you around and take care of you, then how do you stay out of trouble?

I actually don’t know. Every dog I know had a buddy they take care of, so it’s sort of weird. And then I realized my mind had drifted away from dreamy visions of wonderfully oversized portions of food stuffs that tasted of awesomeness.

And then I was tackled.

Buck rolled me over and over again, making me dizzy. I tried to get away, but my paws were randomly grabbing at air and carpet at an unpredictable mix. By the time I stopped rolling, I could barely stand on my paws. Even my tail was confused, at least I think it was.

“Food!” Buck woofed, slobbering on my face. It was nasty, but it did sort of straiten me back up. At least there weren’t two of everything any more.

“Yes,” I grumbled back, sort of feeling upset in my tummy. “Why you do that?”


It seemed Buck was in one of his overzealous moods again. It was a time of lots of action, little thought. Things usually get broken in this excitement, but it can be awesomely fun if it gets harnessed at the right time.

“Let’s go check out the kitchen!” I barked, wanting to lead Buck somewhere he would be distracted for the moment.


“Oh yes, lots of food,” I woofed.

Izzy popped over the edge of the sofa and raced past us barking, “me first!”

Naturally, it was a race. It didn’t really matter who won. We all arrived to the sweet smell of food. Christie and Debbie were moving about in an almost chaotic manner. The old man was wandering around, looking for something to do. And the new people had suddenly disappeared.

I considered this for a moment. We’d left them here last, and now they were gone. Outside? Perhaps, though I’d never really been to Debbie’s grassy areas. Izzy would have to lead the way. Surely he would know something.

“Izzy, food is outside too!?” I asked and stated at the same time. It was more of an advisory that we should get to the outdoors to investigate things further.

“Right,” Izzy nodded. “Follow me.”

Through the rooms and down the long hall, we rushed through the door flap and out into the chilly air. I should have bundled up beforehand I guess. But to my delight, we found the other peoples. They were standing over the outside oven and the smell of wonderful food stuffs had filled the air out here too. Yes! This is a good day indeed.

“You there!” I called out to the man. “Pass us some of the food stuffs.”

But instead of cooperation, we all got a very funny and confused look. Then the man shook his head “no” and went back to poking at the oven. This wasn’t how it’s supposed to play out. I guess if they won’t share with us, we would just have to nab some for ourselves. Appropriate is a better word. I’m no thief.

“Ok-k-kay, we need to c-come up with a p-plan,” I chattered through my shivers.

“Buck,” I woofed quietly, “you will be the distraction. Then Izzy and I will stack up and nab a taste.”

“Well then what do I get to eat?” Buck bared loudly.

“Quiet! You’ll get your share once we’ve secured the food stuffs,” I whispered.

I didn’t know exactly what Buck would do, but I could only expect it to be wildly unpredictable. Which just may favor us in our mission. So we waited for the right moment and pounced…


Jason Duron is a short story writer and author of several fiction stories. Curious and lovable as dogs can be, the Adventures of Rocky, Nixi and Dante give you a chance to see daily life from a “dog’s eye view” and share in their thoughts.  Please enjoy, and we hope that you’ll feel free to comment and give us insight into your dog’s very own adventures.

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