Nixi Adventure – Game Day

graphic-3152076_640Nixi knew what Brandon was doing. He had the box with him, and that was not a good sign. There are much better signs out there, like “dogs totally allowed” and “please walk on grass.” But these were not the signs that Nixi was looking at right now.

Brandon had the box, the crate with a nice little comfy blanket, and was trying to navigate Nixi into the box. It was time for a trip. A nice little roadtrip. And he needed his little friends to tag along for the journey. He’d boxed up one already, but the other was not so cooperative.

Nixi bounced off the sofa and dashed down the hallway. Under the bed was the safest spot. Brandon had always had trouble reaching under there. And now Nixi was tucked nice and safe in the middle of everything, ready to evade any hands that tried to grab.

There was a lot of swipes and grabs, but Brandon couldn’t get to the pup. So out came the broom. It could reach. The only problem was that Nixi hated the broom. But it could reach where no hand dared to reach. And with one sweep, the broom had Nixi on the run, barking as she danced away, making like a flash into the hallway towards the sofa room.

Shuffles cried out to Nixi for help when he saw her. He wanted to be in the game too. There was way too much fun being had and he was stuck on the sidelines. But an escape from the box couldn’t be done alone. He needed help from the outside if he was going to be a part of the game.

Nixi bounced on top of the box and pawed the latch. She’d seen such things done before by Brandon, and it was worth a try. Plus, this had turned into a really really fun game. But when one paw didn’t do the job, Nixi bounced on top of the cage with frustration, and the door popped open!

Shuffles made a break for it, escaping with furious racing of the paws. He whooped and yipped a challenge to Brandon who had finally made it back to the sofa room, and then the pup dashed between the arching legs and skidded under the bed.

Brandon glared at Nixi, panting for a little air taken from him during the entire chase scene. With great surprise, he flew across the sofa and tackled Nixi before she could hop away again. It was up for the up, and the box was sure to have another captive.

But to the rescue came Shuffles, his paws skidding across the carpet as he prepared to jump in on the action. He bounced off the sofa and landed on top of Brandon, perching like a rooster atop the coop.

“I win!” the pup declared.

Brandon didn’t know what to do. He rolled over and just sat there, watching the pups race around the room triumphantly. If only he could tell them where they were going, they’d surely understand. But he couldn’t bark, yip or yup. But one thing they did speak: Treat. Oh yes. They would surely be convinced with treats…


Jason Duron is a short story writer and author of several fiction stories. Curious and lovable as dogs can be, the Adventures of Rocky, Nixi and Dante give you a chance to see daily life from a “dog’s eye view” and share in their thoughts.  Please enjoy, and we hope that you’ll feel free to comment and give us insight into your dog’s very own adventures.

Dog Journal – Entry 154: Farm Dog Life

dog-2812894_640I once knew an old dog that told me a thing. While I don’t remember what that thing was, the place we were at is still fresh in my mind. You see, I’m just your average city dog running about in the park and napping on a nice fluffy sofa with my pal. But this old dog lived like he was outside all the time. And not in a yard or something. Well, it was like a yard, but with lots and lots of space and a pond and other odd pets that I’d never seen before.

Sure I’d seen a duck at the pond. That’s why I know ducks belong in ponds. Or is it that ponds appear wherever ducks happen to be? Maybe that’s what that old dog was trying to explain to me, but I forgot which was correct.

But the neatest thing was the big barn. It was like a huge dog house, and that’s where the old dog lived with all of HIS pets. Yeah, that was what was really cool. You see, his family had given him some fluffy sheep critters to take care of so he would never be lonely. And whenever the sheep tried to make a break for it, he had to chase them and make them get back up with the rest of the group. I tried that with the ducks at the pond, but they just flew away. Luckily they don’t put wings on sheep.

They even had a really big dog that didn’t do dog things. Don’t really think it was a dog, now that I consider it. It kept going “moo-ve,” so I was thinking it was just some rude dog that was super boring. Though that explains why she didn’t want to fetch. Just kept eating hay. Sort of odd, but everyone has their favorite chew-toy.

No leashes, that was so cool too. You didn’t really go for walkies, it was more like an exploration trip every time. One time, we went into the woods behind the pond and I must have left a message on tons of trees before I realized there was no walking trail. I didn’t get lost, but my pal was totally lost. Took me forever to find him. We’ll bring a leash for him next time.

So what cool places have you ever visited? Ever met some funny animals that you’ll tell your puppies about someday? As for the old dog, he’s still old, but he was so happy, and he’d never even heard of a sofa.

Rocky Adventure – Battling The Cold

snow-70099_640We’d made it home all safe and sound. All of us. Through the blanket of white fluffy snow drifts, we’d plowed our path and had finally made it back to our warm cozy place of safety. Home was here, right outside the car window. But between here and there was a blanket of cold. Not exactly a paw-friendly environment.

While I sat comfy in my seat, Izzy was tucked in nice and warm in the blanket bundle Debbie had set up for him in the back seat. He really didn’t like the whole getting stuck under the bush ordeal, so I’ll definitely have to tell Buck all about it when we get back home. Probably tell that story at least three times a day until something funnier happens.

The old man was the first to get out, but opening the door was not cool. Well, it was cool. In fact, it was really cold. It was all better when the door closed though, but then Debbie opened her door and let in some more cold air. Inconceivable!

Eventually, we had no choice but to get out of the car. It was cold and wet. My paws were freezing. So we hurried along toward the open door where the others had already entered in and dropped off their abundance of effects. Honestly, I don’t really know what I just said, but they were nice grand words to say and I felt good about it.

The old man ushered us inside, but the house was cold. Not exactly the warm welcome I was expecting. We’d left the nice warm car for a chilly seat on the sofa. This is not acceptable.

With the quickness, I tried snuggling into the sofa cushions, but guess where the old man was putting his stuff from the car. Things plopped down right on top of me. This was definitely not the spot to be.

“I got an idea,” Izzy woofed, “Let’s make a blanket fort… this one will be the biggest!”

It was a good idea, even if I wasn’t the one to come up with it. So we went to the bedroom and grabbed the covers and dragged them into the sofa room. Don’t really know why we did that, but it seemed like a good idea at the time.

After some tucking and scooting, we managed to get some pillows piled up and the covers over them and denned up right nice. Izzy’s fur was exceeding fluffy, perfect for keeping us both warm and warm we were indeed.

As it turns out, our plan was unacceptable. The old man was outside of the fluffy fort, negotiating with us concerning the mess he thought we made. We kept him busy for a while, explaining that this was not a mess, but was in fact a very firmly constructed warming habitation in which our paws would not freeze off of our bodies so long as we remained inside.

Though we bought a lot of time with our argument, it was not going to last much longer. Eventually we’d have to make an ultimatum. We’d have to set the standard. So we set them high. NIce and high.

“We’re not coming out from under these covers until it’s as warm out there as it is in here!”

It was too high to be met. But at least the heater was on before we were evicted. As for the fort, it’ll be back. Oh yes. It is the season for blanket forts.


Jason Duron is a short story writer and author of several fiction stories. Curious and lovable as dogs can be, the Adventures of Rocky, Nixi and Dante give you a chance to see daily life from a “dog’s eye view” and share in their thoughts.  Please enjoy, and we hope that you’ll feel free to comment and give us insight into your dog’s very own adventures.

Dog Journal – Entry 153: Begging The Best

bernese-mountain-dog-114780_640I find that we pups have a serious advantage when it comes to getting our way. It’s all in the secret power of begging. Oh yes, the dreaded begging. Few humans can resist when done perfectly, but it takes time to master the timing and technique.

Priority one: Food

The food stuffs is the most commonly begged for thingy. In fact, I’m actually thinking about having a little snack right now, but no one is eating. But if I wait long enough, the opportunity will present itself.

So I consider the first thing I’m gonna have to do. It’s all about getting that paw on the lap just right so they have to look into your eyes. This is serious now, you do have to get that paw just right so that you can also lay your face right on top of it and their leg at the same time. Do not paw excessively though, or you’ll end up getting the attitude and the begging won’t work anymore.

From the sweetest spot you can find, it’s time to focus on looking as sad as you possibly can. Think of it as if you can’t possibly go on without having whatever it is that they’re having. It helps if you make the tiny whimpers, but don’t get too loud or it won’t work. Gotta be the quiet ones, just enough to let them know how much you’re suffering without a nibble of their snack.

It’s important to note that timing is essential… zero in on them when they’re already in a good mood. Don’t try to do the thing when they’re sleepy or something or you’ll just get them mad at you.

Primarily most pups focus on begging for food, but you may also need to get your way sometimes. Often times I’ve found myself working my buddy over trying to get him to take me to the park. It’s a serious negotiations battle, but if you work the sweet, sweet look and the “super-sad if I don’t go” attitude, you can get your way most times.

What about another situation that few pups know how escape? The dredded bathtime. You seriously need to work on the face that lets your pal know that you can’t possibly take a bath or it’s the end for sure. You might mention the super important story about how wild dogs of the australian outback never take baths and they’re doing just fine.

Remember, always do the face. The sweetest face. No normal human can possibly resist the face, especially when the face is on a dog.

Dante Adventure – Going Somewhere?

car-key-2648850_640“Where are we going? I want to know where we’re going right now. Nope, not getting in the truck until you tell me why you didn’t bring the ball.”

It hadn’t started out like just any other day. This morning, we’d been hurried along like there was a plan or something. So I’d thought that for once we were going to be early to the park. But things flow right.

You see, when your pal is rummaging for papers and forgetting the ball, you might just be paying a visit to the office. Yes. The doctor’s office. That guy. The one with the cold hands that likes to look inside your ears and make you stand on the table when you know you’re not supposed to be standing on the table.

So both Skipper and I have been making it as hard as we possibly can for Gracie to make us go. We don’t wanna go, and we’re really good at “stay.” We both agreed to drag our paws every which way we could, but now we’re at the truck. And we know that if we get in the truck, we are going to the doctor’s office.

Skipper chimed in, “Wait, I forgot to go potty first,” then started whining in a super convincing manner.

“Good job,” I woofed. “Stall some more while I get the keys and hide ’em.”

So while Gracie was trying to get a handle on Skipper, I went for the keys sitting on the seat. I was a little nervous about having to jump into the truck, but I managed. I was in and out double quick before Gracie even noticed and I had the keys ready to be secret stashed.

There really weren’t any good spots though. Too many other cars parked around here and no bushes or even grass. So I had to make a bold move. The mission: follow Gracie and Skipper over to the grassy spot where Gracie was about to call the potty-time bluff my little buddy had conjured up.

I wagged my tail and looked for a spot. Nothing really here though. Just a small patch of prickly grass that hadn’t been doing a good job of growing. No bushes, not even a tree, and the dirt was too hard to dig. This was quite the predicament. I’ve got the keys but nowhere to stash them.

Gracie eventually called the bluff and we were commanded to load up in the truck. There was no escape. Gracie had us by our collars and started making us do the thing we did not want to do. No matter how much we pranced our paws around the edge of the door, Gracie was quicker with her hands, sweeping all four of mine before I could latch onto anything.

I let Skipper get the front seat and hid in the back seat. It’s a nice little cubby hole, perfect for hiding keys. In fact, this may be the best place a dog could ever think of hiding anything! I nudged the keys into the edge of the seat and listened to them gently slide to somewhere down into the place of no return.

“Yes!” I barked. “I did it!”

“What?” Skipper barked back.

“The keys! I dropped them into the place where things never come back!”

“In the seat? Where I lost my ball and half a bone?”

“Yeah, and my squeaker too!”

We’d won. There was no way we were going anywhere today. I could already see Gracie frantically looking for the keys. But they were gone. Gone forever. No doctor’s office today.

Then Gracie did the thing she always does. Her bag. That sneaky, crafty bag. She opened it up and looted around for a moment before pulling the keys out of it! How could this be? Our plan was foiled by her super handy baggy that has all the things in it.


Jason Duron is a short story writer and author of several fiction stories. Curious and lovable as dogs can be, the Adventures of Rocky, Nixi and Dante give you a chance to see daily life from a “dog’s eye view” and share in their thoughts.  Please enjoy, and we hope that you’ll feel free to comment and give us insight into your dog’s very own adventures.

Dog Journal – Entry 152: Up There

housefly-155460_640There was a thing at the park today which got me to thinking about something. You see, I don’t really like things that fly or float around. It seems pretty simple to me: I cannot fly, therefore I do not like things that fly. It’s not that I’m scared of them or anything. Well, maybe they do freak me out a little. Perhaps it’s the mysteriousness of them or something.

You see, at the park today, there was a buzzy thingy floating around in the air. It was watching me, I could feel it in my tail. Then it started teasing me and floating around me and just being a bother. It was like it was mocking me for not being able to catch it too. It just stayed up there in the air and made obnoxious sounds.

So I asked a pal about them, and she told me her cat got one of them one time. Like a ninja cat, it totally took that buzzy thing out in a flash. It wasn’t for eating though. Apparently they taste like the television remote control. So maybe I’m better off not catching one for myself.

But there is one thing I have caught that I sort of regret.  Yes, the balloons. It was always the balloons right from the beginning. Especially the ones that bop around on the ground. It’s so much fun to just rush right over to them and bite them as hard as I can, that even though I know what’s going to happen, I can not resist. And when you catch it, then comes the scary part. You see, that’s when the balloon disappears with a loud pop noise. They’re really fun to chase around, but super surprising when you do catch them.

Flies. I do not like flies. They are not fun. Luckily when it’s nice and cold, all the flies go away. Perhaps it should stay cold all the time. I need to bark with somebody about this. Maybe there’s a button someone could press or something? But not too cold though. I don’t want my paws to freeze at the park again.

A thoughtful mention… birds are cool and all, and if you’ve ever caught a hold of one’s tail, you might just grab a bird leaf. Do not eat the bird leaf. It makes your mouth feel funny and your pal will see it and accuse you of chewing on the sofa again.


new-years-eve-1953253_640It was the last night of the year

and as many were celebrating with a cheer

There were furry critters making their good friend smile

playing and rustling amongst the fresh laundry pile


It’s not that it hadn’t been properly put away

The pups just wanted to show and tell the mess they’d made

dragging out some socks and scattering them in disorganized style

just to keep the guests entertained for a while


It had been a while since there were visitors here to play,

but the pups had everything planned for the day

First was the tag, then the chase, and find out what was on the food tray


Oh yes, the food was delicious anyone could tell

The pup’s mouths watered at the very smell

All the deliciousness up high on the counter top

The pups wishing the tray would go “plop”

right on the floor where their hungry bellies could snatch

A multitude of snacks… but there was a catch.


Who could have known the guests were so clever

one moved left and the other right

And it was as if the pups could never

quite get to what they wanted, but that was fun

we were going to see how fast the guests could run


Blocked from the snack trays was the name of the game

The pups were not to let the opposing team put them to shame

A valiant effort on the part of Shuffles and Nixi

had the group dancing around one another in a frenzy


Back and forth and one after the other

the pups worked the guests further and further

away from the snacks with uncanny precision

it was magnificent teamwork, an cooperative decision.


It was as though the pups were always thinking ahead

like a carpenter making stairs

often bobbing and weaving between the chairs

throwing off the pursuit but jumping right back in

just to keep the guests guessing what the next move would have been.


It was almost midnight in the bright sofa room

The pups had not given up their efforts

And that’s when they heard the first kaboom.


Through the window somewhere in the distant night sky,

There were fireworks going off

Gathering the attention of all, even the fly

who had managed to get past the gauntlet of guest

who’d been preoccupied and forgotten about the buzzing pest


Nevertheless, it was well in the cozy apartment out of the cold weather

The people and the pups gathered together

no one even minding the wet nose on the window pane leaving a smear

and all eyes toward the sky as they welcomed in the new year.



Jason Duron is a short story writer and author of several fiction stories. Curious and lovable as dogs can be, the Adventures of Rocky, Nixi and Dante give you a chance to see daily life from a “dog’s eye view” and share in their thoughts.  Please enjoy, and we hope that you’ll feel free to comment and give us insight into your dog’s very own adventures.

Dog Journal – Entry 151: Fun Games to Play With My Pal

dog-3066476_640Games are awesome, I plan mine out every day. When I wake up in the morning, the first thing I do is decide which game to play, which toys to use, do we need more toys to play the game, and are there enough players available.

Of course, games like fetch the stick and tag the tail are the norm. Pretty easy warm up games for any dog and his pal to play, but how does a dog really dig into the fun. Sure I’ve got a few that I can play by myself, and some I can play with a big group, but only a few are really special and cool. They’re the most fun. It’s just getting my pal to play with me is what’s so tricky.

This is perhaps my favorite game. I don’t know what to call it, but it doesn’t matter. Let me explain… well that might take too long. I will sum it up for you.

It’s like keep away, but a little extra added in to make harder to win. You see, I’ve got this one toy that’s just bizarre… a squeaky piggy. And it squeaks right nice in a funny way. But it’s not much fun on it’s own.

So to start the game, I put that piggy on my pal’s lap, and I squeak it twice. Then I leave it. And if my pal tries to get to it, I gotta snatch it away first and squeak it until he calms back down. You see, the squeaky piggy is special and every time my pal squeaks it, he starts winning. There can only be one squeaker of the piggy.

The the addition of other toys, like my tugga-rope come into play. Oh yeah, it’s best just to empty out the toy box and throw everything you got on the floor. You’re gonna need them to distract any others that want the piggy.

The bonus is that if I make the pig squeak without chewing on it, I can make my pal fall asleep. My favorite thing is to shake my ball-ina-ball all around and smack it on the piggy when my pal reaches for it.

Problem is if I stop, my pal tries to get it and make it squeak. I don’t like to lose, so that is unacceptable. This is why it’s so important to use your other toys and really toss them around to cause confusion. You really get a good pile of them going on and it gets way harder for your buddy to find the piggy.

And if I stay too close to the piggy, my pal will try to sweep my paws out from under me, so I gotta make sure I keep moving around, you know, all those slick moves I’ve been practicing while he’s at work.

The only thing is, if all that squeaking makes my pal relax and stop attacking my paws, then why does my buddy tell me to stop when I try and squeak him to sleep at night? Anybody know why?

Rocky Adventure – Snowed Inn

winter-1224075_640The outside was blanketed in the snowy stuff. I could see beyond the frosty window that all the things were bright and piled upon with the chilly wetness. It was definitely cold out there, probably like the fridge. But not in here.

The old man was warm by the fireplace, just a rocking back and forth as he stared hard at the book in his lap. Debbie was making the things to eat, some sweet smelling pies by the scent of it, and Izzy was watching her with impatience.

I had thought we’d be finding our way back home by now, but the snow had covered up all our tracks, so it’d be super hard to trace our path. And I really don’t trust the others to remember all the trees we passed on the way down here. I’ve know the old man to get lost in the closet before. He just sat there staring at his jackets for ever before realizing he’d already put the one he’d wanted on the sofa earlier. He’s funny like that sometimes though.

The thing is, I was getting the urge to go outside. It was nice and warm in here, but sort of boring too. And with all that untouched snow, I just feel the urge to romp through it and dig around. I don’t know why, I’m a dog. These are the sort of things I am compelled to do.

After a whole mess of convincing arguments, the old man reluctantly got up from his seat and put on his extra fluffy coat and boots. It took extra long for the boots. But finally, the door opened up to the cold and I was still stuck inside.

The snow had piled up against the door, high enough to block my path. The old man looked at me wondering what we should do. I didn’t know. I’d never seen this problem before. I sniffed the wall, examining it carefully as I calculated what needed to be done next.

In a flash, my impulsive friend blasted past me, plowing through the snowy wall, leaving a nice little trail behind him.

“Problem solved.” I woofed to the old man and followed the pathway.

Everything smelled the same. Other than trailing along somewhere behind Izzy, I wasn’t really sure where I was going. But it was nice to get out, and it wasn’t as cold as I thought it would be. I tried to climb out of the path a few times, but my belly just got soaked. Even the old man and his big boots stayed close behind.

Up ahead, there was a rustle of some sort, perhaps the sound of Izzy stuck in a bush or something. And when I happened upon my furry friend, that’s exactly what it was. Except now, my fluffy friend was soaked. It was sort of funny seeing him shrunk down to half his size. All that fur was nothing but fluff.

“Help, I couldn’t see where I was going,” Izzy yelped.

I tried to tug his clumps of wet fur, but we weren’t getting anywhere. Izzy was stuck fast in the snow-filled bush. No matter what we did, the sticks just seemed to dig in deeper into my pal’s fur, making things worse.

Moments later, the old man showed up, peering down into the blob of tangled mess. He thought about it and then thought about it again. Then with those bulky fuzzy mittens of his, he reached in and popped Izzy right out of where he was. And I realized what we were doing wrong. Izzy had landed on top of the bush, and we were trying to pull him down through it.

It helps to have a second pair of eyes that can see the situation from a different point of view. It would also help if we dogs could have an extra fur coat to put on so we didn’t have to sit next to the fire all soaking wet while we wait to dry out.


Jason Duron is a short story writer and author of several fiction stories. Curious and lovable as dogs can be, the Adventures of Rocky, Nixi and Dante give you a chance to see daily life from a “dog’s eye view” and share in their thoughts.  Please enjoy, and we hope that you’ll feel free to comment and give us insight into your dog’s very own adventures.

Dog Journal – Entry 150: Window Seat

adorable-1850465_640I really don’t mind traveling, but it can really be boring. This is especially true if you don’t get the window seat first. That’s why I recommend calling dibs as soon as you see the suitcases out. But before you get to going to wherever it is you’re going, you gotta be on top of the things that go in the suitcase… but not in it. The suitcase I mean.

First of all, remind your buddy to pack your lunch. Seriously, you gotta stay on it real good or they’ll forget. I’m telling you, I went a whole trip without lunches. All I had was dinner and breakfast. But for some strange reason the lunch got left out. So just make sure you keep reminding your pal.

I found that the easiest way to get everyone else really mad at you is to get in the way. I remember the first time we did all this, I didn’t know what was happening. So I tried following my pal back and forth. Turns out, your pal will get really mad at you really fast and you get stuck by yourself in another room. If this happens to you, don’t panic, you’re still going with, but you’re already off to a boring start.

By the way, during the packing, don’t get in the suitcase. If no one sees you in there, you can get a load of laundry piled on top of you double quick. Which is pretty neat, but then you get to be in trouble again. Then you get tossed out and someone forgets to stash the emergency treats and all the important stuff.

Once it’s time to get in the car, make sure to get the window seat as soon as possible. And don’t let them just sit some box there. You gotta be persistent if you want that window seat. Or you could just settle for the back seat where you can’t see anything but the back of your pal’s head the whole time.

Regardless of how much your pal tells you they know exactly where they’re going, it’s best to give directions as often as possible. Hey, you’re a dog, and people don’t know better than to ignore every tree between here and there for goodies. Also, make sure you ask “are we there yet,” as often as possible. I don’t know why, but it’s strongly recommended by the best of dogs.