Rocky Adventure – Anxiously Waiting

dog-342065_640I had waited all night for my friends to get up, and now I was dog tired. I tried to nap, sleep and just try my hardest to pass the time, but it took forever. At least it felt like it did. Even the rhythmic snoring of the old man would not lull me to snoozes.

When my friend did finally get up, he was slow to move and get things started. His funny pajamas were covered in a big robe and we were off to do the things of the day. The schedule was to be expected as normal, a nice breakfast followed by a short visit to the backyard to make sure all the things were where I left them last night, and then it was directly to the living room for the main event.

The breakfast was quick and fast, not something I would have preferred to have been so, but was quite delicious. Yes, I got the sneaky treats, some sweet food stuffs that the old man shared. I don’t really know what it was, but it really didn’t matter.

The yard was quickly inspected afterwards, and I’m sure all the things checked out okay, but there was no time to waste here. We needed to get on with things. You know, move this day along so we can get to the good stuff. But the old man insisted that we do a good job outside, so I sniffed and checked a few things out to satisfy any questions my friend might be juggling inside his mind.

Then it was finally time to do the thing. Yes, we were finally going to find out what was in those boxes under the tree. I had been wondering what my friend was hiding in them. Such a strange practice to hide things from me and keep them secret. Perhaps one of the most annoying things about it was that these presents were hidden right in plain sight. I sniffed and searched for the answer to what lay inside, but never have figured it out.

I was allowed to finally open my box. The problem here is that I do not know how to open this box. I don’t think I ever have learned such a skill, but there is a season for everything. And the time is now…so let’s get to it!

Unexpectedly, the box put up a whole lot of fight. I thought I had it cornered, pinned and set for defeat. But the covering kept deflecting my digging and scratching. I quickly resorted to nipping and chewing at the wrappings in a desperate attempt to get at the goods. Small bits began to fall to the floor and soon enough bigger chunks were coming off. I was getting closer.

However, I did not get to finish opening my gift. The old man took it from me and began tearing off the paper wrappings. He did so very quickly, effortlessly, a skill which I have yet to acquire.

“Not so fast!” I barked. “That’s mine! You gave it to ME!”

With that, the box was set down and opened before me, revealing the secrets stashed inside. I looked and behold, there was more paper. What? This is madness. There was plenty of that on the outside, I could have settled for that without all the anxiety of wondering what was within. To my surprise, the old man reached down through the paper stuffs and pulled out a very nice toy. One that was a big ball, a rope and a little ball all done up together in a fancy conglomeration of fun.

“Yay!” I whooped, dancing a little, “Give it! Lemme see!”

And I had it. All that waiting and wondering had finally ceased at last. I had my new toy, a fancy one at that. Now if only I could convince the old man to put away his gifts so we could play with mine.


Jason Duron is a short story writer and author of several fiction stories. Curious and lovable as dogs can be, the Adventures of Rocky, Nixi, and Dante give you a chance to see daily life from a “dog’s eye view” and share in their thoughts.  Please enjoy, and we hope that you’ll feel free to comment and give us insight into your dog’s very own adventures.

Dog Journal – Entry 199: What’s This?

the-christmas-tree-1081321_640I have been watching my friends do their thing in the sofa room for a while now, and I’m pretty sure they’re doing it all wrong. I just don’t understand what they’re doing with the tree and why they’ve put it inside, particularly where my choice napping spot usually is. Now I will have to find another one, but in the meantime, I can’t stop watching this strange event.

Earlier this afternoon, my friend lugged in this very fine tree and I thought he’d finally been convinced to play the fetching game inside. But a whole tree? Seemed a little extreme but I wasn’t about to turn down a cool opportunity for a fun game.

But nope…it turned out the whole thing was some sort of decoration, like the lamp and the table that I can’t jump on anymore (I was told I can’t use it to hop up on the sofa anymore). They stood it up, which took some serious time and effort, probably more than it should have because both of them seemed to be upset that things were not going according to plan. And after that, they brought in the boxes.

Now I thought that was great, boxes full of jingly toys and such. But once again, I was not permitted to play with them. And I say a whole mess of shiny balls in there waiting to be thrown. No one threw anything though. Instead, they started pinning them up on the tree. After that, they started stringing things that would have been the perfect tugging toys for a game.

Just as things seemed to be wrapping up, and I had to go potty pretty bad now, they turned on the lights. Yes, there was much light to behold, perhaps too much. Never in my whole year of being a puppy had I ever seen such a thing. Perhaps though, a memory that seemed to be very distant now. I was in a box and out I hopped to meet my new friend. And the lights…they were like this? No, this is a new thing, it has to be.

Then, as if to distract me from the required business I needed to take care of outside, my friends brought in the boxes, a few of them right now, all shiny and smelling sweet. Still, I was not permitted to have these either, and that was sort of getting annoying. I have no idea what’s going on anymore, and here I am, needing to go potty and everyone else is just playing around this shiny tree. Won’t someone pay attention to me?

Dante Adventure – Early Presents

birthday-1670415_640I was enjoying the early present, such an awesome thing to get. Beneath the tree I’d spotted it and Gracie gave me permission to have it right now. No, I do not have the patience to wait for something like this. I had to have it, especially since Skipper had already been eyeing it suspiciously. So before he could get it, I asked to have it first. And I got it. So here I am, just this huge bone and me…together.

However, Skipper still really really wanted my chewy treat, his creeping nearing the no-go zone demonstrating his growing confidence. He knew I wasn’t going to give up my awesome treat very easily. This however did not persuade him to find something else to chew on instead of my goodies.

“You better back off,” I ruffed gruffly.

“Come on! Let me…” Skipper woofed and stretched out towards me while wiggling his hinder quarters to make himself as cute as possible.

I ignored him, but he rolled around and tried his best to entertain me in a clever act to distract. No such thing would get me away from my bone though, and my chomping and gnawing continued despite such things going on about me.

Even Gracie occasionally passed by, teasing me as though she’d take the very gift she’d given me. This did effectively panic me and I had to cover my treat as well as possible to keep it mine. I used my furry paws to make sure my treat was covered as good as possible.

After some very convincing woofs, Gracie decided that she really did not want this particular treat and that it was in good paws with me indeed. Then I was left to my chewing and all seemed safe for the moment.

But Skipper had moved locations while I had been busy with Gracie. Now he was closer. Yes, very much the closer to me…and my bone. So I wiggled myself away from him, making sure to turn to the side just in case he tried a blitz. Being this way, I may have a way to get away.

“Look over there!” Skipper barked excitedly, looking somewhere off into another room.

“You’re tricks won’t work,” I gruffed again. “Just go away and leave me…”

“No tricks, no tricks!” Skipper barked excitedly and darted away.

Okay, now that was odd. I did not follow though, just in case it was a trap. Instead, I listened for anything out of the ordinary. Skipper was scuffling around somewhere in the hallway, sort of like he had a hold of something, Gracie was being quiet, probably doing her work or something boring, the warm air was whistling through the vents, and somewhere in the distance a cat meowed to the sound of a can being opened. Seemed pretty ordinary, and since all was well, I returned my attention to the treat.

“Look!” Skipper barked as he dragged this new thing into the room. “I got something for me!”

Indeed, Skipper had ended up with a treat of his own. An odd one though, not exactly the normal chewy thing one might enjoy. Sort of wonky and obtuse, perhaps a little silly if you had that sense of humor. But he was liking it fairly well. After much wrestling and wiggling, he finally managed to get situated right in front of me. It was sure that he wanted me to see him enjoying his treat.

So we sat peacefully from thereon, both of us enjoying our treat beneath the glow of the shiny tree. But I wonder what Gracie got…what sort of present did she get? Uh-oh, I’d better find something…and quick!


Jason Duron is a short story writer and author of several fiction stories. Curious and lovable as dogs can be, the Adventures of Rocky, Nixi, and Dante give you a chance to see daily life from a “dog’s eye view” and share in their thoughts.  Please enjoy, and we hope that you’ll feel free to comment and give us insight into your dog’s very own adventures.

Dog Journal – Entry 198: I Have a Friend

dog-454145_640One of the awesome things about being me is that I have a pal to pal around with. Yeah, it’s great and the best part is, we’re the bestest friends. I’m pretty sure we’ve been friends since I was a little puppy in fact, all those many moons ago. And even though I’m getting a little older now, we always find some fun to get into.

My friend is always around to keep me company, so I don’t have to worry about being alone. At least not for too long. Of course my friend has to go do all the stuff and get the food things and snacks and who knows what else is out there. But he always comes back, just like he promised.

And when we do have time to play, he prefers to throw the ball most of the time, but I have to bring it to him. If I don’t, then he goes back to doing whatever it was he was doing before. But if I bring him the tug’n rope, I can drag him out of his comfy seat so he’ll play the full game with me.

But we’re not always having fun together at home. When we go on trips, he let’s me be the navigator, but I really have no idea where we’re supposed to be going. But we eventually find a place to be, and then we’re there. So our teamwork works out at the end of the day.

We’re such a great team, he even shares his food with me…sometimes. Well, mostly he’s just a messy eater and drops a whole bunch of goodies. Occasionally I’ll get a bite of a something he’s got, but only after a whole lot of persuasion and some dancing and showing off some cool tricks and singing a good song for him.

Possibly the best part is that he always reminds me that I am the good girl so I won’t forget. I think all pups need to hear that, because we do tend to be a little forgetful sometimes. That’s okay though, I always know my friend’s around to back me up when I need it most.

I’m thankful for my friend, I don’t know who gave him to me, but I do know I wouldn’t have picked any other friend I’d rather be pals with than this one. Now if only he’d learn how to cook on his own…

Nixi Adventure – Race Around the Christmas Tree

christmas-picture-3877444_640There were boxes opened and currently being explored. Nixi could smell the familiar scent of the year. It was a common practice to do such things and Brandon was enjoying the treasures, examining each one as he brought it over to the tree he’d put in the corner. The scent of all the glowy things and trinkets of old had filled the room and the pups were patiently watching to see what would emerge from the box next.

Out came some more shiny balls, tinkling and dinking as they bopped against one another. These were so totally cool, but neither pup was permitted to play with them. And Brandon was definitely not going to throw them. Instead, they were also hung on the tree along with all the other trinkets.

“When are you gonna find something for us to play with?” Shuffles whined again.

Brandon just ignored the impatient pups and continued with his agenda. Yes, he was taking his time and enjoying each ornament that the box held, perhaps remembering things of time past, smiling every now and then without even realizing it.

This was odd to the pups who did not have time for such things. When it’s playtime it is the time to play. And with all those cool toys stored away, how could anyone pass up such an opportunity. Nixi huffed and Shuffles puffed, but Brandon remained calm and tranquil.

When the pups thought there would be no end to this long wait, Brandon finally finished things up by plugging in the tree. The room burst robust with light and the pup’s eyes shined like stars as they too drew in the splendor of such an event.

“This is pretty cool…” Shuffles eyed Nixi ever so slyly

“It sure it,” Nixi continued the thinking like the sneaky pup she can be, “cool enough for a race around!”

With that, the pups began circling the base of the tree, their path aglow with sparkly light and the sound of music that saturated the normally quiet apartment keeping the pace. Nixi was first to chase, then Shuffles was tagged and he was it. But he didn’t like to be it, so he was quick to pass it back to Nixi. And she didn’t like being it either, so she had to tag her friend back.

Brandon’s face had started out calm and quiet, but was now eyes wide open in surprise. The pups must be stopped or they’d surely knock something over. One does not always consider that they must dog-proof everything around the home, but it would be wise to do so in the future.

However, the race must be stopped, and Brandon was quick to join in the chase. This threw the game for a loop though, because there were suddenly two that were “it” according to the rules Yes, there are rules and they must be followed. We can’t just have everyone chasing and nobody running…right?

So it became official, Brandon was now permanently “it.” He was stuck with it too. So it’s a good thing the pups didn’t want to be it. It all worked itself out in the end. What a wonderful evening for a game this has turned out to be.

“Yeah!” the pups yelped in unison as they fled into another room, “We knew you’d finally find the funstuff…even if it took you all day!”


Jason Duron is a short story writer and author of several fiction stories. Curious and lovable as dogs can be, the Adventures of Rocky, Nixi, and Dante give you a chance to see daily life from a “dog’s eye view” and share in their thoughts.  Please enjoy, and we hope that you’ll feel free to comment and give us insight into your dog’s very own adventures.

Dog Journal – Entry 197: Old Dog, Young Pup

dog-2234313_640My friend is such a grouch sometimes. I think I’m a super friendly doggy, but my friend is the complete opposite. Well, he’s not exactly mean. He’s just grumpy all the time. Even when it’s food time, he eats like the grumpy dog, super fast and ruffing at everything to leave him alone. I once saw him get upset with his tail for wagging too much.

By the way, he’s older, much older than me. So I’m up and racing around all the time, and I totally run circles around him. He just naps here and there, waking up just long enough to find a less comfortable place to nap. I once asked him why he likes the uncomfy places, and he told me that it’s so when he finds a comfy spot, it feels so much better.

Sometimes I try bringing him the ball, but he just let’s it roll away. Even though he’s awake and watching me, he still totally ignores my attempts to play a game with him.  At first I just thought he was just being lazy, but he told me he’s just tired. All the time he is tired. That sounds totally boring and I never want to be an old boring dog. I will be the happy old dog when I’m old.

Well, I was bored one day and our pal had gone off to play (she told us it’s all work and no fun), and decided to get my buddy to join in a game. But he refused and just rolled over and snuggled the sofa some more. The whining didn’t work, and neither did the gentle shoves or the digging. I was going to have to get a little rough.

When I tried wrestling with him, you know biting his ears and practicing my best tackling techniques, I found myself very surprised. It turned out that this was my old friend’s specialty. He was a wrestler all along and quickly had me pinned without a way out.

I had to learn this awesome skill, but he wasn’t exactly eager to tell me. I begged him to tell me, but he began to mosey on away in search of a new place to nap. So I tackled him again, and was rolled back over onto my belly and he pinned me with his paws. Then he began snoring with his weight still pinning me to the floor.

We stayed there until the keys jingled at the door when the old dog finally got off me to investigate things. Luckily for me, our friend had arrived home because I had to go potty in a serious way, and being pinned under an old pup wasn’t exactly a comfortable place to wait it out.

I’ve been practicing some new tackles on the sofa recently, but my old grumpy friend still won’t let me know his secrets. He tells me that he’ll show me when I’m older. But when I’m old…what if I turn into a grumpy dog too? Then who will I try out all those secret awesome moves on then?

Rocky Adventure – Dog Piles

leaves-984544_640The old man raked up the leaves into fun piles for me to jump into. This is one of my favorite things to do, and he knows it. That’s why he makes sure the piles aren’t too big or too small. They’re just right for a good pouncing.

However, Buck was beating me to the pouncing. Because he was such a hound, his body slammed into the leaf piles and utterly destroyed them. All the work and effort the old man had put into getting things just right had been scattered to the wind.

“Stop that,” I barked. “Stop that I say, or I’ll get the madness!”

“I can’t stop!” Buck ruffed and slammed into the next pile of leaves.

The old man stopped raking and shook his head in defeat. There would be no further gathering until the chaos ceased. Fortunately, Christy had not given up yet and was still piling up the leaves on her side of the field. If I was quick enough, I might be able to get a few pounces in before Buck utterly demolished everything.

Buck was still rolling around in a nearby pile when I made a break for the piles that still remained. They were bigger than normal and not as neat, but they’ll do just fine for the fun I needed to have.

I ran. Fast. Very fast. And when I was close enough, I jumped and crunched into the leaves. Then I disappeared. The pile was too big. I chosen the best and neatest one, and it just happened to be large enough to consume the whole of me. Somewhere outside, I could hear Christy yelling at me for doing such a thing, but she can’t see me so I’m okay for now.

The leaves crunched as I shifted around through the pile, looking for a nice spot to peek out. Some parted and allowed me to see what there was to see. To one side, Christy was madly raking up some more leaves while the old man shuffled along the mess that Buck had made. But where was Buck?

“Supplies!” Buck barked as he slammed down on my pile.

The crunch of the leaves rang in my ears and I’m pretty sure my tail made the same sound as well. Maybe most of my little body did it too. And my cool hiding spot was smashed to bits, and I was left struggling to wiggle out from beneath Buck the behemoth. When I was finally free, I darted to the next pile to hide. But it was no use. Buck smashed that one too.

Eventually, there were no more piles to smash and I was left laying in the grass in defeat. Both Christy and the old man had slumped their shoulders and were leaving us pups outside to enjoy our mess. Indeed it was a mess. And the bad part about it all…I didn’t even get to have fun doing it!


Jason Duron is a short story writer and author of several fiction stories. Curious and lovable as dogs can be, the Adventures of Rocky, Nixi, and Dante give you a chance to see daily life from a “dog’s eye view” and share in their thoughts.  Please enjoy, and we hope that you’ll feel free to comment and give us insight into your dog’s very own adventures.

Dog Journal – Entry 196: The Beach

welsh-corgi-1581119_640My pals and I visited the ocean the other day to see all the things about the sea. It was unlike any of the ponds I had seen in the past, and the ducks that lingered about weren’t very duck-like.

It was unlike any other park I’ve ever played in before. No one got mad at me for digging everywhere. In fact, they encouraged me to dig in all the places. The dirt was so soft and squishy and I could make it fly everywhere! My friends made mounds and shapes while I digged up the supplies. It’s awesome being part of a great team.

The only downside was when the water came up and splashed everything down. Even when they tried to build it back up, it was just getting washed away (another reason I don’t like baths). The water made me feel cold and my fur felt sticky and frizzly and I knew that I smelled funny. Not as funny as the plants though.

Yeah! There were these big plants on the beach just lying around everywhere. They were super smelly though, but I wasn’t supposed to play with those ones. Everything else was permissible though. In fact, I found some shells in the sand and small rocks that didn’t float, which neither one tasted good and weren’t the least bit chewy.

Instead, we were supposed to play with the huge ball that they brought. After some huffing and puffing and panting, the big ball was rolling across the beach, bouncing and making funny bopping noises as we chased it around. I don’t know why we don’t keep a ball like that around the house, just think of all the awesome things I could bounce it on, like I bet it would even bop up to the ceiling and all over the room before it stopped doing it’s thing.

But then I found out there were strange critters that lived here. One even tried to grab me. I was just nosing down to greet with a friendly woof, and the rascal tried to snatch my ears with it’s pinchy claws. I don’t think it liked me checking out his little shell house, but I didn’t know he was home. Sure seems like a grumpy little hermit if you ask me.

Then there were the ducks that did not quack. They were not very friendly and liked to squeak at everything and dance around like it all belonged to them.

One even tried to snatch up the little hermit’s house, but I wouldn’t let it close enough. No matter how much I chased them around, they kept coming back for more.

Eventually, I was too tired to run anymore and had to give up my furious chase. However, the funny birds could not bother the hermit anymore. My efforts had given him enough time to move his house back into the ocean. But I wonder if he’ll remember me. I really wonder.

Dante Adventure – SEE!

bear-35723_640I couldn’t make out what it was I was supposed to be looking at. It was too far away and there were too many things to behold. To make things more difficult, the description of what I was supposed to be looking at was not exactly the best.

“See! Don’t you see it right now, that little thing with the stuff on the sides that’s sitting right over there next to the other thingy…” Skipper carried on with vague characteristics.

“Seriously, what is it I’m supposed to find?” I barked, getting annoyed.

“Don’t worry about that,” Skipper ruffed excitedly, “Just look at it, quick and hurry really fast.”

“I’m just gonna get closer to see,”

“No! You can’t see it from over there, you gotta be back here,” Skipper argued, barring the way to prevent me from getting any nearer to whatever it was I was supposed to see.

I continued staring at something…or nothing, searching for whatever it was I was supposed to see. This was actually getting boring and the initial excitement had worn off. I yawned and started making my way to the sofa.

“Not till you see what I’m trying to show you!” Skipper got in my way again.

I went around. This was getting boring and whatever it was probably wasn’t going anywhere soon. It’d pop up later, or maybe someday I’d see it. But no rush right now. I’ve got better things to do.

“Look, its right there,” Skipper hopped up on the sofa and perched to point. “It’s right there…Look!”

But I didn’t. Instead, I slumped on the sofa and curled up with my paws in the cushions for a nice comfortable napping position. I was sure to dream of romps through the park or maybe chasing a rabbit in the bush. Something fun.

“Wake up!” Skipper ruffed and bounced off me. “No sleep. Not for you.”

“I saw it already,” I lied, trying to be left alone.

“Oh yeah, then what is it?” Skipper challenged me.

I stuffed my face into the cushions and ignored him. This would only work for a while before the impatient digging began. It’s one of his more extreme tactics and reserved for special occasions and only when Gracie isn’t here. He knows he’ll get in trouble for the digging inside, especially on the sofa.

I wiggled deeper into the cushions, but it only bought me a few extra moments. I could already feel my tail getting tugged, and he was moving up my back to grab hold of my collar now. And when that didn’t work, I felt the paws begin to wedge their way under me and into the cushions.

“Just look at it!” Skipper barked, “That’s all you gotta do and I’ll leave you alone.”

After ignoring him and scooting under the cushions, I prepared for the digging to get serious. There was a brief moment of silence before the digging began to knock the pillows away and shove me around. Yes, it gets that chaotic. The paws slapped at my back and when he’d finally gotten to the back of the sofa, managed to get a good kick with his paws that pushed me right off the sofa and onto the floor.

“Stop it or I’m telling,” I barked and raced down the hall.

The chase went on for a while before we ended up running laps around the sofa. I’d slide around, then Skipper would try nabbing my tail, then I’d bounce over the sofa to throw him off. After a lot of fumbling and banging into the things, I ended up rolling into the wall. It was a hard hit, hard enough to knock something down. That something bopped me on the belly and bounced to the floor.

“See! There it is!” Skipper barked excitedly. “I knew you could get it for me!”

I looked and beheld the stuffed panda bear that Gracie kept on the shelf. It was quickly taken as Skipper dragged it over to his bed and snuggled up with it. All I know is Gracie is going to be so mad when she gets home. I’d better hide where no one can see ME!


Jason Duron is a short story writer and author of several fiction stories. Curious and lovable as dogs can be, the Adventures of Rocky, Nixi, and Dante give you a chance to see daily life from a “dog’s eye view” and share in their thoughts.  Please enjoy, and we hope that you’ll feel free to comment and give us insight into your dog’s very own adventures.

Dog Journal – Entry 195: Roadtrip Snacks

puppy-1502565_640My friend got me ready for a trip this morning. I can tell because she gets out the suitcase and starts stuffing it full of things. I don’t know why some of those things are in there, but she seems to think they’re important. Luckily she remembers that I’m even more important, so I get my own special box.

Yeah, it’s a nice little box with my favorite toys in it along with a fluffy blanket to snuggle with. It’s cool and really comfy, and I get to have all my things in one little spot to keep me company for long trips. But I don’t get to look around to see the sights really, so the trip can be sort of boring sometimes. At least she always sits me where I can keep an eye on her, just to make sure everything is alright.

The only downside is that I don’t get to have any snacks with me. At least, I’m not supposed to have anything. So the question is: how do I smuggles some snacks on board without her realizing it?

Well for starters, I just got some new attire, a nice fluffy scarf to help keep me warm. But I can take it off sometimes. Which is what I did after I put some treats in my box. After a little covering up, no one should have been the wiser. But my friend found it when she put my scarf back on me. It was a minor setback, but it left me searching for a better hiding spot.

Next I tried to stuff them in the blanket that’s in the box. It’s pretty fluffy, and tucking in my treats and a few food pebbles wasn’t that difficult. You couldn’t tell a thing was suspicious unless you had a good nose on you.

The most important thing to remember is to put them in there before your friend starts loading things into the car. There’s no way you’re going to be able to sneak them in at the last moment, because I tried that once and my bone was immediately confiscated.

I also realized that if you’re found out, don’t try it again with the same treat. When you’re friend realizes that your treat is missing, they’re going to start looking for it, and it’s only a matter of time before they find out where you’ve hidden it. I just make sure to get a new one and leave the old one where it can be easily found.

And then when I’m all ready, I go ahead and lay down on top of it and don’t move a muscle until I’m safely in the car. If I get called, I just wag my tail and look as innocent as possible, just to throw off any suspicion.

When you’re in route, don’t chew your bone where you can be seen. I turn around and face the other way inside my box. Occasionally I’ll look around, just to make sure I’m not being watched. But this is the best way to keep your treat stash a secret.

Well, that’s how I get my snacks for the trip on board without getting caught, and there are other places that you can stash them too. This just happens to be the way it works best for me.