Dante Adventure – Stand Still

steering-wheel-2209953_640The woman in the car next to us was making the honking with a very angry look on her face. It was as though she thought that everyone else was going to listen to her and suddenly move out of the way. This was not so. Everyone, including her, were all stuck here together.

Skipper tried barking to her, but you really couldn’t hear much over the sound of the rain and the honks of the cars. I tried convincing him to relax for a bit, but he was bound and determined to tell her about how awesome his toy collection was.

Gracie was playing with the radio thingy on the dash, making some extra noise. This was possibly done because there wasn’t enough to listen to yet. I think she likes the noise, and for this reason, Skipper and I sing many songs to her.

But before we could begin our song, Gracie decided to do something different. The honking woman that had been next to us finally moved up and out of the way, making the way that Gracie wanted to go. And we went. We went really fast.

We didn’t know what to do, the ride was not anything we were expecting. There were way too many bumps and bounces to count, and we were making all the splashes too. I guess Gracie gets away with that even though we get in trouble when we do it during the baths.

So we laid low in the backseat. I peeked up every now and then to see what was going on around, but Skipper was less eager to check things out and was currently trying to tuck under the big fluffy jacket on the floor. His fluffy bottom was up in the air with his legs pattering at the air trying to dig down for safety. I don’t blame him, it was definitely not the type of trip we’d signed up for.

The bouncing continued for a while, which felt like a long while, and then it went away. We were still moving, but it was smooth now. And guess what… we were moving too. I checked to see whether the coast was clear, and sure enough, the rain was still there but the honking cars were not. We passed them by slowly, now moving while they remained still, probably a little envious of our mobile condition.

“Yeah!” we whooped. “We’re finally free!”

I jumped back on the front seat and Skipper was struggling to climb back up to take a look. There wasn’t really that much to see, but at least it was changing as we moved along.

“Okay, now let’s pull over here,” Skipper barked, eyeing some of the trees.

“Yes, we has to go potty,” I chimed in, making sure to snort in Gracie’s ear.

But she wasn’t having it. We were on a mission or something. Skipper and I had no idea where our destination was, but we did know one thing for sure…now that we were on the road again, it was time for a song!


Jason Duron is a short story writer and author of several fiction stories. Curious and lovable as dogs can be, the Adventures of Rocky, Nixi, and Dante give you a chance to see daily life from a “dog’s eye view” and share in their thoughts.  Please enjoy, and we hope that you’ll feel free to comment and give us insight into your dog’s very own adventures.

Dog Journal – Entry 189: Lost Treasure

christmas-1909839_640There’s something about finding that thing that you’ve been missing for a while. It’s like you got a brand new toy, but it’s not even your birthday or anything. Perhaps it’s even better, because you can remember some of the fun games you’ve already played, and places you’ve been, and it even smells great too.

So get this, I’ve been missing my fluffy turtle that squeaks so cool, and I just happened to find it while I was racing around the room. Yes, I was running inside, but there’s only no running when my friend is home, so it’s cool.

But this turtle you see, just happened to have been disappeared for a while now. I don’t remember exactly when, but I think it was sometime around when my friend was cleaning and vacuuming everything in the home. So it’s been a while, and I’m not looking forward to it happening anytime soon either.

When I found out that my turtle was missing, I spent all day looking for it. I checked under the sofa, behind the bed, beneath the covers, on top of the table, and even in the room of the mean old vacuum. But there was nothing. Absolutely no trace to be found of my cool turtle toy. It was gone.

But I had other toys to play with and I had all but forgotten about the turtle until I was racing around the sofa room. That’s when I stumbled upon the turtle again. I wasn’t looking for it, but I found it anyway. The turtle had been hiding as a pillow the whole time. It was the perfect spot, just laying amongst the cushions as though it were one of them.

Now that I’ve got it, I can remember all the fun games of tug that we’d had. So many squeaks, and that one leg that lost all the fuzz because I ate it. Yeah, I found out that fuzz is not good foods. Now I just pull it out and throw it all over the floor instead. No upset tummy, but my pal doesn’t seem to like that game very much.

Even the smell is just the way I remember, all funky with a little bit of outdoors to mingle. Yes, this turtle has been many places, even dragged through the yard. But it’s been a good toy. And I’m glad I found it.

But now I’m sort of wondering what other things I’m missing. I can think of a few, but where they are is a mystery to me. Yes, I will find them. And I will play with them. And then I’ll probably loose them… just so I can do it all over again.

Dante Adventure – Going where? Part 1

window-2445525_640Gracie was moving rather fast for a normal morning. So it probably wasn’t a normal morning. She was moving so fast, we’d skipped right past breakfast and seemed to be approaching lunch time and still there were no food things to be had.

There wasn’t much to do but hang around and watch. However, Skipper was not so patient to wait for whatever was coming. Skipper kept licking my face, probably trying to get some of the leftover treat I’d removed from my special stash.

After some things had been thrown into a bag, Gracie seemed like she was ready to go somewhere. So I tried to get up to see where WE were going. No way was she leaving without us this time. But I couldn’t, Skipper had rolled over and stuck me fast to the ground. He was on my tail. His little fluffy body was holding me back. But after a few tugs and a good ruff bark, he was rolled off and back onto his paws.

We left the apartment, despite the wetness that was all about. Much rain, too much perhaps. Felt more like a bath.

Instead of a walk to the park though, we had to get in the truck. I made it in alright, but Skipper had to be bounced in as normal, his stubby little legs not really allowing the boing needed to hop in on his own. Someday he’d grow up, but that day is not today.

Right away we noticed something was not normal again. Instead of going to the park, we were on our way to somewhere else. It was too hard to tell where, but I know the park is the other way. So we were not going to the park. This was a bummer.

Fortunately, there were so many others on the street, mostly honking at one another to keep things rather interesting. I never have been able to make out what those honks actually mean, but I have heard the ducks at the pond make the same sorts of noises. So all I can come up with is that they’re telling one another to move it.

But we weren’t. At least not very fast. I checked the back window while Skipper kept his eye forward to see if there was any change. Occasionally we did move, but not very much. This was pretty boring actually. If it weren’t for the other cars out there making a bunch of noise, we wouldn’t have much to bark at.

“Hey, where you going?” I ruffed through the window.

More honking took place, but no clear answer came through. Skipper tried his window, but the honking was all the same. Guess we’re just moving it onward towards somewhere that nobody seems to know where it is. Perhaps this is why it’s taking so long. Maybe if they knew where to go, this would be faster.

“Tell them we should go to the park,” I woofed to Gracie. She’d be able to tell them.

We tried to convince her to tell the others or at least lead the way to the park. But she just stared out the window and kept quiet. It was like she was looking for something. But what? Could we help? We know where the park is, but maybe we’re all lost.

I guess it’s going to be up to us to find the way through this storm…


Jason Duron is a short story writer and author of several fiction stories. Curious and lovable as dogs can be, the Adventures of Rocky, Nixi, and Dante give you a chance to see daily life from a “dog’s eye view” and share in their thoughts.  Please enjoy, and we hope that you’ll feel free to comment and give us insight into your dog’s very own adventures.

Dog Journal – Entry 188: This Mine

terrier-487963_640I do like the things I have, many of the cool toys and my fluffy bed. I really like my bed. My friend gave it to me, and it’s so nice and comfy and smells like it belongs to me. I know because I rolled all over it to make sure.

But I’ve noticed a thing, that I don’t really like sharing some of my stuff. It just seems like these things are mine, and letting some other pup just take them away makes me sad. So I get pretty grumpy when someone takes my stuff.

A place just for me is the place I want to be. I have a special spot on the sofa that I really like. Sure I’ll share it with my pal, but on the condition that my ears are well massaged.

So I’ve got my room, my favorite room, the kitchen. But I has to share it always. I can’t exactly reach the food things my friend keeps up high on the counter and the cat won’t help a pupper out by pushing some of it off when no one is looking.

As for my toys, all the toys I have, I keep them around where I can keep an eye on them. Every now and then, my pal will take them and put them in the box. This I think she does just to annoy me so I get the anxious feeling and have to go find them all and put them back where they belong. This is all done just in case someone would ever try coming in to take my toys.

But there are some things I have that I do like to share. I do not mind at all sharing the park. In fact, it’s way more fun when there’s others to play with. No reason to be grumpy or pushy or try keeping the whole thing to myself. Besides, there’s way too much in the park for me to play with all at once.

The one thing I don’t like sharing is my pal. Other pups want to play with her? Nope. I don’t think so. I am very jealous of my pal, and we’re best pals. I see another pup going in to get petted, it’s time to dive on in and get between them. And then I get to be petted, just to show everyone that this my friend.

But what if someone had something that I would like? Maybe to trade? Would I, could I? I don’t really know, but it would definitely have to be a really good deal. Like if I give up my ball, I’d definitely have to get a treat and you’d have to rub my belly. Perhaps there is room for negotiations, but until you get the good deal, don’t even try taking a thing from a jelly dog.

Nixi Adventure – To The Rescue

cute-971365_640There wasn’t much for Nixi to do here. Really not that much at all. She wanted to do something, but there weren’t really that many options at the moment. Perhaps a wiggle of the ears or a wag of the tail from time to time, but not a whole lot a pup can do when you’re stuck in such a predicament.

It had all started early this morning when Shuffles had decided to knock all the pillows off the sofa. The resulting mess was a common inconvenience for Brandon, but was a mild thing compared to some of the more extreme messes that could be made. The resulting effects of the mess led to another problem though, one that probably could have been avoided had things not fallen into place so very coincidently.

The mess on the floor resulted in Brandon stumbling around. He didn’t pick anything up, possibly due to the hurry he was in to get to work. It was late, he’d woken up late, and time was ticking on making it later than it was a moment ago.

Nixi and Shuffles did not seem to mind the time, so it was hard for them to really understand why Brandon was in such a frenzy. Since a good fun game always cheered them up, they tried to get Brandon to join them so he could relax a little bit. And there was more frenzy with the pups underfoot, and the missing sock that Brandon had been looking for was now racing down the hall and under the bed.

It took a little time to get Shuffles to give up the sock, but eventually Brandon managed to get all his things together and left for work.  Nixi knew all of this because she could hear the door close and the jingle of the keys fade away into the distance. It wasn’t until then that she yelped for help. But it was too late.

Nixi rested in the nook of the bed’s headrest. It wasn’t like she’d planned on it, more like a slip of the paw in such an exciting race. But here she is, paddling at the air with her paws that dangled below into the under-the-bed place. And Shuffles was not helping things by tickling the dangling paws.

After some thudding around and a few wiggles, Nixi only managed to get herself stuck even more. Now the bed covers had tugged along and bunched up to really put a cork in any plans of squeezing out of this predicament.

Shuffles took full advantage of this by fooling around and purposely not helping. Rolling around on the bed, taunting Nixi to chase him, wondering out loud as to why his friend was just hanging around instead of bouncing around and having the fun.

“Get me out of here!” Nixi rumbled and shook the bed some more.

“Out of where?” Shuffles jested.

Nixi just stared at Shuffles as she slowly, very slowly, continued to sink below the edge of the bed. It was beginning to get a little scary, especially when you’re headed in a direction that you can’t see or feel. Yes, those paws were swinging in the air, but there was nothing solid to grasp, and it wasn’t known whether or not the floor was still somewhere below.

As his friend slowly disappeared below the edge of the bed, Shuffles became a little nervous himself. But what to do? He didn’t want to be left up here all alone. Brandon might be gone for a long day, and if Nixi left him, he wouldn’t know what to do with himself. Maybe chase his tail, but that would get boring after a while.

“No!” Nixi warned, “Don’t do it!”

But Shuffles would do it. He did the bounce on the bed like he’s not supposed to do, and he bounced and bounced. And eventually, he bounced right on top of Nixi, which was all planned of course. Out they both popped with a rather satisfying “woomf” of relief, landing in a heap on the floor below (it was still there waiting for them).

“We made it!” Shuffles ruffed happily.

“Yeah, we did…” Nixi looked up at the hole stuffed full of bed covers above. “But we should do it again, just to make sure it works… just in case.”


Jason Duron is a short story writer and author of several fiction stories. Curious and lovable as dogs can be, the Adventures of Rocky, Nixi, and Dante give you a chance to see daily life from a “dog’s eye view” and share in their thoughts.  Please enjoy, and we hope that you’ll feel free to comment and give us insight into your dog’s very own adventures.

Dog Journal – Entry 187: A Dog’s Eye View

labrador-2667328_640We went to the park the other day and my friend took me to the game. When she told me what we were doing, I thought it was going to be us playing. But instead, we ended up watching a bunch of other peoples play.

I wanted to play, I’m sure my friend wanted to play, but we couldn’t play with the people apparently. Something about the rules. Always about the rules. Yeah sure, some rules need to be, like no biting and , but when they stop you from playing, that gets boring really fast.

So I checked out the rules to see if we could and it was just some mistake that we couldn’t. It seemed pretty simple to me, I just watched and learned. And sniffed around at some of the foodstuffs that were lingering in the air.

This game took a lot of peoples to play, I don’t know if you need that many or that’s just how many decided to join in the action. It wasn’t all crazy though, like every dog for himself. They had the strategy here, like everyone was waiting in a special place to do a thing. That part seemed like it would get boring.

Since they wouldn’t let me be on a team, I thought it was going to be difficult or something. But all they do is run around the park and chase the ball. I do that regularly. Seems like the perfect game for someone like me.

And swing the stick around, but no one else seems to want the stick. Maybe it’s trickery, like, I have a cool stick, give me the ball and I’ll give you the stick. And when they throw them the ball, they throw the stick away and start running out into the park. But here’s the thing…no one is chasing them. They just want the ball. So the guy just runs around until they find the ball and do it all over again.

Well, I want the ball too. And it seems like I’m pretty good at all the things they’re doing, except for the waiting and not chasing stuff. So why can’t I participate?

Then it dawned on me. My pal pointed at something very peculiar that I hadn’t noticed before. I need to wear the socks if I’m going to play on a team. And I came to the conclusion that it’s not really that fun after all. I’m not wearing the socks. I don’t know how anyone managed to talk them into wearing the socks, but they did.

We were entertained there for a while longer before my friend also grew bored and decided we should have some fun.  So we played with the ball together, just me and my pal. And I didn’t have to put on socks or anything like that.

Rocky Adventure – Sam, The Cat Detective

cat-3846780_640I was checking the yard and inspecting all the things as per my daily duties. The comfort of knowing that all was quiet and peaceable gave me happy dreams for my afternoon nap. And indeed, all seemed well today so I was a happy dog.

That’s when I saw the chase. Two flashes zoomed through the yard and raced around the garden. There wasn’t much noise, but they were tearing up the grass, and that was unacceptable.

So I got in on the chase, sounding the alarms and barking for them to pull over and settle down so I could find out what this was all about. It wasn’t hard to catch them, especially since they got caught in the little fence surrounding the garden.

“Hold it right there!” I barked. “What do you think you’re doing?”

The cats stared back at me with super wide eyes, frozen without any clear exit plan. There was no escape, they were mine now, and I was going to find out what sort of trouble they’d carried into my backyard.

“All of you stay right where you are,” another cat meowed from atop the fence. “I have some questions and you need to give me all the answers you’ve got.”

“Who are you?” I demanded.

“Sam the cat, detective,” the very large cat meowed. “And I’ll be asking all the questions from here on out.”

“We didn’t do anything!” one of the cats pinned against the garden fence pleaded.

“Oh yeah?” Sam gave a sly look, “then what about the curtains at Misses Apple Pie’s place?”

The two cats gave a guilty look to one another and tried to wiggle away from the growing crowd that was gathering. Even the birds had stopped and were listening in on the goings on about this all.

“We don’t know a thing about any missing apple pies,” one cat squeaked.

“Oh really?” Sam the cat gave a suspicious look.

I heard Buck from beyond the fence begin barking, asking who had some pie and if they would share or consider trading for a really cool stick. Some of the birds mocked, a few chirping that the two cats were indeed guilty.

“Perhaps you wouldn’t mind telling me where you two were this morning,” Sam meowed, “Oh say, about brunch time?”

The two cats whispered one to the other, their eyes darting and searching for a good escape route. I puffed up to look a little bigger, ruffling up my tail and swatting it all around to ensure that they knew I was ready for another chase.

“What about you!” Sam turned to me. “Where were you just moments before you were here?”

Confused that I was now in question, I froze and wondered. “Well, I was…”

“Out with it!”

“He’s guilty!” the cats meowed, trying to slink away. “He did it all!”

“Just as I suspected!” Sam the cat cooed. “It is now obvious to me that the bumble bees had to be the ones who started the chase.”

“What?” I ruffed. “What do bees have anything…”

“I’ll be asking all the questions,” Sam interrupted. “Now why did you eat the apple pie?”

“I didn’t eat any pie,” I barked. Buck was now super excite that there probably was some pie left somewhere.

“Then why did you take it?” Sam questioned harder as the two cats began slipping away.

“I didn’t take the pie,” I argued. “Those cats did it, I’m sure.”

“If you didn’t take the pie, then you must have eaten it on the spot,” Sam considered. “That means you ate it quick, fast, and in a hurry. No evidence, the perfect crime.”

“But I didn’t do it!”

“That’s exactly what the pie thief would say!” Sam nosed me with a glare.

I puffed up really big and wagged my tail furiously. “Okay then, if that’s how you cats are gonna play, then I’m kicking everyone out of my yard!” And the case was settled with a woof, a snap, and a bark. All the cats were gone and the courtroom was adjourned.

Everything was peaceful again. Quiet, with a few birds chirping in the distance. Then from somewhere beyond the fence, Buck asked, “So have you got any pie left for me?”


Jason Duron is a short story writer and author of several fiction stories. Curious and lovable as dogs can be, the Adventures of Rocky, Nixi, and Dante give you a chance to see daily life from a “dog’s eye view” and share in their thoughts.  Please enjoy, and we hope that you’ll feel free to comment and give us insight into your dog’s very own adventures.

Dog Journal – Entry 186: Why Can’t We Be Friends

dogs-1246588_640I have found that there are those out there that do not like to play with the puppers. Yes, it is in fact very true that not all have the desire to be happy apparently. While there are plenty of peoples out there that do enjoy a good game when they’re not doing the work stuff, this tendency is directly related to other fuzzy critters.

Yes, we dogs are not the only ones that peoples keep around the home or that play in the parks. Most don’t like to play, and others just flat seem terrified of my very presence. So I got to thinking, why are they that way?

Well first of all, the squirrels that live in the tree in the backyard do not like it when I come out to play. They yell at me and sometimes drop the pecans on my head. They just seem like total jerks. I don’t really know if I’d want to play with them anyway. I told them that one time, but they just wagged their tails at me even more furiously.

There are the ducks at the park though, and I really want to play with them. But I’m not allowed too. They make a big ruckus when the race begins, but they go directly to the pond and start swimming across, which isn’t fair. My friend won’t let me get in, so I have to race all the way around. And by the time I get over there, the ducks are already going back to the other side. So pretty much they’re just a bunch of cheaters and refuse to race me on the grass.

I did find myself in a home one time, a place we were just visiting, and the lady there had a bird in a cage. While it wasn’t fuzzy or furry, it did like to do the talking. A whole lot of talking. Many things were told to me, though I understood very little. I don’t think he knew how to play, and there wasn’t any room in the cage to do much more than tell some stories about crackers and how much he wanted one. I agreed on that point.

Then there’s the cats who live next door. Indeed they are many, and none want to play with me. Sure, they’re polite about it, no angry tantrums or fits when I try to play with them. Most of the time they just stare at me from the top of the fence as if they’re studying me. I managed to get one to tell me why they don’t want to play with me, and she very politely meowed “You don’t have any yarn.” And that was that. I don’t have any yarn. I don’t even know what that is, but I don’t have it and that’s why cats won’t play with me.

But this one thing I know, my pal always likes playing with me. I don’t need anything special or some yarn or something. I’m just a good puppers, and my friend likes me just the way I am. And while it would be nice to have other friends, all I need is my bestest buddy and that makes me a happy dog.

Dante Adventure – Double or Nothing

dog-bones-350092_640We’d figured a thing out, particularly the simple fact that if we just broke our treats in half, we’d have twice as much. So Skipper was presently chewing on his second treat while I was still enjoying my first, though holding the second one especially close so it wouldn’t get nabbed.

Gracie was cleaning around the room, doing the dusty stuff and moving things around to get them cleaned up. This is why we were set off quietly with our treats, primarily to keep us from running underfoot and inspecting her work. She’s always been a bit of a critic when it comes to our criticism, so she tries her best to keep us away from such projects.

Skipper finished his last treat and turned to find out where mine had been stashed. I could feel him sniffing around my spot, nudging every now and then to see if I’d move off and reveal where I’d hidden it. It wasn’t until he started tugging my tail that I had to do something.

“Leeme ‘lone!” I ruffed, trying to keep a good grip on my treat. If it dropped, I was going to have to chase it down.

But he didn’t, and instead moved on to nibbling on my paw. The one that was sticking out too much. It had become a target, and now I couldn’t get it away from him. Even when I tucked it under me, Skipper dug under and managed to get it.

I growled, and Skipper began whining. This was a thing he’d begun doing lately, and he was getting really good results. After I’d gone back to chewing, Skipper began crying a little louder, making little woofs in between as to sing lamentation of how I hurt his feelings.

Gracie caved after a few minutes of listening and began cooing and comforting Skipper while she continued doing her dusting thing. It was only a matter of time before she came over here and started regulating the situation.

I began chewing a little faster. It was sort of annoying, not being able to savour my treats like I like to do. If Skipper would just take his time instead of gobbling them down, he wouldn’t be trying to nab mine from me. But too late to fix that problem, now I just have to make sure that I eat both of mine.

Skipper whined louder as I chewed faster. Gracie began asking what was going on, rather, she demanded to know what was going on with us. Skipper started telling a big puffed up story about how I wouldn’t share. And he was right, but I wasn’t sharing what was mine.

“It’s my treat,” I ruffed, “I’m gonna eat it.”

The groans began to irritate me, but I munched faster. I could hear Gracie begin to question whether or not we were up to no good. This meant that I had less time than I originally thought. And if I didn’t hurry, I was going to lose the other half of my treat. For sure she’d think it was Skipper’s. I never should have bought into his clever idea of doubling our portions. He’s always got some clever game up his sleeve, but this time I was going to come out on top.

“Awwoowooooo!” I howled as sad as I possibly could and rolled over (making sure to keep on top of the other half.

Now Gracie was on top of the scene, staring down at us, Skipper had his ears tucked back still confused as to where that lonesome howl had come from and why I was pattering at the air like an innocent little puppy.

“I-I didn’t do anything!” Skipper argued with Gracie. “But why do I have to…” and the arguing continued as Skipper was escorted into another room until he learned to play nice.

Now all was calm and I quietly savoured my treat… both of them.


Jason Duron is a short story writer and author of several fiction stories. Curious and lovable as dogs can be, the Adventures of Rocky, Nixi, and Dante give you a chance to see daily life from a “dog’s eye view” and share in their thoughts.  Please enjoy, and we hope that you’ll feel free to comment and give us insight into your dog’s very own adventures.

Dog Journal – Entry 185: Bored

dog-1224267_640If there’s one thing that gives me the bores, it’s not having anyone around to play with me. I like having something to do, hang out and play or go to the park or something fun. But when there’s no one around, things get boring real fast.

You see, what happened was my friends have all gone out for the day. And it’s not like it’s just one day, they’ve been doing this for a while now. All summer long they were hanging out and playing with me or we’d go to the park or something fun. But now, they tell me they need to go to the school. I never went to school and I’m a happy pupper, so I tried to convince them they should just stay home with me and we’d all be happy puppers.

But they’re peoples is what they tell me. So my friends left me by myself all day long. And I’m getting bored. Like super bored.

When a dog get’s bored, they start looking for things to do, like exploring the house to make sure that everything is where it’s supposed to be. I found something out of place once, but it turned out that I wasn’t supposed to be there. Yuppers, I was busted sneaking around the pantry again.

But you see what I mean about getting bored? I’ll look for something, anything to do so I can stay busy. If I’m not careful, it can get me into trouble though. I end up finding what I think is a really fun thing to do, and when my friends finally get home, it turns out that I wasn’t supposed to even know how to do that.

Like for instance, sometimes I like looking out the window to see the other things outside. I imagine racing around the yard and chasing the ball or maybe getting my belly rubbed by the mailman. But it turns out that getting behind the curtains and moving all the things to see out the window will get you into the danger zone.

Now my friends give me some stuff to do before they leave. I’ve got a puzzle I have to solve, and if I put all the balls into the box before my friend gets home, I get the treat. It was easy at first, but they’ve made it more difficult, hiding some of them in sneaky places and such.

Another thing they do put all the pillows nice and neat on the sofa so I can take them all off and throw them around the house. Sometimes I hide them too, but I let them rub my belly when they find them all.

But my friends aren’t gone forever, they always come back. Then we can do the playstuff. I just don’t like having to be all alone all the day long while I wait for them.