Dante Adventure – Tricks and Treats

jack-o-lantern-248760_640Gracie had our unbroken attention. I know not what else was going on around us. All I knew was that Gracie had treats in her pocket. Lots of treats. And the dispensing was only according to our attention to the details.

It had been a while since we’d done this. Skipper vaguely remembered at first, but when the treats popped up, all things were recollected. We both sat very still, attentive to every single thing Gracie did and said. There were even hand gestures that needed to be interpreted as well.

But this also had a competitive edge to it as well. Both of us wanted as many treats as possible, so I wanted to do better than Skipper, and I’m sure he felt the same way. So when I was the first to figure out what I was supposed to do, I kept it quiet and just did the trick.

Of course, Skipper being the copycat he is, he totally coppied me and got a treat too. But that’s only because he saw me do it first. He’s such a copycat.

Gracie held her hand out and told us to “roll over.” I waited for a moment until she waved her arm around, making tumbling motions in the air. She looked so funny, it was hard not to laugh.

After I’d rolled over, I waited for the treat…and bam! I got one. Then of course, Skipper did the same but added in his little extra.  Skipper rolled over and kept right on going. Showing off got him extra points with Gracie. He was stealing my show.

Then Gracie wanted us to do the dance. This is one of her favorite things to watch us perform, and we’ve used it plenty of times for getting out of minor trouble situations. It doesn’t work well when the sofa cushions get shredded, but then again nothing really does.

The thing about this trick is that the dance is not the same for the both of us. Skipper totally gets away with just prancing around in a tiny little circle, but I have to do the full spin while balancing on two paws. So it’s not easy for the rascal to just copy me directly. He’s gotta get it for himself, and there’s no way he can balance on two paws.

So I did my little dance and hopped around in the circle, chasing the treat Gracie was dangling high above my nose. When I finally got it, I sat down and chomped, waiting for Skipper to do his bit so we could move right along with things.

Several tries later, I figured out it was taking too long. Gracie was too focused on getting Skipper to dance for the treat, and he just wasn’t getting it. Not only that, but we weren’t moving on with things, which meant no treats for me until he got his.

This competition was turning into a cooperative mission. The more tricks Skipper tried to perform, the worse he was getting. Soon after, he started doing the spaz thing where he pretends he has a tail and tries to fight it. It’s funny, but it doesn’t get the treat.

Although I have to admit, some of the confusion might come from Gracie. As Skipper gets flustered, Gracie’s hand motions and speech gets a little odd and frantic, and things just get worse from there.

“Look,” I barked, “just do the dance already.”

“What? Really? Why didn’t she just say that in the first place?” Skipper woofed and did his regular dance.

Then he got the treat. Finally. Skipper chomped down on his treat, still bobbing his hinder quarters around in dance mode. He gets stuck like that sometimes, I don’t know why. I don’t even know if he’s aware of it either.

“Why, munch munch, doesn’t she just tell me what to do instead of making funny noises and shaking her hands all around?” Skipper wondered as he finished his treat.

“I don’t know…” I pondered and looked to Gracie, “Why don’t you just tell us what to do instead of making funny sounds and shaking your paws all around?”

But Gracie didn’t give us a clear answer. She just wanted us to do something else. A new trick. I guess no one ever told her about that one. Old dogs and new tricks just don’t quite mix. And this scene is the perfect reason why.

I guess figuring out what we’re supposed to do is part of the whole game. Oh well, back to winning treats.


Jason Duron is a short story writer and author of several fiction stories. Curious and lovable as dogs can be, the Adventures of Rocky, Nixi and Dante give you a chance to see daily life from a “dog’s eye view” and share in their thoughts.  Please enjoy, and we hope that you’ll feel free to comment and give us insight into your dog’s very own adventures.

Dog Journal – Entry 136: Fall Breeze

leaf-2598771_640There’s something relaxing about the breeze, especially when the trees start shedding. The cool air brings in all manner of smells and sounds and it tickles my fur so awesome. It makes my nose feel funny and when I stick my tongue out, I can almost taste the wind.

Despite being such a simple thing, it really seems to do a lot for my attitude. I mean, who likes a stagnate hot day with all the air just being lazy and such? I know I don’t. Makes my fur feel sad and itchy.

It’s awesome to be able to just stand in the wind and let it cool you down after a long hot summer. Even if it does feel obnoxiously hot, at least that breeze feels good blowing through my fur and tickling my ears.

One thing in particular is that the breeze always brings new smells around. Sometimes when the wind is just right, I can smell hamburgers cooking afar off. Smells good.

You can also hear all sorts of cool sounds too, so you can, you know, howl along with them. And speaking of sounds, all that buzzing can drive you bonkers, but the wind seems to make the insects stop buzzing so much. And now I can focus on doing important things, like digging holes and such.

If it’s really windy, I can chase things that get caught up in the air, like balloons. It’s not as fun as playing with my pal, but it works well when you’re bored by yourself.

A good breeze also makes you feel like you’re going really fast when you’re really not. Sometimes I pretend like I’m in a race and I’m going so fast that no dog-catcher in the world could keep up…even in their trucks. Yeah, I dream of being fast as the wind when I finally grow up all the way. Nah…I’ll be faster.

Then there’s a breeze that isn’t quite the same, but it does feel cool too.  I know my pal gets mad at me, but I really like sticking my head out the window as the car rolls down the road and letting my tongue fly in the wind. Plus I get to bark to all the people we see walking down the road so they know who I am and what sort of treats I prefer in case they ever came to visit.

Another windy moment is when I’m inside, sitting in front of the fan and just being lazy because it does almost the same thing and I don’t have to worry about insects attacking my nose. But I do tend to get booted out the way when my pal wants to sit in front of the fan. He acts like it’s all his or something.

So do you like the wind too? Or are you like my pal that gets all flustered when the wind attacks his papers and throws them all over the place? I like the wind, and I do think it’s funny to watch my pal chase all those papers around too…double win for me.

Nixi Adventure – Vegetable Tails

vegetables-1584999_640Brandon dropped off the first bags of groceries, piling them up on the kitchen table. He was in a hurry to fetch the others, leaving the bags unattended and vulnerable. But he wasn’t counting on mischievous pups hanging about with curiosity on the mind.

The front door closed behind Brandon, and the pups were left all alone again. And they were in the kitchen. And the bags were full and all alone too. So what’s a pup to do? Someone has to investigate. You know, make sure everything is accounted for and acceptable for eating.

Nixi hopped up on the kitchen seat and looked over the table top, eyeing the big paper bags curiously. Mere moments later, one bag toppled over and spilled its contents, revealing all sorts of things that Nixi didn’t recognize.

One thing in particular was strange to behold. It rolled across the table, making funny squishy sounds as it moved aimlessly in search of somewhere to hop off. It was a simple object, one that was moist still from the produce section at the grocery store. It’s green leafs were bundled up tight together, free now from the bondage of the brown paper bag it had been hanging out.

Nixi watched the head of lettuce roll off the table and plop on the floor. She didn’t know what it was, but for some odd reason, it just didn’t belong. It moved as though it were alive, and thus it was deemed to be an invader.

“Get over here, quick!” Nixi called out to Shuffles.

The growling and barking began moderately, both pups dancing around the plopped pile of lettuce that had splatted on the floor. There was no where for it to escape, and it wasn’t trying to leave either. This sort of confused the pups, mostly because they couldn’t decide what they wanted it to do either.

Then Shuffles, very bold now that he’d realized the lettuce was not fighting back, attacked the leafy greens and started tearing it to pieces. Lettuce started flying, and Nixi was cheering on the now very ferocious puppy.

Neither pup heard the front door open and close amidst all the barking and fighting and crunching of the greens. But Brandon heard them. All he could do was stare and watch the fresh lettuce he’d just bought for the holiday picnic. He was sort of sad, but not really. And it only got funnier as he watched the event unfold before him.

Not long after, the pups noticed that their pal had arrived on the scene. And that he’d brought more bags with him this time. Shuffles looked at the bags. Nixi eyed them suspiciously. Brandon made a face that one could only say reflected absurd wonder.

And then the pups rushed him:

“Is there any more of those things in there? Oh yeah? Well let me at ’em…let me at ’em!”


Jason Duron is a short story writer and author of several fiction stories. Curious and lovable as dogs can be, the Adventures of Rocky, Nixi and Dante give you a chance to see daily life from a “dog’s eye view” and share in their thoughts.  Please enjoy, and we hope that you’ll feel free to comment and give us insight into your dog’s very own adventures.

Dog Journal – Entry 135: Super Annoyed

dog-1756178_640I really don’t like surprises, but these things do happen. And when they happen, I get really annoyed. I make the face and just want to defluff all the pillows on the sofa, and nothing can stop me. Basically, I don’t deal well with surprises and I make a big deal out of it when I do get surprised.

So things that annoy me super bad-like…

Sometimes I’m just sitting around, hanging out and minding your own business when all of a sudden, bam! Things happen like  getting poked when you aren’t expecting it. Say I’m all zoned in on the squirrel digging around out in the yard, and I’m patiently waiting for my moment of attack when all of a sudden…poke! And then all my plans have been turned upside down.

Oh yeah, and my paws getting tagged and tickled? Yeah, that just makes me crazy. I’ll be sleeping all nice and soft when my pal just wanders over and does a paw inspection. That’ll wake you up.

And then sometimes you’re sleeping and your tail gets stepped on and your entire day is just ruined. Why? I just don’t understand why that happens to the best dogs. And they wonder why we dogs chew up their remote controls.

Ever had stuff thrown at you? I do all the time. Just out of nowhere, a pillow comes a flying and whap! It’s not like they were throwing it so you could catch it. They really wanted to smack you with a huge fluffy thing like it’s funny or something. It’s not funny. I don’t like it. That’s why I take every chance I get to smack the pillows around when no one is watching. Or sometimes I sleep on them and dream of food so all my drool soaks the pillow. It’s the little things that count the most.

But here’s one that really gets me…the change of plans. Instead of going to the park, turns out you’re going to get your fur cut and claws trimmed and a bow in your fur because they think you’re a girl or something. And it’s not like you had any idea what you were getting yourself into when you happily hopped into the carseat. You really thought it was going to be an awesome day at the park.

So basically, I don’t always deal with some things the best way, but that’s just because I don’t like these types of surprises. Why don’t peoples surprise a dog with a bone or a belly rub or something awesome like a fresh pile of laundry to play with? Not a bath or blowing in my ear so I think there’s bugs around or something annoying. That’s all I’m asking!

Is any other pup out there tired of annoying surprises? And the little weird things do count too. I’ll admit it seems like I’ve got some strange pet-peeves, but I’m a pet, so I gotta have those I guess.

Rocky Adventure – Eba-sneezer McFuzzy The Third

dog-2511211_640You wanna know something about going to the park? You meet all kinds of pups and peoples. Most of the time it’s awesome fun and games and new friends in the like manner. Everyone’s friendly, everyone has a good time. Most of the time.

Then there are those times few and far between when you meet that one pup who just wants to be a jerk. And we met him today.

Buck and I were romping through the park, sniffing the fresh rains that had cooled the grass and made everything a little more challenging. The races were awesome this way since you couldn’t tell who was going to make that final turn around the sandbox without sliding out of first. Plus it was fun watching Izzy and all his bushy fur get soaked when there was a wipeout.

When we’d arrived, the park had been empty, but other pups were trickling in one at a time, joining in the fun and games. Some like the races, others wanted to play catch. Some couldn’t make up their mind and ended up catching the ball and racing around with it. It was all fun and games until he showed up.

“Hey! Eba-sneezer McFuzzy the third!” the oddly fuzzy small pup bellowed as he made it onto the playing field. “Everyone got that?”

A few of us stopped to greet the obnoxiously loud newcomer, while others played like someone had just called them for a bath. Buck and I were interested, so we kindly introduced ourselves.

“Howdy, I’m Rocky and this is…”

“That’s not important. Do you know who I am?”

“Well uhm, you’re Macsneezy or something like that,” I woofed trying to remember what the loud dog had yelped a moment ago.

“It’s Eba-sneezer McFuzzy the third!” the tiny pup growled. “It’s simple, just get it right.”

“Yeah, what’s what he barked, Eba-sneezer McFuzzy,” Buck backed me up with a whip of his ears and splattering some slobber for good emphasis.

“The third! Eba-sneezer McFuzzy THE THIRD!” the tiny pup growled.

“Whatever, do you want to play or not?” Izzy barked from behind us.

The small pup wondered for a moment and then replied, “Yes, Eba-sneezer McFuzzy the third would like to play a game with you simple-pups.”

That’s when we stopped trying to converse with the pup. It’d be easier if we all just stayed quiet and maybe just showed him the game. And the game was simple enough…the race. All you had to do was get around the obstacle course fastest.

So the race was on, and I was in the lead, but Izzy soon passed me up with his long reach. Buck and I caught up to him around the corners though when he wiped out and slid on the wet grass. Somewhere behind us was the sneezy pup, barking for us to slow down.

The race went on for a couple of laps, and it was on the final lap that things got ruff, I mean rough. Apparently, the newcomer did not like losing. He had managed to catch up to Buck around the sandbox corner and grabbed a hold of those big floppy ears. This was a bad decision.

Buck landed on top of the squeaky little rascal and there was let forth a ear-crunching yelp that sounded more like a cat than a dog. Buck rolled around to put his paws back under him, but the yelping wouldn’t stop.

McFuzzies pawed the air and pretended to faint. I’m a dog, I know good acting when I see it. It was terrible acting. But it worked on his pal apparently. With the quickness, a lady came running across the grass to aid her fainted friend. She was really good at acting too. But she was serious about being mad at us.

What did we do? We kept playing. It’s part of the game. Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose, sometimes Buck falls on top of you. But it’s alright. It’s just a game. I guess some pups just want to snatch all the fun out of it for themselves though.

After getting shouted at a little more, and Buck’s pal Christie mentioned a few things to the lady, the pair left the park. And that was the last we ever saw of Eba-sneezer McFuzzy the third and his friend.

Luckily pups like him aren’t that popular and come few and far between experiences, so we should be due for another meeting like this for at least…forever I hope!


Jason Duron is a short story writer and author of several fiction stories. Curious and lovable as dogs can be, the Adventures of Rocky, Nixi and Dante give you a chance to see daily life from a “dog’s eye view” and share in their thoughts.  Please enjoy, and we hope that you’ll feel free to comment and give us insight into your dog’s very own adventures.

Dog Journal – Entry 134: Where Do People Keep Their Treats

cheese-1961530_640I’ve always wondered where people keep all their treats. You see, treats seem to appear out of nowhere, and sometimes even disappear just as fast when your buddy is playing tricks on you. But the core of the matter is…where are the treats being stashed?

Seriously, if dogs knew where all the treats were, we’d just help ourselves to them all the time. So it is a constant mission amongst all dog-kind to figure this out.

Now I’ve heard tales of tails wagging when hiding spots have been discovered, only for that elusive treats stash to move suddenly and without trace. But I’ve got a few hunches, and I’m on a mission I want to share with every pup out there.

The first thing I do is trace their steps. You see, when your pal brings treats to you, they aren’t coming from the source of the treats. They do it just to throw you off. So you need to follow them back to the origin of the treats. Sniff up the trail and work your way back.  Often, your pal will keep all the treats in a smell-proof bag, which makes the trail hard to follow all the way, but don’t be dissuaded.

If you can, follow and tail them back to the source. Just don’t let them know you have a hunch or they’ll just move the treats and you’ll have to start over. If it’ll help, I’ll let you in on a few spots I’ve tracked treats back to so maybe you can check them out.

I once traced the smell of treats back to the last cabinet in the furthest corner in the kitchen. But by the time I got it open, my pal had spotted me and the treats got moved.

Peoples like to hide things up high, always up high. You may have to commission the cat for assistance since getting on the counter isn’t easy. You can also scavenge for leftovers if you do manage to get up there.

One time, I found one stash in my pal’s jacket pocket, but it disappeared before I could get a hold of it. I made too much noise, and plus he was wearing it at the time.

But where’s the source? Where are all the treats coming from? Together, we can figure out where the people are hiding all the treats, and the mystery will be revealed once and for all!

Dante Adventure – Space

fan-57274_640It was hot in here. We don’t know what happened, but the heat was on, and we were trying to stay cool about it. And that was getting harder with Skipper panting in my face constantly. I think he does that on purpose.

Luckily, Gracie had set up some things for us to help out. My ears were flowing elegantly in the wind and my nose felt funny. I don’t know what it is about fans, but they’re so awesome. The only trouble is wrestling for the spot in the front.

Skipper and I faced the wind, enjoying the breeze blowing in the house.  It was calm for the moment, both of us had found our particular spots we liked best. I was content, and he was too. However, Gracie was not.

There was a hustle and a bustle as she marched from the kitchen to the bedroom, chattering to her phone thingy about how hot it was here. I think she was just making it hotter with all the attitude she was dishing out. But we dogs kept our cool, just hanging out right here in front of the fan, enjoying the breeze.

Skipper got up to go get some water. This was a mistake. With all that space now open for opportunity, I moved right on in and made myself comfortable. Now belly up and completely relaxed, the wind was blowing all over me, tickling my whiskers to my tail. Nice and cool.

“Hey, that’s my spot!” Skipper barked when he had discovered what had happened.

“Yeah, yeah, I think you could say that.”

“It’s mine, I claimed it first,” Skipper woofed in my ear.

“But I claimed it now. So it was your spot, now it’s mine”

So Skipper went to tell on me of course. Gracie didn’t even bother telling me anything, she just scooted me over with her foot and kept on with her thing she was doing with her phone. Skipper slumped right in and sprawled all over the place, making sure he took up every bit of space he possibly could.

Then I did the same of course. It could not possibly be avoided. It wasn’t long after that the wind stopped doing what it was supposed to do.

“It’s hot,” I woofed, trying to scoot Skipper away from me.

“It’s because of all your fuzz,” Skipper woofed back with a squirm.

After much discussion, we ended up with our paws in each other’s faces, and it was only getting hotter. A few flurries later, and we were utterly tired as well. And all the panting wasn’t making it any better.

And that’s when Gracie plopped down on the sofa, turning the fan on herself. Naturally, we claimed a new spot up on the sofa along side her. It wasn’t exactly comfortable, but at least we had the wind in faces. Then Gracie pushed us both off the sofa and claimed everything for herself.


Jason Duron is a short story writer and author of several fiction stories. Curious and lovable as dogs can be, the Adventures of Rocky, Nixi and Dante give you a chance to see daily life from a “dog’s eye view” and share in their thoughts.  Please enjoy, and we hope that you’ll feel free to comment and give us insight into your dog’s very own adventures.

Dog Journal – Entry 133: Center of Attention

dog-2160253_640I love attention, especially when it’s from my bestest ole buddies. But I don’t always get it, especially when they’re just too busy for me. I know how to get that attention though. Oh yes, and it works every time.

I fancy it, the art of being in the way. It’s what I do. I’m a dog. Everything intrigues me and if everyone is just too busy to play with me, I’ve got nothing better to do but come up with ways to get in the way.

And here’s how I do it.

Finding a popular traffic spot in the home is usually pretty easy. All you have to do is pay attention to where everyone is going. The trick is not to be where they’re going…but to find a narrow spot where they’re traveling and stand there. Yup, I just stand there right in the way so they can’t even get around me without giving me some attention.

There are times when you can just beat your pal to their destination. This works great for times sofa-sitting times where you can just splat down in their favorite spot. But then you have to refuse to give it up, so I just turn into liquid dog. You can’t pick up liquid dog without some serious attention. You can also wait for them to sit down and then pin them where they are so they can’t get up without climbing over you or something.

Additionally, I like to stand around like I’m waiting for my pal to play with me. You really have to get that right posture so your pal doesn’t really have a good excuse to get mad at you. And if…I mean when your pal starts getting frustrated with you, just bring them something to throw. It’ll make them think they’re getting you out of the way…but really, they’re playing with you and they don’t even realize it.

So what do you do to get attention when no one wants to dish it out? I think I’ve got a pretty good technique, but there’s always room for improvement.

Nixi Adventure – Home Alone

dog-2484762_640Nixi raced around the kitchen, sliding as she turned the corners. It was a fun day for racing, and she was in the winning spot. Round and round they went, the pups clicking their paws on the slick floor and enjoying the odd sensation of sliding in the direction they weren’t facing.

This wasn’t a new thing for the pups, but it was a rarity that they could get away with it. You see, Brandon had stepped out for the morning, some sort of meeting he’d told them, and now it was a free-for-all at the apartment.

With no one home to scold them, who was going to tell? Who was going to get in trouble? No pup, that’s who. So it was all for the fun, the racing and the romping throughout the apartment, jumping on the bed and the such like.

Nixi slid past the chairs and hopped into the sofa room area where there was better traction. Shuffles followed after, sliding his hinder parts around as his rear paws tried to outrun his front end. Both pups leapt up upon the sofa and tagged each other until neither one knew who was “it.”

Then it was off to the bedroom to do battle again. The covers were already tossed onto the floor, pillows scattered about amongst the fresh laundry load that had not been put away properly. The mess was tangled and tossed around even more as the pups wrestled to find out who was going to be “it” this time.

After another bout, Shuffles raced out of the room and jumped on the bouncy ball, looking for a speed advantage in the game. Instead, he got the ball stuck under him and only two of his paws were touching the ground. But he kept on with the race, just a little bobbly now.

Nixi raced past Shuffles as he bounced into another wall, and made her way back into the kitchen. It was back to the slick sliding floor to test out her racing skills. But as soon as she went from carpet to slippery, she lost all control of her direction. Instead of a nice turn around the table, she slid right into the cabinet, breaking it open. She sniffed inside, but it was only pots and pans, and none of them needed cleaning. So it was left alone as she returned to the race.

Shuffles had finally gotten the ball out from under him, kicking it away as he lunged into the kitchen. His slide was perfect as well, landing him inside the open cabinet, clanging right into the pots and pans. But there was no time for that right now, he had to get back to the race.

This is how everything was when Brandon finally arrived home. It was a mess. His clothes were tossed around everywhere, the pillows were scattered, the rugs had been balled up into corners, and his blanket had been dragged into the kitchen for improved traction around the table.

But there were no pups to be seen. He called for them, but no jingling of tags or patter of paws to be heard. All was quiet except for the radio that had been left on to keep the pups amused. Brandon looked around, calling out to the mischievous pups, but they were no where to be found.

In the bedroom, both pups were passed out on the bed, snoozing away. They’d worn themselves out tearing through the apartment all morning long. Bandon looked at them so cutely cuddled together, slumbering sweetly…and then he jumped on the bed and bounced the pups into the air.


Jason Duron is a short story writer and author of several fiction stories. Curious and lovable as dogs can be, the Adventures of Rocky, Nixi and Dante give you a chance to see daily life from a “dog’s eye view” and share in their thoughts.  Please enjoy, and we hope that you’ll feel free to comment and give us insight into your dog’s very own adventures.

Dog Journal – Entry 132: Teasy Meany

doggy-2648200_640I enjoy teasing my friend sometimes. I don’t know why, but it’s just fun. Maybe it’s just the mischievous nature of being a dog, and all things considered, it’s so easy sometimes. In fact, I think they make it easy, like they’re just asking for it.

One of my favorites is when I like to take all the sofa pillows and reorganize things right in front of my friend. This can only be done effectively if and when they’re relaxing on the sofa and refusing to play with you.

Slapping your pal with your tail is another fun one. You see, people do not have tails, and some pups don’t either. So slapping them with your tail is sort of like rubbing it in their face. Actually, it often is rubbing it in their face. And oh, the looks you get sometimes.

I’ve done the old disappearing trick sometimes too. Like when we go outside together and my pal is busy, so I hide. And I don’t even tell them where I am. Then you see your pal looking for you all frantic and such, but you still keep hiding. Oh it’s such a good tease.

It’s fun to tease, but I can’t stand to be teased back. No pup likes being teased, especially if it includes food stuffs and things. Ever been asked if you want a treat? And then they don’t even have a treat? Really? What about balancing food stuffs on your face and not letting you eat it? How rude!

I really don’t like it when gets all the way to the door with the leash and the water and all the things you need for a nice long walkies…and then they turn right around and sit on the sofa instead. So frustrating.

What about when they give you a chew bone…but then they take it away? What sort of game is that? It’s terrible. But then they do it again! This is why I can’t stand to be teased. Then there’s always the infamous ready to rub your belly, but not really.

It’s easy for a pup to dish out all the teasing because that’s just what dogs do. But being teased is not cool. And the only solution is for peoples to stop teasing their pups, and accept all the teasing we can dish out. It’s one of the many gifts dogs can give so easily. And we’ll love you for it.